First You May Have Missed: Wasp(s)

Today, in preparation for the amazing looking Ant-Man and the Wasp movie, I bring you a first appearance you may have missed which deserves some discussion. Let's talk about Wasp in this “What the Flying First.”

Ok, the MCU has been pumping out loads of comic entertainment over the past 10 years and most people are just eating it up.

Usually when a character headlines a movie we know and can draw a direct line to his/her comic counter part. With the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp feature I have come to find it's not a simple A to B connection.

Let's just get this out of the way, the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, wife to Hank Pym, first appeared in Tales to Astonish #44 and although she's cast to be in the movie we are going to focus on the younger Wasp. It is a bit of a question as to who she may be most closely related to in comics.



So in June of 2015 we saw the release of Ant-Man, and in it we were introduced to a character by the name of Hope Pym (or Van Dyne). Hope Pym is the daughter of original Ant-Man Hank Pym.

As of the release of the film there was only 1 Hope, daughter of Hank Pym, in the comics and she was the villain Red Queen in the critically mixed MC2 universe.  This version of Hope was bent on destroying the Avengers for disgracing her father's name and legacy which, like the MCU Hope, she inherited (sort of) Hank's company.

This is were the parallels seem to end but it's not like the MCU hasn't pulled from places other than the main 616 universe before (Ultimate Nick fury).

So it seems as if this MC2 Hope was being used with a new origin and its easy to say her first appearance in A-next #7 covers it.  As we know though, Marvel sometimes likes to have synergy between the movies and comics (new Valkyrie).



Fast forward to Free Comic Book Day 2016. Civil War II is in full swing and oh man, we get the death of Rhodey. Look closely and you will see Marvel has snuck in someone else, Nadia Pym!  This is a new version of the Wasp in the 616 universe who is the daughter of Hank Pym and takes over his research and fortune. But this daughter Pym was born not to Janet Van Dyne but to another woman (Hank's first wife) who was kidnapped in Moscow, Russia.

She was raised in the Red Room (of Black Widow origin fame) and grew up not knowing her father. Her similarities with the MCU Hope are they were both raised in a sort of boarding school away from their fathers whom were living and are well versed in martial arts.

To add a bit of intrigue to the mix, the name Nadia, apparently (to my limited Google knowledge) translates from Russian roughly into HOPE.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Also, is a Wasp raised in the Red Room, whose alternate universe counter part becomes the Red Queen, just a nod to the former or a sinister plot arising? Just speculation getting the best of me.

Ok, to sum things up, we have 3 Wasp's.  MCU, MC2, and 616. All go by the name Hope or some translation of such. All daughters to Hank Pym and taking on a flying bug identity but still all different enough to not know which is an adaptation of which.

I would say that since Nadia is a hero and in the main current universe she is the parallel to the movie Hope, but you cannot ignore the original. In this case and at these prices, I would try to grab both. Just in case the MCU does give us an alternate reality story, which seems very likely, I expect Red Queen to be on the list.


The run down goes as follows

Tales to Astonish #44: original Wasp (Janet Van Dyne).  Good luck with this one if you want it for your pc but otherwise, admire from afar.



A-Next #7: 1st appearance of Red Queen (Hope Pym MC2).  This book has a modest sub-34k print run, goes for a bit in NM raw and is rare in graded 9.8.

I'm sure Wasp will be a hit in the theaters, but being a MC2 version hurts this spec a little. These can be found in bins still for less then eBay I'm sure and that's the sweet spot.  I wouldn't put too much into this spec as I'm not sure how much meat is left on the bone.



FCBD (2016) Civil War II: 1st Nadia Pym 616 universe. Print run (Huge!) This one is a bit of a conundrum for me. While I have seen some FCBD books do extremely well (especially considering they were……free), the sheer amount that may be available makes this hard to pin down on long term value, but there is a saving grace.

Not only is it still cheap, you get a Thanos cover, the death of Rhodey and the first appearance of Nadia Pym…but wait, there’s more!!  Extra bonus for the first appearance of the inhuman who started Civil War II Ulysses.

If Civil War II ever hits the big screen, which we all know it was developed for that reason, Ulysses will be at the center of it.  Given the fact that he was taken off planet with Eternity and transcended into a higher being, we may be seeing him return in his celestial form very soon. Food for thought.


Well that does it for this edition of first you may have missed and I hope you enjoyed it. As always thank you for your time and remember “It's better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton


  • Ben C

    Fantastic stuff, thanks for the info!

  • Topher

    Interesting analysis! If I were to buy the FCBD I would only be looking for issues with no stamp.

  • Avatar

    I like the Civil War FCBD book because the CGC slabs actually credit it as having first appearances. I think the problem is that the potential importance of the book was known pretty early on so a lot of people gobbled them up to just sit on. I have close to 30 no stamp copies and at least 10 of them are 9.8 candidates.

    • Dale Valiant horton

      Very valid point, i agree 100% I would imagine alot of speculators hoarded these, but alot were also miss treated and donated in mass to different organizations and in the hands of children. So hopfully from a speculation stand point the print run is mostly destoryed lol. It Will be interesting to see if nadia becomes popular how this will play out. The 2013 FCBD has been selling amazing in 9.8 (for a free book) and it has only 1 1st app. Thanks for commenting.

      • Avatar

        I agree. Regardless of the number of copies, good responses to movie and future involvement with movies and other characters and books could definitely make demand exceed the supply. At least I sure hope so! ha 🙂
        Thanks for the article!

  • Avatar

    Anyone placing an order with Mycomicshop can always add the Civil War II FCBD book for $1.70 and New Avengers 7 Adams cover(1st Illuminati if you have faith) for $2.00. I mean there’s a lot worse things you could throw $3.70 at.

  • CountZeroInterrupt

    I think A-Next #7 is a cameo appearance by Hope Pym (in shadow), #10 is a second cameo (face revealed) and #12 is the first full appearance. CGC actually list 10 & 12 that way on their labels. I haven’t seen #7 IRL so I can’t confirm.

  • Avatar

    Wow. What a great article. Thank you.

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