The Weekend After Wednesday for 5/26/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 5/23/18. They could still be at your shop.



BATGIRL #23 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT – Pre-sales for this were hitting crazy highs of $50.  I anticipated it dropping, which it did to it's current average of $25 shipped.  That's actually not that bad of a drop.  This is especially the case seeing at how many copies are listed and how many are selling (a lot).  If you have one, hold on to it.  Resist the urge to flip it.  Honestly, this is one of those variants that will always be in demand… and that drives me nuts.  I knew this book was coming out and I knew I liked it.  I thought it would do what every other gorgeous B variant has done…. stall out at $10 and then drop.  I have two shops that order everything heavily and they got none. Not one…. single… copy.  So yes, this cover eludes me and has now taught me to not write-off great covers and assume I’ll “just be able to find it on release day”.

PINK PANTHER 55TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL RETRO ANIMATION VARIANT #1 (AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY) – With a $9.99 cover price, this retro variant had one sale Wednesday at $40 + shipping.  There haven’t been any sold since.  While there are only a few copies listed, it does seem primed to drop a bit.


WALK THROUGH HELL #1 COVER B “BLACK” VARIANT (AFTERSHOCK)– This B variant is still holding at $15 shipped.  There’s not a big flood, but most of the $15 copies are just sitting… which is a good sign for a drop to come. 

WEAPON H #3 1:25 SMITH VARIANT (MARVEL) – This variant climbed it’s way up to $22 last week and also holding.  With that said, this is having the same issue as WALK THROUGH HELL. The last sale for this variant was on the 23rd.  Current listed copies are just sitting at $20.  A drop is coming. 



MAGDALENA VOL 4 #3 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – This was considered the best “Spawn Month” variant that was released one year ago.  Most sales were around $15.  The most recent copy sold was in April for $16 shipped. However, you can find plenty of copies currently listed for cover price.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #19 1:25 MARTIN VARIANT (MARVEL) – A year ago, sales ranged wildly from $35 to $70.  Today, most copies seem to sell for $30 shipped. 

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #6 SPAWN VARIANTS (IMAGE) – It’s been a while since I’ve thought about SEVEN TO ETERNITY.  One year ago, this variant was selling for $10 shipped.  It now sells for cover price. 

VENOM #150 (MARVEL) – I had all the Venom #150 variants under WARM last year.  One year later they have not fared very well.  The 1:25 Del’Otto was widely available and sold for $25 shipped.  It has the most decent drop at $20 shipped. The Crain 1:500 variant was at an average price around $375.  It has sold in NM condition recently for $100 and other sales ranging from $180 to $237. The Bagley 1:1000 sold for $800 and currently averages about $350. The biggest variant, Bagley B&W 1:2000, sold for $1200 and now averages $600.  I asked the question back then: “are these high ratio variants worth buying?”  The answer is pretty clear.  No.  If it doesn’t feature a new character (like Cosmic Ghost Rider or Weapon H) then absolutely stay away from high ratio variants around its release day.  They all tend to drop drastically and can be obtained for greatly discounted prices. If you’re patient enough, you can drab these dirt-cheap (well, $300 priced dirt).



INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #600 ROSS VARIANT(S)– Surprisingly the Alex Ross 1:50 Variant is selling for $45 to 50 shipped.   The 1:100 virgin Ross variant ranges from $60 (for VF) to $100. So, we’re pretty much AT ratio for both of these Ross variants, which is really rare.




BATMAN BEYOND #20 (DC)– Matt McGinnis, Terry’s brother, is the new Robin.  His first appearance as Robin started in issue #18, full appearance and cover in #19.  I’m just becoming aware of this thanks to this issue and I’m surprised that this hasn’t been talked about more.  A new Robin (albeit a future Robin) is still pretty cool.  Matt first appeared in Batman Beyond #1 (2015).  With all of that said, this issue and previous issues are selling for cover price.

BLACK PANTHER #1 (MARVEL)– The 1:25 IN-HYUK LEE Variant had some potential.  It’s a great cover.  It hit a high of $27 and then settled back to $20 shipped.  The virgin 1:100 Artgerm variant is gorgeous but currently holding at $50.  Granted, it has seen sales all week around $80 to $90. The cheapest copy available on eBay is for $70 (not counting the current ongoing auctions).  There aren’t even that many copies.  What hurts this variant overall is that it’s available with the trade dressing for cover price.  We’ll have to see how this does over the week.


CHAMPIONS #20 (MARVEL)– Champions #19 features the first Snowbird.  #20 is her first full appearance.  #19 is selling for $12 shipped.  #20 is selling for $4

*UPDATE* – I was completely incorrect on the above.  Champions #19 is the first Amka, who is supposed to become Snowguard (not Snowbird) in the next issue or two.  According to Marvel's press release in April, she will join the team as Snowguard in issue #21.  The likelihood of issue #20 being her first appearance as Snowguard is high.  Champions #19 had a print run of almost 18K.  Issue #21 should see a good bump up in printings.  Grab a copy of #19 and #20 while they're still on the shelves.    I don't hear too many people talking about this character, but you never know.  This year is full of first appearances that I didn't expect to take off the way they did.  I don't think Snowguard (I still keep writing Snowbird by the way) will be huge, but now that I write that… she will be.  Current pricing still stands for issue #19 @ $12 shipped and #20 @ $4.  Thank you to our readers for pointing this out.

COSMO #5 CVR B GAME BOX ART VARIANT (ARCHIE)– Okay, so…. I can’t tell you a thing about Cosmo.  However, as a fan of NES themed covers, I grabbed multiple copies before release thinking that people would be all over these.  Well, not so much.  Only ONE copy has sold this week… and that was for cover price.  None seem to be moving at all. Oh well, it’s still a great homage cover.


DELTA 13 #1 (IDW)


EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS VOL 5 #1– Though the standard cover and variants are in COOL, the Aspen Customer Appreciation Variant (limited to 200 copies) is selling for $120 (plus shipping).  The downside to this variant is that it’s a reprint of EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS VOL 4 #2.





SKYWARD #1 JOCK 2NDPRINT (IMAGE)– Here was another impossible book to find this week.  I requested two different shops to reserve me 1 copy.  Neither ordered any.  This is a great title and a fantastic read.  I highly recommend it.  There are no domestic copies of this cover available on eBay.  Only two UK copies are available.  The copies that did sell went for cover price.  I’m paying close attention to both this 2ndprint and the 1stprint.




  • John Anthony

    Great article, Matt. That Batgirl was tough to find. I had one on preorder and that’s the only copy I saw on Wednesday from 3 different shops.

  • Avatar

    My 2 LCS always have numerous B covers, neither had the Batgirl. I really like the Pink Panther cover. I’m hoping to wait and get it cheaper.

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the advice on holding Batgirl. It is a truly beautiful cover. Unfortunately, my tastes (I love Artgerm covers) don’t always jive with speculative prospects. But I’ll hold on to this one.

  • Avatar

    I love Alex Ross’s work but I’m sort of out floored that one of his variants is holding value! That almost never happens.

  • Avatar

    The Ross is really hard to let go of, might be one for the PC.

  • Avatar

    I think a lot of ppl forget. Some LCS will not order dc b covers unless they’re for pulls.

  • SkillzWeldon

    I was fortunate to get my hands on a few copies of the Batgirl…and the Pink Panther. Great Article!!!!

  • Avatar

    Same deal here with the Batgirl cover B and I specifically requested it from my LCS over a month ago. Went to 3 shops on Wednesday and nothing. One said they were “shorted by Diamond.” I got into a longer conversation with a shop owner at a different store. He told me this is a Diamond problem. When a shop says they are “shorted” it’s because someone swooped in and bought Diamond out. That’s why there is an endless supply of these on eBay. The monopoly that Diamond has is creating this problem and frankly hurting all of us. I for one think it’s some bullsh*t that I had to pay $25 for a $4 book that I ordered a month ago. This is a larger problem the entire hobby should be rallying against.

    • Avatar

      This is how is was with the early Artgerm supergirls at my shop and even the later issues that I got were nm- at best. It seems all the nm+ copies end up in online retailers or larger retailers hands.

      Plus a very similar thing happened with the recent Birds of Pray AH! B cover. I preordered like 4 copies literally b4 anyone else knew about this book so they preordered my 4 and ordered a bunch for the shops months in advance. What happens.. idk really but they said something happened at diamond and they only received 1 b cover. Which I got because I had requested it so early but still it really makes me think a similar thing happened to me and my shop with that cover that happened to you with Batgirl 23. Yes it sucks.

      As for Batgirl 23 I missed it completely and so did my LCS. Why…. because this run of Batgirl sucks and no body has been reading it lol.

  • Avatar

    As soon as I saw the Batgirl 23 cover I knew I needed it. Middleton has some done some really good work but this is his best yet in my opinion. Just beautiful. I thought that Midtown might limit to 1 copy but fortunately they didn’t and I ordered 5 of them. I hope I get minty copies and that I can meet Middleton some day to get them signed.

  • Avatar

    Funny the only Venom 150s to hold thier value were the Stokoe that was selling around 6 or something so it may have actually gone up about a dollar. And the Mattina wonder con variant he was accused of copying or tracing or something like that. That one still seems to sell alright not great but better that most of the rest. Except the B/W version which doesn’t seem to move compared to the color and virgin.

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