JUDGE DREDD Mattina Virgin Cover Scott’s Collectables Variant Contest

Alright CBSI Nation, we are back with another awesome offering from SCOTT'S COLLECTABLES !!

This time around I am happy to be able to offer up this savage Judge Dredd with art by Francesco Mattina.   Pretty small print run of 1,000 with a majority of them being sold in Orlando at Megacon BUT Dan Scott is such a fan of CBSI, he has gifted us with a handful to give out!!


Wanna win?  Of course you do, so simply post your favorite Mattina cover AND WHY.  Sure lots of folks will like the same cover, but everyone perceives art differently, so give us your reason and maybe you will win one of these super cool, super limited variants!!


CONTEST WILL RUN FOR ONE WEEK (Closes 5/19/2018)  4 Winners this time around which I will announce when the contest closes

Here's the piece in question, pretty amazing Virgin cover huh??



Wow that's great, but what if I don't want to wait??  Well, you can keep an on SCOTT'S COLLECTABLES and after Mega Con there will be a very limited amount left to sell on the site, including a super small batch of Sig Series slabs!!


  • I like his Punisher #1 limited edition comix variant. Its not as intricate as some of his covers but still very detailed. its simple and clean.

  • For me it is the Gamora #2 variant. The skull refection in the knife is off the charts awesome and just look into Gamora’s eyes and you can tell she has been through some stuff. He has done the up close face pose in other issues but this one by far is the most detailed and clean of any of them.

  • Earlybird

    My 9.8 Dark Nights Metal #3 Virgin “Nuff said “ 😈

  • Definitely the dark nights metal 3 Variant. I like that they actually added something to the virgin variant. Usually I think virgin variants are lazy cash grabs but I had to get that cover.

  • I don’t think he gets enough credit for his Spider-Man 2099 run. I like maybe #5 (2014) the best, with the shattered mirror effect, but there are so many good ones in the run! I’m really surprised they’re not more sought after.

  • The Dark Nights Metal #3 has become an iconic cover and my favorite cover of 2018. A true example of what a virgin variant should look like.

  • im loving his run so far on flash. awesome work of his and still affordable

  • Gotta give it to Justice League of America #26. Arguably one of the best cover portrayals of the Black Canary. Generally we see the Canary in a variety of posed shots or martial arts positions. But here, Mattina shows her using the Canary Cry, her own unique superpower. And he clearly shows just what an awesome power it is! The Batman cannot stand against the Black Canary unleashed!
    Oh, and fishnets. Yes!

  • Arkham Asylum: Killer Croc. He has such rage and raw emotion. Awesome early Mattina cover.

  • His Azrael run was beast! But issue #5 man… to take a lame superhero like Ragman and make him look so bad ass, so fierce… bravo Mr. Mattina, bravo!

  • John Anthony

    Gamora 2, the expression on her face plus the skull reflection is the perfect example of “a picture is worth 1000 words”.

  • Dark Wolverine #79 Zombie Variant is my favorite. And it is becoming harder and harder to find in the wild!!!

  • Dark Nights Metal #3 with such dark saturated colors the attention for detail comes out in all of his art, but Metal #3 his art made that run what it is today iconic and on par with all other top Batman covers ever made. I wish i could afford the virgin variant.. its stunning.

  • I love his Super Sons #1 variant!

  • I really love Venom 151 Mary Jane Venomized variant… whew what a mouth full.. had to pick up two gorgeous NM/MT copies the Wednesday it released.. She is in such a majestic pose sitting atop all those defeated Marvel heroes and villains skulls… brings back nostalgia of Scream from the 90’s Lethal Protector series mashed up with Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe cover.. looks like a 90s symbiote .. love the touch of red for her hair.. who else likes to see the bad guys win?

  • keyissuenorris

    My Flash 46 cover B from him is on the way in the post. Just stunning and one of my favorites of the year!

  • Dark Knights Metal 3 cause duh… (Ok so duh isn’t a good reason) so I’d have to say the malicious intent, the dark coloring, the premise of the character, the story behind it and the banned cover. Probably the best cover of the year in my opinion, and the way it stares at me its sitting 9.8 atop the mantelpiece, but if I were to choose a left field cover it’d be Justice League Vs Power Rangers 1. That Deathstroke 30 weren’t bad either… gosh dang it they’re all so good me loves me some mattina.

  • Gamora 2. It’s the most realistic and looks like Gamora is coming to life.

  • Mattina’s work is so fluid and alive. One of my favorite covers is “Batman Europa #3” Just liked the way he incorported Batman and the Joker together, showing they are a part of each other. Excellent stuff.

  • Any of Mattina’s Spawn covers really, I love the way he capture’s Spawn, simple as that.

  • ender6988

    His Azreal run was awesome. For the covers alone, any one of them is top notch.

  • Vengeance of Moon Knight 2 Variant for me – truly is a wicked depiction of a zombified Moon Knight.

  • Star Wars 1 French Variant. Pure energy pure power!

  • I really like Batman the Shadow #5

  • Flash #47. Most of Mattina’s covers tend to be dark and gloomy and a bit static even if they’re beautiful. Flash #47 is the opposite, it’s dynamic and bright. Love it.

  • Darth Vader #8
    In this issue, Palpatine is verbally reprimanding Vader for his excessive use of violence, trying to teach Vader restraint.
    This cover embodies it beautifully, Vader stripped of all his armor, in his Meditation Chamber trying to harness his anger and rage! The bright burning fire of his anger contrasted with the Sith Lord in a Buddhist meditative state is just stunning!

  • Dark Nights Metal #3 Virgin cover.
    Amazing cover. Visually aesthetic
    Great detail in the faces.

  • I like Darth Vader #5. Nice close-up of a villain that we usually don’t see as vulnerable.

  • misfit138

    I prefer the Captain America: Road to War cover. I know Mattina had been around for a few year prior to this cover being released, but I never had heard of him nor paid attention to or seen his work prior. It’s one of my favorite Cap covers ever, and my favorite Mattina because it was my first. I love how imposing Cap looks and how there is debris floating around him because he just took down some Nazi’s!!! I remember thinking this guy is going to be a super star when I saw it and shortly there after he blew up and became a top cover artist. My next favorite is the new Deathstroke #30 cover. I love how DS is wiping his sword of on Sups cape!! Awesome!!

  • I’m of the mindset that a favorite cover doesn’t have to be valuable. The cover Matt recently did for Suicide Squad #40 had it all – amazing coloring, a badass looking Superman (which most Action #1000 cover artists failed to accomplish imho) and a crazy amount of beautiful, nuanced detail. Oh, and that booty on Harley – two thumbs up!!

  • I have to go with his most recent Deathstroke. With that character being my favorite villain, no brainer for me

  • One of my favorite Mattinas is Azrael #5 the cover is amazing and so underrated, Azrael’s look and stare is almost damn near hypnotizing

  • freudian-slip

    For me, it has to be Dark Knights Metal #3, which is appropriate since Batman Who Laughs appears to have strong inspirational ties to Judge Death.

  • tsouthammavong

    Justice League vs Suicide Squad 1 Variant. That was the book that started the Mattina hunt for me. Loved how he drew the DC trinity.

  • My favorite cover is definitely Venom #151. Soooo awesome!! This Dredd is pretty killer too!

  • ManFromTheStars

    George Romero’s Empire of the Dead: Act Three Vol 1 1

    His execution and attention to detail and overall composition is always on point! He captures the terror of someone bringing a scalpel to your face very well, also love the skin translucency. All the gritty detail is just gorgeous.

  • Keith

    Metal 3 virgin is my favorite mattina cover I really get the feeling how evil the character is from this cover his smile is pure evil

  • The Dark Nights Metal #3 virgin variant Just a great cover

  • emiobeg

    For me there’s a few and toot be repetitive. My nominee is Punisher #1 in the Blood Cover. It’s a terrific menacing image that capture the wrath and fear that the punisher brings out to his victims.

  • He definitely has many to choose from, one I have displayed on my desk is the Spawn 280 virgin, amazing cover.
    {My first post :-)}

  • My favorite is Red Hood #1 variant. This was the book that first hipped me Mattina. To this day I don’t own one and have never sold one. One day.

  • Mine is Deathstroke v Batman 30. So much detail and emotion on the cover. He has a lot of great covers but that has to be my favorite. Thanks!

  • Bryan

    I really love his Gamora variant., but his Thunderbolts Deadpool covers are my favorite. He does the best version of Deadpool imo.

  • Ben C


    Congrats to those who won, and thanks to all who answered.

    Keep an eye on the site for MORE AWESOME CONTESTS AND FREE STUFF!!

  • Ben C


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