Variant Heat Check for 5/22/18



Captain Marvel #14 1-30 Conner Variant

Captain Marvel #14 1:30 Conner Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

There’s a lot going for this book; extremely rare, Captain Marvel related variant, 1st cameo of Kamal Khan, a really good Amanda Conner variant.

This is currently the top Captain Marvel/Kamala Khan variant, and deservedly so. Recent sales include a 9.4 for $1,100, a 9.6 for $2k, and a raw with one bid that ended at a whopping $1,200.

X-men #205 1-20 Campbell Variant

X-men #205 1:20 Campbell Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

I haven’t seen Deadpool 2 yet,so I can’t possibly spoil it for you, but if sales for this book is any indication than I assume something happens with Hope Summers.

Tons of sales with raws hitting $100 and 9.8’s climbing to $350!  

Avengers Enemy Within #1 1-50 Manara Variant

Avengers Enemy Within #1 1:50 Manara Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Manara isn’t the most popular cover artist right now, mainly because he quit doing variants over the Spider-Woman fiasco (or some would say because he draws butter-faces).

A lot of his higher ratio variants are extremely hard to find, and this one is no exception. A couple of 9.6s have come to market, and fetched around $400.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


  • goodjoehunting

    If that captain marvel isn’t a butterface, then I don’t know what one is

  • Mike Morello

    Yeah, that Manara baffles me. I know it’s rare, but man, It’s tough to look at.

    • Keith S.

      most of the top end Manara’s, besides the pyslocke , aren’t great. but they are super rare, and it’s not like he’s flooding the market with his work like the majority of the cover artists out there.

  • Avatar

    So if a 9.6 of CM14 sold for 2k then would my 9.8 sell for 4k? 😁

    • JaredrBarber

      A 9.8! #humblebrag … a great keeper for 3+ more yrs or so till KK is officially headed big screen. THEN it’ll prob be worth 4k for sure for the die hard fan/collectors. For now, it’s just one in a long line of Feige wish list characters. Gotta establish Captain Marvel first, and that’ll take till after the last chapter of the current Avengers wraps up next year. Of course, a cut scene cameo would be nice.

    • Keith S.

      put it up and test the market!

      If Kamala has any kind of screen time in Captain Marvel, then watch out.

  • Avatar

    CM17 2nd prints will probably start to move higher as well if they haven’t already

    • Avatar

      Surprisingly, the CM17 2nd prints in 9.8s have barely budged. Granted, only 1 9.8 sold since the news hit on May 12 (it ended up selling for $775 on May 13). On the other hand, the 9.6s and 9.4s have seen a price increase since the news hit.

      Currently, there are only 4 9.8s listed on ebay asking for higher than 1k OBO.

      So it basically looks like most people are holding onto their 9.8s at the moment (which I’m doing also). The 9.8s listed should sell soon enough since before the news hit they were moving fast and selling for around $700 and one sold for $800. Let’s see where the market price settles on the 9.8s….need more sales to occur first. lol.

    • Keith S.

      I’ve notices this as well djinn155. 17 2nd prints aren’t exactly sky rocketing like I was expecting, but other books have made incredible climbs like avenging #9, Capt Marvel #14 and #17 reg covers, and marvel point one (which is amazing considering how many of that book was printed). It’s possible that the price of the 17 2nd print was already at a premium.

  • Avatar

    people must be hanging on to there CM 2nd prints till closer to her cinema debut
    its supposed to have a very low print run much lower then the CM 14 Connor variant .
    i forget the numbers ….

  • Avatar

    That Captain Marvel Manara variant is definitely the rarest one of the bunch. A 1:50 on a super low print run comic will do that though. I’ve been looking for one to complete my collection for a loooooong time. The other Manara variants I bought and slabbed when they were realeased but I missed out on that one. That is until I pulled the trigger and bought one of those 9.6’s a few days ago. Now my collection is complete and I couldn’t be happier!

    • Keith S.

      congrats Deathgrin! I was trying to complete the Manara set but kinda gave up seeing as all the rare ones have skyrocketed out of the range I was willing to pay.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I hear that. Tried to get it for $250 but got outbid by the other guy. I still won it in the end and the other 9.6 disappeared right after that. My guess is the other guy who lost snatched the other one up.

  • Avatar

    How is that a butterface? This is honestly a good realistic face. I’ve seen one in person a couple years back and thought it was a beautiful cover but the price was to high to come together. I know every book/artist will have its haters but let’s be real and try to be as fair as possible. I have a bachelors of fine arts and I can tell you %100 that most artists or art majors would prefer that face to the micheal Jackson face ( or nose at least) that JSC uses, not to mention the stretched out neck and torso. To be fair Manara has done some horrible faces i.e. Gamora but the hate mongering is not deserved towards the book or artist and what is the point of neging a book in the comments sec. I guarantee if you owned one you wouldn’t.

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