Classic Cover of the Week 6/3/2018


New Week, New Covers!!


Fighting Yank #23

While there are a lot of Alex Schomburg covers that are classics and in demand, this has to be one of the top non Timely comics by him.  This book is scarce at auction and near impossible at shows.  I am convinced that this book has been all but swallowed up into collections.

36 Universal copies on the CGC census, a 9.2 at the top, 2 .5s at the bottom and the average grade being 5.23.

SHELF DATE of January 1948



Mister Mystery #18

Incredible over the top Bernard Baily cover from the end of the Pre Code era.  This entire run is incredible and somewhat difficult to obtain.  Rest assured more covers from this run will be appearing in future installments of this column.
A lone 9.2 at the top a lone 2.0 at the bottom, 22 slabs on the CGC Census, all Universal with an average of 4.9

SHELF DATE of August 1954

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