1 Avenging Spider-Man #9

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Terry Dodson
$200 for raws?  Wow.  While I do love this book and character, I'm surprised at the surge that is approaching the record highs set a few years ago.  1st Carol Danvers, 1st Ms. Marvel, 1st Captain Marvel…so many 1sts for 1 character you would think would hurt the appeal of this book, but it hasn't.

2 Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee Tour Variant

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Another book where raws are hitting the $200 price point.  Having the new villain on the cover helps, oh and that Jim Lee fellow (he probably could make a career at this drawing thing ;P).

3 Venom vs. Carnage #2

WRITER: Peter Milligan
ARTIST: Clayton Crain
Hmmm…Toxin rumors (valid or not) have caused his 1st Appearance (as Toxin) to hit the century mark.  I'm not the only one just crossing my fingers that the Venom movie won't suck…

4 WWE #16 Lucas Werneck 1:15 ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Dennis Hopeless
ARTIST: Surg Acuna
This has doubled in price since the last list, up to $60-70.  It is a great cover and that is coming from a guy who gave up on wresting when it was still the WW'F'.

5 Venomized #5 Gerardo Sandoval 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Iban Coello
I guess it never gets old for these artists to use this (or ASM #300) classic McFarlane pose as an ‘homage' (actually it does get old).  Personally, I would rather them just ‘venomize' a strawberry, or ice cream cone at this point.  Anyway, this one will cost you around $70 at the moment.

6 Ms. Marvel #1

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: John Buscema
Carol Danvers makes a second appearance on the chart.  I could have included Captain Marvel from 2012 or 2014 here, but, just like Avenging #9, this one is pushing its highs from a few years ago.

7 Swamp Thing #9

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: Bernie Wrightson
I'm not saying that our website has any influence, but several copies of this have sold since Mike M's ‘Cover Tunes' article.  This also happened to be the image used on the Swamp Thing television show announcement.  Such a classic cover in any case.

8 Excalibur #86

WRITER: Warren Ellis
ARTIST: Ken Lashley
I will say that Marvel has a way of turning books you might find in the 50 cent bins into $20 bills.  Case in point, 1st Pete Wisdom may or may not be the character in the Deadpool trailer.  If it is, and he stays alive, great.  If not, a bunch of you just wasted a couple months of Netflix fees.

9 All-New Wolverine #2 2nd Print

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: David Lopez
Some people have come to their senses (partially) on this book.  After highs a week or so ago in the $100's, this one seems to have settled in the $60-70 range.  Spend what you like, but these extreme hyper-quick reactions to new characters confuses me tbh.

10 Cyborg (Vol. 2) #22 Carlos D'Anda Variant

WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: Tom Derencik
Cool looking cover and a new character has this one sold out at Midtown and is selling in the $10-15 range.

The Weeknd Presents: Starboy #1

WRITER: Abel ‘The Weeknd' Tesfaye
ARTIST: Eric Nguyen
Marvel has teamed up with The Weeknd and his single Starboy and came out with a comic book.  A little weird for sure, but copies that initially were selling in the $20-25 range are now selling for around $50.

Space Adventures #12

WRITER: Carl Memling
ARTIST: Steve Ditko (cover)
Wow.  Yes, it's a classic Ditko cover.  Yes, this virtually never comes up for sale, graded.  But $6500 for a CGC 9.2 is 3 times guide.  GA headlights are insane, even if she is about to be devoured by an alien, LOOK OUT!!

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  • Ben C

    YES!!!! Love the Top 10, love that Space Adventures

  • accustomfigures

    Excellent. Weather I’ve got books on this list or not I look forward to it “every week” 😉

  • Avatar

    Thor Annual 11 went from a book you could get for under $5 to sells from $20 to over $50. Not sure it will last but it’s hot this week.

  • Avatar

    yes every week would be awesome. love the work you guys do

  • Avatar

    Great job, Stein!!! This site has incredible influence over the industry and brings great things to light all the time sharing the wealth!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Andrew Woomer

    I’ve got a CGC 8.0 of the Ms Marvel #1 that is in the 6 spot but it’s the 10 Pence variant, any idea if that is more or less rare than its US counterpart?

    • Cruzzer2

      Your pence version is the rarer copy. My 10 pence is a 4.5 something but it’s signed by Roy Thomas. I hope to get it signed by Gerry Conway in September.

      My regular copy of Ms. Marvel #1 is an 8.0 and not signed, but hope to get it cracked and get both Gerry and Roy to sign it sometime this year.

  • Wednesday Warrior
    Wednesday Warrior

    YES!! is it coming back every week?! Don’t tease us!

  • Tue L

    Great job! Always looking forward to the Top 10!

  • Avatar

    Avenging Spider-Man 9 can be what NYX 3 is.. Captain Marvel is a really really big character going forward.. Marvel’s Wonder Woman… solo Film, Infinity War sequel…. has her own series.. big following… cosplay..super powerful… Makes me wonder why I wasn’t stock piling more copies for $30-40 last year… Can defiantly be increasing big time like NM raws $300-400, NM+ raws tap out at $600. CGC 9.8’s $800-1,000 … just like NYX 3 & New Mutants 98

    This is the time to buy (it’s not going back down) (or dump if u want the instant $)

    Sell 1-2 years from now

    • Avatar

      I don’t see it ever becoming that because it’s not the first appearance of Danvers, it’s not even the first Ms. Marvel, it’s just her as Captain Marvel. Equivalent would be first X-23 as Wolvereen, to my mind.

      And we of course will have to see what happens when the movie hits, but I also don’t see her ever reaching the highs of an X-23 or a Harley, because quite a few members of fandom really, really hate her character.

  • Avatar

    Great list!

    Almost all symbiote first appearances have heat up the last week. Venom is officially mainstream now and people are speculating on everything on his down line now since the movie is looking like it’s going to be a hit and have an inevitable sequel or two.

  • Avatar

    (I say this as a fan and reader of the site.) With all due respect, it seems odd to hear someone who writes for this site saying “Spend what you like, but these extreme hyper-quick reactions to new characters confuses me tbh.”

    Isn’t this site sorta of complicit in the boom of hyperactive speculating over the past couple of years? One could argue that this site is a primary driving force of that type of behavior, no?

    • Mike M

      At a quick glance, I could understand why one might think that, bigashsexy. However, fortunately or unfortunately, the collector community will always try to find the gems that make them the next quick buck. It happens across all collecting hobbies and has done so for decades. Whether it be beanie babies, pops, cards or comics, the fundamental urges are the same.

      This site, I firmly believe, guides those people who may be looking for (a). Guidance on what the market is currently doing, (b). Reinforcement for trends they feel they may be witnessing, and (c). Caution flags that might stop someone from mis-allocating their collecting funds.

      In short, there is a TON of information out there and it changes sometimes hourly. It is nearly impossible to keep up with ALL of it. This community is an attempt to sift through a lot of the noise in order to save folks time.

      While I don’t write this particular column, it seems clear that it is merely a culling of sales information. While there may be other applicable books, it is merely a reflection of what people have already purchased rather than that which we think might get purchased in the future.

      I, for one, am thankful to have everyone in this community adding their small portion to a larger picture. I certainly couldn’t collect comics effectively without it.

    • Ben Steiniger
      Ben Steiniger

      Thanks for reading and thanks for asking the question because it gives me a chance to breakdown what we do here. And I really do read and ponder all dissenting views, so don’t hesitate to have one! And very nice follow up Mike M.

      Yes, we try and bring to the forefront books that we think may skyrocket in value, for whatever reason. Conventional wisdom may say that we are self promoting things we already own (which is simply not true, I own 2 out of the 12 books listed here as an example). I see all the behind the scenes activity and we truly are trying to educate and inform the public without prejudice.

      I tossed in that statement because my personal opinion is that it is healthier for the hobby long term for books to reach those high selling numbers over time after the character has developed. Yes, the 2nd print is harder to find and could be the book to have, but who is Gabby long term? People went crazy for Mosaic and America, where are those characters now? I don’t want collectors to burn themselves out by spending big (smaller money is just fine) money on characters that disappear in 6 months.

      Hopefully that rambling made sense lol.

  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    Avenging Spider-Man going for $200?!? WTF?!?? I sold one this past weekend and it didn’t even break 90! Oh well…

    • Cruzzer2

      Many of the LCS in Phoenix AZ can probably tell you I’m the biggest Carol Danvers fan out there..

      Avenging Spiderman 9 is the 1st Comic book I ever bought my niece. She introduced me to Carol Danvers. Right now, I got 6+ graded and 8 or 9 RAW.. I remember finding them in the dollar bins at one point, but I never paid more then $40. I had a big gut feeling and I am glad it is beginning to pay off.. oh.. Ms Marvel #1.. I got 2 of them graded, one signed by Roy Thomas. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Paid $9 free shipping for my signed copy a couple years back came back a 9.4 from the graders it cost me more to grade the book than I paid for it. Was the last of the Danver firsts I ever collected at the time I didn’t think changing her from Ms. to Captain really made a difference in the character but you will do well Cruzzer with all those copies kudos.

  • Avatar

    Some listings on Ebay (not me) note Summer of Spiderman as the first appearance of Captain Marvel, is this correct? They are selling for quite a bit of cha ching!

    • Ben Steiniger
      Ben Steiniger

      It did come out first I believe, but I would say that most collectors don’t like free preview books as a first appearance

      • Avatar

        Thanks, but on the cover it says “Introducing the new Captain Marvel” Wouldn’t that suggest Marvel feels it her 1st appearance?

        • Avatar

          If only CGC designated that as a first appearance. On the label it reads “Previews…..Avenging Spider-Man #9”

          Gotta agree though. It’s a first appearance. She’s on the cover, too.

  • Avatar

    BTW, Is Daft Punk in that Starboy comic?

  • Avatar

    I grabbed a couple of the Cyborg 22 on Wednesday and there were not many on the shelf.

  • fastballspecial

    Eternals got left out of the mix along with Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War. I would expect many of them to make it next week along other Thanos related books that are smoking hot right now.

    I still again suggest 2 Top Tens one for regular issues and one for variants. I could care less about the latest variant while others don’t like regular issues.

    • Avatar

      I second this notion. I really like the spec on hidden back issue gems, but all the stuff about 1:200 variants that sell for triple digits on please week are anathema to me and my eyes glaze over.

  • Avatar

    So Excalibur 83 is probably a bit tougher to get in top grade than you’d think, because it had a bound-in trading card pack.

    What I’m curious about is if there’s a newsstand, non-deluxe variant like most of the other x-titles had at that point. I’d guess yes.

  • natethegreat80

    3 out of 10 this week plus one honorable mention and none are variants. lol
    I also vote for 2 top tens. One regular and one variant.
    Hell… Right now all major Carol Danvers keys could make the list.
    The Swamp Thing #9 cover is my second favorite of the series after #1.
    I’m a little surprised that the Eternals got left off.

  • Avatar

    I agree that the 2nd print of ANW 2 going for more than the first and at times the variant that was pretty crazy. Being that it was just a color change to the title.

    That last part though is probably due to the current state of comics … I jumped in on this book pretty much from the day it launch and as my first real spec move I’ve monitor it closely. It’s steadily rose as the months and years have passed. But the explosion of the last month or so is probably spec’ers looking for books with a chance of real long-term value. ANW 2 and a few other books from this point are the last real books to have the key ingredients for long term success and equally as important they are from the early part of store variant for everything under the sun era before the over-saturation we have now

  • Avatar

    Hee, hee. YouTube’s Film Theory might be right about Pete Wisdom (and Excalibur 86). TLDR; He really is nobody. Has anyone done speck on the kid (maybe Rusty Collins aka Firefist, first appearance X-Factor 1)?

    Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)

  • Avatar

    What do you think of Amazing spiderman #9 sketch variant? i see it sold online for $150 plus
    I bought it at my local shop for $60 yesterday

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