Checklist updates + Bonus madness!!!

Just a reminder that checklists are now being published directly and without warning on their new home:

I have slowly been updating them and I have even added a couple new cover artists (Rafael Grampa being the latest one). Some other info of interest:

  • I have added a “last 50 covers added” section to the homepage for everyone to be able to see what has been updated
  • The mosaics are now generated on demand so they are as updated as the lists themselves
  • There's still no feedback option making it a very lonely place, so I will keep posting here once in a while to get some feedback from all of you. Remember there's a link in the menu to take you directly there!

Here's the promised madness, though … Turns out I am the kind of person who cannot take a break, so since Ben took over the site I have been playing around with other stuff. I talked about this on G+ a couple of weeks ago, but I think it looks a bit better since then. The idea was to use the mosaic the functionality to do something a bit more complex. Case in point:

The second image is made of tiny Todd McFarlane covers. You probably clicked on the image and zoomed in but couldn't see the covers as they are too small. The reason is that the original resulting image is huge (180MB+) but if you want to take a look at it (and I absolutely recommend it if you have 5 minutes to spare, it's pretty awesome and I already have thought of a couple of ways to use it), here's a link to the original image. Enjoy and as always thanks for your comments!!!!


  • Avatar

    Very cool! Few questions actually as well.

    First, any plans to make the thumbnail image after you click on them a bit bigger, something maybe the size that Image Comics site uses? On Chrome at least, the resulting image is smaller than the image in your post.

    Second, is this “click-to-enlarge” cover art functionality going to be added to the checklist page? Is there any public road map for adding content to the checklist? I use a separate app for Key issues, but I do like the full list by character found there. On that note, any plans to give users some kind of way to sort/filter say character appearances, by date released, cover appearances, etc?

    • Iñigo

      Thanks for the feedback, Seth!

      Changed the way the images are displayed in the post, now they will open full size in your browser. Again, the image is tiny compared to the original, so you might want to open the original file (huge: 180MB) here:

      The images on my db are small, so at the moment it’s not possible to make them bigger. The original idea behind the db was to have a reminder of what my collection looked like at any given time and print out wantlists and stuff like that and I think the size is enough for that.

      I work on the checklist when I have the time and suddenly wonder about some artist I want to check on. Appearances are impossible to keep up with, so I am planning on renaming the character appearances checklists as most of them were created with a specific timeframe in mind. Specifically early appearances or before they blow up. Wolverine, for example, is only up to 2000 because after that he joins the Avengers and appears in every single comic in Marvel forever.

      It might be worth it to do a Keys branch of checklists too, why not. First apps or stuff like that. I’m open to suggestions. Ideally, this would end up with an app that allows you to pick and choose what you want to have on your mobile, but time doesn’t stop for anyone.

      Regarding your last couple of questions, release dates are not on my db, so nothing I can do there, but I could allow people to intersect different checklists, sure, would need some time to work on it, though.

      Thanks again!

  • Ben C

    Hahaha, thats AWESOME Inigo!!

  • tsouthammavong

    Great work Inigo. Love the checklist as I remember things better visually. I can never seem to remember what book and issue but I remember the cover.

    I have a minor suggestion (or at least I think it is), could you put a link at the bottom of your list send us to the top of the list and/or back to the main checklist screen.

    Again, thanks for your hard work.

  • Puddulz

    Is this Comment Section the appropriate place to notify you on any missing appearances?

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