First You May Have Missed: Ember Quad

Welcome back everyone, are you as excited as I am about the upcoming CBSI Writer Wars? As we will be getting a lot of new articles rolling in I wanted to keep this one short and sweet but still give some spec worth raising an eyebrow. So today we will talk about ember quad “Game of First”.

If you are scratching your head and saying “Ember what?” Then you are in the right place. No it's not an all terrain vehicle that shoots fire (although that would be cool too), Ember Quad is an upcoming super villain in the new Marvel Rising series. Still not excited?

Ok hold your applause as we briefly go over what we do know about marvel rising.

Marvel Rising is a new brand headline being pushed by Marvel. It is being called a “multi platform” animation project. So far what we know is Marvel Rising #0 (1st appearance of Ember Quad) is leading up to a comic mini series which flows into a group of character focused animated shorts which then culminates in an animated film later this year titled Marvel Rising : Secret Warriors.

Now lets dive into that a bit. I think most can agree DC is kicking all kinds of butt in the animated film game with original and adaptations both being really good. But lets not count out the house of mouse just yet.

While I may be into things of the more adult variety I can admit when it comes to younger audiences the battle of Disney vs the WB is a bit tighter, so lets see what we have.

Marvel Rising: secret warriors will feature some big “rising” stars in young marvel.

Squirrel Girl: big following and live action t.v. show filming

Ms. Marvel: big following,MCU rumors looming.

Quake: going on her 6th season on agents of shield voiced by the same actress, Chole Bennit which is enough for me to tune in.

Spider-gwen: still very popular which baffles me. She will be getting the updated name of Ghost-Spider,  how or why is unknown. She will be voiced by Dove Camron who played Ruby on agent's of shield last season.(way to keep your talent marvel).

Inferno: young inhuman who is basically johnny storm and has been bouncing around comics for the past few years.

Exile: very cool character with the power of one of the mandarins rings….maybe i will do an article on his first appearance soon. Voiced by Boo Boo Steward who played Warpath in x-men DOFP.

The Patriot: (Rashard Lucas) a bit of buzz was building around him at one point. This may be his launch pad to greater notoriety.

America Chavez: another one who's buzz has been building and can take off at any minute.

Captain Marvel: we should all know about Carol Danvers at this point with her movie debut coming fast.

Hala: the accuser: everyone needs a villain and good to see someone different come into play but the real draw in here is the voice acting of Ming-Na Wen!! Agent may of agents of shield and also Mulan(once again Disney/marvel holding on to talent in both voice and live action.) Which brings me into a sneak Riri spec for the next character.

Gloria Grant: if you don't know who that is don't worry she's an old neighbor of Peter Parker, no big deal. What I am interested in is the voice actor Skai Jackson. As we see marvel likes to keep its voice actors around for live action I find it interesting they have chosen Jackson for this project as she is an established actress (who already worked on a disney show) and Iron man artist Mike Deodato, Jr. Tweeted a while back that Riri Williams was inspired by and based on her. Not to say Bendis creations inspired by actors actually go anywhere *cough* Miles Morales….donald glover(played miles uncle in homecoming) or that any female Bendis creations make it to live action portrayals *cough* Jessica Jones, Quake, Yo-Yo. I'm just pointing out that when disney calls you may stick around or something may be in the works. Another example would be marvel 2 years ago sending a box of Moon Girl comics to young actress Marsai Martin (who would be a great live action moon girl candidate), who stars on the tv show Black-ish. Which just so happens to be co produced by Lawrence Fishburne who is now set to produce the Moon Girl animated series and is playing Goliath in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp film. Coincidence?  I think not. Wild spec trail and me going off in a tangent connect dots that are not there? Maybe, but I followed the hunch. Ok back to Ember.

So with all the marvel rising greatness being thrown at us with more news to follow im sure, where does Ember fit in. Well it seems initially at least Ember will be the teams first villain. She is an inhuman with the power to bring video games to life (I think) and I speculate since her powers have nothing to do with fire her villain name will be Emulator (I am in very deep spec territory guessing villain names from small clues). Her appearance in Marvel Rising #0 is more than what i would say is a cameo as it shows her in full, named, speaking, and a full in story file of her abilities. She also interacts with Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel. Not much else is known about Ember except that she is wanted by someone who is funding  A.I.M. and appeares to be a classmate of Kamala.


Marvel Rising #0 print run unknown. This is a very weird one. As it was a free promo comic which came out just weeks before free comic book day. Many of my LCS's didn't even know about it so I have no clue how rare it actually is. They are easy to get from ebay at the moment and Matt DeVoe mentioned it in his  DAY AFTER  article a month ago. I think it's an easy grab if you see or pick up a bunch to save on shipping and stash them away.


Marvel Rising Alpha #1 if the #0 appearance is not enough for you and you need more to call it a first then th is the one for you. This book will be dropping in 2 weeks and as far as covers go the connecting variant is pretty uplifting and the finished product looks pretty sweet so I would try to grab it. Should be regular price but i have no idea how orders worked on it and if shops even bothered with a tie in comic that ties into an animated movie that doesn't even have a trailer yet.

Well that does it for me. It was supposed to be short and sweet but i felt i should give the extra background. If you need to reach me for any reason feel free to email me at until next time remember “It’s better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton

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  • Gary Nusser

    You read my mind as I had no idea who this character was even though I recall seeing something about it early on when the book came out. Plenty of 99 cent options available… I like this play and it looks like DC is going to be doing something similar with some of their characters when they get their new younger reader line up and running.

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