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Bondage Medusa Robot cover??  This entire run is fantastic, though there are some real winners with amazing Good Girl covers, there are also gems like this Joe Doolin cover.

43 Copies on the census, 9.2 at the top, 2.5 at the bottom with the whole 43 averaging out at 6.81

SHELF DATE of March 1946



Bernard Bailey with another(of many) classic Spectre covers. These covers seem to scream Golden Age comics.  Pretty simple and tame compared to the art of today, but that is what makes these old books so damn cool.  They didnt need walls of flames on a symbiote that is really a goblin, just basic hero stuff drawn exquisitely by one of the all time greats.

Always difficult to find, this one rings in with only 19 Universal copies on the CGC census, a single 9.8 (Denver?) copy and a lone .5 make up the high and low here, the average grade comes in at 4.75

SHELF DATE of March 1940

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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    What the what the???!?!,?, there is a 9.8 of more fun 53 ?!?! Hot damn…. that all I got. Great article love the planet comics cover…..and the whole run really…. 57 is of my all time fav covers. But unfortunately all the issues in this run are getting rather pricey.

  • natethegreat80

    Some great covers. Keep it comin’. I always enjoy these.

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    If I had unlimited $$$, the first title I would accumulate is More Fun. Those early 40s covers are just gorgeous!

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