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Now that the buzz surrounding Avengers Infinity War has cooled down some, I figure now would be as good a time as any to talk some issues to keep an eye on. No movie is without flaws, and this one certainly had its fair share, but I personally loved it, and believe what Marvel/Disney pulled off is one of be most impressive achievements in cinematic history. That being said, the end of the film left us with a handful of questions, but even better left us comic buyers with some quick flip books!




Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel aka Captain Marvel

First appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 as Carol Danvers, if you weren’t speculating on her years ago, then you missed out, because her books are hitting all time highs. She first becomes Ms. Marvel in Ms. Marvel #1 and becomes Captain Marvel in Avenging Spider-Man #9. She joins the Avengers in Avengers #183 and first appears as Binary in Uncanny X-Men #164.


Colorless Vision

In West Coast Avengers #45 Vision first appears in his white colorless form. If they decide to resurrect him, he will almost certainly be the colorless form, as the color was sucked out of him when Thanos ripped the mind stone out of his head. They’ve spent two movies now focusing on the love interest between Vis and Scarlett Witch, and it would be a good idea if he comes back, to have him be completely numb to the notion of feelings.


Spider-Man Costumes

It seems with every new movie, each characters costume gets a cool upgrade which is really great to see onscreen. They’ve showed a bunch of Iron Man armor, and Spider-Man has had a few costume changes. In the film we get to see the Stark Armor Iron Spider first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #529, but don’t be shocked if we see more Spider-Man costumes in the future. Marvel has proved they can put anything from comic panels to the big screen, so keep your eyes out for Amazing Spider-Man #252 (as always), Amazing Spider-Man #365, Spider-Man Noir #1, Web of Spider-Man #117, and Sensational Spider-Man #0 to name a few.


Who comes next?

My buddy Ivys guess is Kang!!! And I trust this guy over most! First appearing in Fantastic Four #19 As Rama-Tut. And first appearing as Kang the Conquerer in Avengers #8. The prediction is that he is the BAD MAN after the mad titan.



Everything and anything Inhumans. If you’re not a collector who is a completionist, now is the time to unload all of the Inhumans garbage that Marvel was jamming down our throats. I was low on the Inhumans from the start (refer back to precious articles), but now that Disney has to decided to monopolize the world, and buying Fox was its next step in doing so, Marvel is now done with the Inhumans.

They’re bringing the Fantastic Four title back, they’re bringing Wolverine back, and they even have a Death of the Inhumans mini-series hitting the newsstands in July. Get rid of them now, and you’ll be glad that you did.


I hit the Flea Market over the weekend, and found some fun Silver Age DC stuff for $10 bucks. Nothing spectacular, but it was cool to see at 630 in the morning. The guy i bought them off of said he was cleaning out his cabin and found them in there. Unfortunately no Amazing Fantasy #15, but silver age books nonetheless.


  • The Atom #17
  • Detective Comics #33
  • Green Lantern #29
  • Green Lantern #33 x2
  • Worlds Finest Comics #137
  • The Flash #151
Lastly I’d love to give a shout out to the Key Collector Comics app. It’s a really fun app that lists all of the keys you need to know about characters and specific issues. The individual that runs that app is extremely friendly and open to suggestion! I’ve had a ton of fun on it, and recommend everyone on CBSI look into it! It is free, fun, and knowledgeable!
That being said, keep your eyes fixed on the sun…otherwise, you might find yourself blinded.


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    Who’s next? I would love to hear it is the Korvac saga. Many pieces already in place
    Collector and he can killed just like in the book
    hulk could substitute for Hercules
    Guardians of the galaxy
    Easy CGI…the guy wears a friggin tennis outfit
    the battle takes place in a house in the suburbs for crying out loud…no off worldly special effects

  • schweizerdavid

    I agree with your Inhumans assessment with the exception of Lockjaw. I can envision Disney doing something with the Pet Avengers.

  • Avatar

    do you think black panther #5 from volume 5 will be picking up steam after t’challa dusted away? there’s a need for a black panther, and i think shuri would take that mantle.. for the time being. small value increase?

  • darkside or darkseed

    I think the opposite for the Inhumans. Classic property done by top creative team of the era. Prices are down… why not buy the keys? Death of the Inhumans done by Marvels new #1 writer. No one really dies in comics anyway.

    • A. J. Diesel

      True, comic book deaths are a bit of a joke nowadays. All about empty pockets, they can never commit to killing someone off of it loses them money.

    • A. J. Diesel

      I also agree with your assessment of buying the keys. As a collector, yes, keys are what you want. I’m talking from a speculation standpoint, if you’re looming to turn and burn for some of the filthy green stuff, people who loaded up on Inhumans may be looking at a loss.

  • Avatar

    I like the Kang spec as the villain next. The MCU is heading in the cosmic direction, a lot of time-traveling and multiple realms stuff could set up Kang pretty well.

    I thought Annihilus but he may be too similar to an Ultron/robot-type villain.

    Korvac could work too, that was a spec I imagined early on but I’m betting on a Kang spec more and more. Especially with the merger going thru next year.

    I’ll tell you, it’s a great time to be a collector again lol.

    • A. J. Diesel

      Couldn’t agree more!!! Fairly certain we’ve entered the “Neo” age of comic books as well as collecting.

      Thanks to these massive films, characters are appealing to people who don’t even read comics, and when they get older and miss the nostalgia, they’ll be going after the comic books as well! Welcome to the Neo Age!!

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    Great article. I like the inhumans and love their stuff in silver age ff…I will gladly pick up and horde more of those keys as the characters are cool (imo)…
    The tv show, however, as well as marvels attempt , in comics, to make them X-Men 2.0, was awful..

  • Avatar

    I was watching and bidding on Marvel Super-Heroes #13 for a while and then kind of forgot about it because I started chasing other books. I just took a look at eBay and WOW, I can’t believe how much this book is skyrocketing … guess I’m out now 🙁

  • Foxom

    Great article!
    Totally agree on Kang. Either him or Dr Doom if they stay somewhat earthbound. Would love to see nightmare or maybe everyone going to hell to battle mephisto for someones soul!
    As for the Key Collector Comics app, beer and naps are the only things I can recommend higher. Incredible tool for all sorts of collectors! And free, no adds even

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  • Topher

    I am still betting on Annihilus even if it’s Phase 5 not 4! Great write up!

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