Variant Heat Check for 5/1/18



Thanos #13 1:25 Albuquerque Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

To no one’s surprise, Thanos is back on top this week after crushing the box office (and the avengers) in Infinity War. The prices aren’t quite hitting the peak that they were about a month ago, but just the sheer volume that has sold recently is impressive. Raws are climbing towards $300, 9.6’s at $365, and a lone 9.8 for $800 best offer.


Captain Marvel #1 1:25 Granov Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

Soaring into second place this week is one of my favorite Granov covers that I still don’t own. Lots of speculation on what is going to happen to the character, but prices have been pretty stagnant on this book as it could’ve been had for $70-80 a couple of months ago. Now you’re looking to pay double. I totally fell asleep on this one…Doh!


Amazing Spider-man #569 JR JR 2nd Print Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

The full venom trailer drops and this book hits $200. Coincidence? I think not. People are going to start to speculate on every type of venom symbiote because of what was shown in the lab. I have no clue if Anti-venom will ever show up anywhere, but this book is on the rise.


Amazing Spider-man #795 Keown Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepper

Whoever is dropping over $200 on 9.8’s of this book needs to stop and re-evaluate their life choices. seriously.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


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  • Avatar

    i guess that’s why my ASM 569 sold last week lol Nice list, can’t believe 795 is hitting those prices.

    • Keith S.

      I heard first Toxin was selling briskly as well. Might need to start a list of all the venom symbiote characters!

      • Avatar

        The actual first appearance of Anti Venom (the first printing and the actual variant of the first printing by Granov with that awesome Venom cover) had also spiked again.

        As for Toxin- Yeah, Venom vs Carnage 2 is primed to explode in a 9.8. Very few copies graded at that level, and check imdb- Patrick Mulligan is cast and rumored to appear.

        • Keith S.

          I love that Granov Venom cover, one if his best to date. Too bad he had to water it down with that virgin cover…

          Interesting on the casting rumor. Thanks Baltizar.

  • Avatar

    No beating around the bush with those 795’s.. lol.

  • Avatar

    No offense to Dave Keown, but that Amazing Spider-man #795 variant is terrible. Wouldn’t mind having the other 3 though …

  • Kantankerous75

    I really don’t like these covers that feature characters that have nothing to do with the story. What’s Hulk or a rat got to do with the story in ASM 795?

    At least make it relevant!

  • Avatar

    Is there a grading service that consumers prefer or look for first when shopping for graded books?

    I believe CGC has been around the longest, but are they the most ‘trusted’ company when folks look for a book to buy? That is, would someone pay more for a graded book from one company vs another?

    I really have no idea. Looking to have an educated and robust conversation without it devolving into anything contentious. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Blacksun: CGC is King, PGX is crap and CBCS is good and improving.

      Basically a 9.8 CGC book will fetch you more than a PGX 9.8 99% of the time. Prestige (being the first) and trust being key factors in this.

      CBCS is good but they are still relatively new. They are getting better. I like CBCS. Especially since they can verify signatures without having to witness the artist or writer signing.

      I believe the founder of CGC or some higher up had left CGC to start CBCS so there is that as well.

      So in short:

      1 – CGC
      2 – CBCS

      3- PGX

      Hope this helps!

    • Keith S.

      CGC is definitely ahead in terms of sales prices, but it appears that older silver/bronze keys (such as Hulk 181) have almost come to parity sales price wise between CGC and CBCS. This is a trend that is worth watching. For awhile CBCS seemed to have tighter grading standards, especially for moderns, but I’ve seen/heard of inconsistencies across the board recently, so I’m not quite sure what to believe anymore. I’m not sure what CBCS’ integration with Beckett will do (besides moving to Houston), so that is worth watching as well. Competition is always good, and it only benefits the consumer in order to get a better product. PGX is a dumpster fire that I wouldn’t touch.

  • Kantankerous75

    Yeah, the ComicPro variant is $100+ on eBay.

  • Avatar

    Gideon Falls was already mentioned on his 4/25 post. No sense in reposting.

    Great article. I love the fact that regular priced variant “hulk rat” is selling at such a multiple. Shows that big flips still exist, since that’s what this site is all about.

  • Keith S.

    I’ve mentioned Gideon Falls for the past 3 weeks ( so no sense in beating that horse. Great book though, Jeff Lemire is finally catching some heat in the after market. Don’t be surprised if Black Hammer starts doing well (#1 SDCC is a wonderful Dustin Nguyen cover!). Thanks for reading!

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