HOT 5 : Spawn (Non Variants)



Spawn #1 Newsstand

I know, I know, some people consider Newsstand a Variant, if so, consider the homage covers to be tied for 1st and 2nd.




Most notably issues 221 and 227 do very well, the others from this spread(with the exception of the 2 election covers) perform very well and are viewed as scarce due to low print runs and collectors hiding these away in their personal collections.


Spawn #249

Another small print run era Spawn issue, with a classic feel to the cover has this comic commanding 50.00 on average.


Spawn #216

Low print runs is common in the areas of Spawn from 151 up to 260, though this is one of those issues that seems to be hard to find, more so than others.  That paired with a tough white cover and the reintroduction of The Freak has this comic commanding a steady 50.00 on average.


Spawn #219

219 seems to be the next “Hot” cover from the post 200 pre Homage period.  Sales have climbed from the average of 15.00 just a year ago to close to 35 bucks on any given day.  That said, auctions can still be had for less, but not by much.


Spawn 174/175


2 part story introducing the Gunslinger.  This has been a minor key for the last decade.  Once stagnant, recently copies have started to heat up again.  Certainly a pair to keep an eye on


CGC SS or raw, anything Spawn and signed by McFarlane seems to be on a crazy upward trend.  Again, something certainly worth keeping an on.



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    Terrific! Thanks.

  • A. J. Diesel


  • fastballspecial

    Those gunslinger issues have shocked me how much they sell for. Easy sale anytime.

    Couple more that have sold well for me in the past.

    Capital City Trade. – Its signed by McFarlane on the inside cover
    Spawn 1 Ash Can – These were given out on the Spawn tour many years ago.

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    What # is the “Hanging” Spawn issue?

  • Matthew King

    Yellow Gunslinger ALL. DAY.LONG. Dat’s my shit ! Thank you Mike S., a long time CBSI member for introducing to this cover. ( Honestly, if it wasn’t for CBSI I never would have met this Stand-up individual. ) Great stuff BEN C. Helllllooooo Nurse !

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    Nice list Ben, make sure you guys snag #77 as well… it’s one of the rare pre issue 100 covers that goes for a decent amount.

    • Ben C

      Good call, I didn’t know about that issue. I honestly thought everything below 100 was not great, lol. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Avatar

        I have a running list of Spawn books to keep an eye out for, but it just eventually turned into me buying the whole run. Keep and eye out for any 2nd prints, Euro variants, some books in the 240s are heating up, milestone issues (100, 150, 200, etc…) No telling where they will head when more news comes out about the new movie.

        • Ben C

          I had a list a couple years ago, but it was like 165 183 193(both) then 216 219 and any homage cover…

          Since then a LOT of those post 200 issues have popped, but its sooooo weird as there are just too damn many that are cover price with the issue in front of it being 25.00

          Used to be Spawn and Turtles(IDW) were free money always found in back bins or dollar boxes. Gone are those days 🙁

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    Spawn #186 2nd print is seeing an uptick lately

  • accustomfigures

    Great article. Love the non-variant stuff.

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    What’s the cover with that iconic image shown every time there’s an article about Spawn; the one with him gliding through the night sky with the moon and all the chains? I think it’s an inner spread, but the one that’s the most famous image besides the # 1 cover.

    • Ben C

      Not sure. I grew up in the Image Era, I think was in Junior High when Image launched, Spawn 4 used to be this savage mega key, lol. I do NOT miss those days(reminds me of Valiant comics too much)

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    Rocket Ranger #4 from April 92 has a full center spread ad promoting the upcoming Spawn series. Why is it not listed among Rust and Malibu Press as pre Spawn 1 appearances? Surely I’m not the first to find this?

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