The Unpressable Defects 106

In this issue … The guys talk to a former PGX employee to try and get more information about what's really going on with them, DC B covers, diversity in comics and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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    7:21. That’s how long I lasted on this podcast. I guess PGX uses semen in their cases. That’s all I took away from this interview.
    Guest also claims comics were sent to CGC for grading then returned to PGX and Grades were bumped up. PGX was using grading fees to pay CGC to grade books, how could this be profitable?
    Instead of any good questions, we get talk of semen.
    Was the guest vetted and confirmed as an employee? Seems that I could have gone on the podcast and made up anything myself, and it would have been just as informative.
    Would really like some solid info on PGX, but this seems like complete BS, or at the very least, a sour ex employee throwing his former company under the bus.

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