Variant Heat Check for 5/31/2018



TITLE : Batgirl #23 Middleton Cover B Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

Hundreds of sales in the past week ranging from $15-$40 make this the hottest book of week, and possibly the cover of the year. People who ordered multiple copies online should be receiving their orders soon, so expect a decline in prices (it’s already happening), but $20 for a $4 book is amazing. Just like this cover.


TITLE :Black Panther #1 Capes & Cowl “Oakland” Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

I don’t really like promoting store variants anymore, especially with prices continuing to escalate and artists now selling “directly” to fans, not to mention a decline in the quality of the artwork (which is the main reason why we buy variant covers). But this book has become quite the story, as people lined up in Oakland outside of Capes & Cowl comics to score a copy of this Oakland centric variant. Copies are slowly trickling out and selling for around $125.


TITLE : Ultimate Death of Spider-man #159 1:20 Cho Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Frank Cho doesn’t get enough credit. He’s killing it on the Harley Quinn covers, and he was a super nice guy when I met him last year. A lot of his covers don’t sell for much, but this one is gaining steam. A couple of months ago, an auction ended under $100. Now the last 2 raw sales were $160 and $180.


TITLE : Captain America #6 Epting Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

I always figured that after Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theaters this book would be dead in the water. Here we are, over 4 years later and people are still buying up this book. Raws are getting $40, while a 9.8 hit $185.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


  • misfit138

    Frank Cho is right where he deserves to be. B-C list. Did you see his ASM #800 cover and the porky MJ? He likes thick chics with thick legs and tummies. Eww.

    • I think he draws some of the most accurately proportioned women in comics. While is MJ and Harley tend to be “thicker” is Catwoman is slender, Wonder Woman is muscular etc… Not the same JSC MJ for everybody look other artists do. And his ballpoint pen woman are gorgeous. Problem I have with him is……..his men…LOL. They tend to be a little feminine, especially his Joker.

      • Keith S.

        totally agreed smhcomicslv. seems like all the top cover artists draw the exact same style and face for every character. It’s getting a little old.

    • ManFromTheStars

      But have you tried Aunt May’s Wheat Cakes…?

    • His women may be a thicker than most but I feel they’re more anatomically accurate when factoring in the larger than normal chests. That said, take a look at his Black Panther 2 variant, it’s an amazing cover. Cho has more artistic chops than folks give him credit for. If he could get past the low brow humor (which I find pretty damn funny most times) and the T&A artwork, he could be a McNiven level artist.

    • Liking fictional female body types: Eww.

      • misfit138

        Go to the gym, those women aren’t fictional. They are fit. A lot have (thicker) athletic butts and legs too because women are doing tons of squats and lunges, and they’re hot, but Frank Cho’s women are boxy and too thick. I am not a JSC fan at all. I just think Frank Cho is super overrated. I think Opena is super underrated.

      • Keith S.

        what’s more fictional, JSC or Cho?

    • Keith S.

      who is on your “A list” Misfit138?

      • misfit138

        Middleton is awesome right now. Opena is great. I love Jock and Frank Miller. I just got a Gene Colan piece of OA and think Colan is sooooo underated. Bill Everett is King. This last week at Megacon I got lots of Mattina, Parrillo, Dekal, Mendoza, Andy Kubert, Jock, Maleev, McGuiness & Kirkham. Maleev and Dekal are growing on me. I like Hughes and love love love Frank Miller. Ashley Witter and Natali Sanders are amazing. Janin and Mann are great on Batman right now. Lots of great artists. I like Michael Cho but not Frank Cho.

        • Keith S.

          I throw out a few more: Artgerm, Granov, Joelle Jones, Jim Lee, In Hyuk Lee, Frison, Scalera, Larosa, Capullo, Bengal, Mico Suayan.

          • misfit138

            Yup. I agree. Crain, Daniel, Epting, Geoff Shaw, Mazzuchelli, Tony Moore, Gerads, Zeck, McFarlane, and Gary Frank all rule too!

            I’m starting to tire of Granov, Artgerm and Frison.

          • misfit138

            Razzah and SKAN are amazing too. I really like SKAN’s International Iron Man and Razzah’s Punisher Annual covers.

          • Keith S.

            one of the biggest issues now is that all the big names are cranking out variants every month at an alarming pace, so we are bound to get fatigue.

  • Still pissed with my LCS for not reserving my Batgirl on my pull list… >:(

  • Frank Cho has been a Cheesecake king the past 15 years

  • Good point on the Batgirl cover B…. I figured some shops that reported getting shorted would have gotten theirs this week…Not sure if that happened but you are certainly correct. Hundreds if not a couple thousand copies pre-ordered online will be making their way to the specr’s smart enough to have ordered early. I’m sure many of them will be undercutting the $25 asking price averaging online. I wasn’t able to get one, but if I see them at $15 I might pick it up… the cover is freakin sweet!….unless of course DC orders a second print. Then I’ll wait.

  • Topher

    That Winter Soldier first has to be selling for that based on continued speculation that he may end up Cap. I just don’t see that happening.

    • Sebastian Stan still has a multi picture deal with Marvel. Regardless if he will be Winter Soldier/White Wolf/Bucky-Cap it looks like he will be sticking around. Even if he doesn’t end up as Cap his character will be an on screen presence for a while. That should be enough to keep CA #6 warm to hot depending on how he is used.

      • accustomfigures

        I think Winter Soldier as a character is here to stay, and so is Cap 6. But I also think he will become Cap after the next Avengers movie, so Cap 34 is another book to watch. First appearance of Bucky as Cap. Great Ross B cover too.

    • Keith S.

      that’s the only thing I can see, but it has been selling real steady, which is highly unusual. Typically this would have been dead in the water and selling for $20 max.

  • Oakland!

    Alas, 2/4… partly because I don’t understand the appeal of that Cho cover. I think he’s done better.

  • I find it funny that when Cho stopped the Wonder Woman covers after the bru-ha-ha with the sixth cover which can be seen here:

    They replaced him with Jenny Frison who is responsible for this deja-vuish cover:

  • How does the Frank Cho Killing Girl #1 variant not sell for more? I never NEVER see that book and I love that cover

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