The Wednesday One 5/2/18


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 5/2/18

Another week is here and I'm not in love with any of the flips. They have my eye for sure, but I don't see a one. The Hughes almost does because Hughes, but it isn't amazing. It is funny I'm actually looking forward to a few of the cool covers more than anything. Let's jump in and see what this week is about.



 Cyborg Vol 2 #22 Cover B Variant Carlos DAnda Cover

From what I hear it is the 1st appearance and cover for Mekkan-X “The Man-God who will soon wield the power infinite.” This might have some potential. Ghost on eBay and sold out online. Grab a clean copy it will probably get 2x cover.

 DC Nation #0 Cover C Incentive Clay Mann Batman Variant Cover 1:250

Pre-sales $20-30. Probably the best of the covers.

 Red Sonja Tarzan #1 Cover J Incentive Adam Hughes Virgin Cover

I like it, but I'm stuck on the Peggy Bundy hair. Presales seem to be $30, but it seems to be a ghost. I think $20 or less is a great grab.

Avengers Vol 7 #1 Cover E Incentive Esad Ribic Variant Cover 1:50 

Presales $25-30 and I think this is the best looking cover.






Venomized #5 Cover C Incentive Gerardo Sandoval Variant Cover 1:25

This homage is preselling ~$30. Good grab at $20 or less. I think it stays around $30 on Wednesday.

Cool Covers



 Green Arrow Vol 7 #40 Cover A Regular Tyler Kirkham Cover

Kirkham still killing it. I'm probably going to pass on this one, but I know that a lot of fo folks are really liking it.

Batman Vol 3 #46 Cover B Variant Kaare Andrews Cover 

Andrews continues to grab my eye and this cover is no exception. I can't put my finger on it, but I really like this cover.

Star Trek The Next Generation Through The Mirror #1 Cover C Incentive Photo Variant Cover 

I love this and it might even have spec potential. Also, TNG is the best Trek and Picard is the best captain, fight me. This might be desirable for signings at Trek conventions and it is just a great pic. If you see for cheap in nm+ grab it.

Edit: Cover change. I had the wrong one. Most of what I said still stands, but just for Sir Patrick instead of whole crew.

Death Or Glory #1 Cover B Variant Duncan Fegredo Cover 

This cover is awesome and I really like the concept. I will be grabbing one on Wednesday.

 Walking Dead #179 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

I'm collecting these. They are hit and miss, but this one is pretty good.

Spawn #285 Cover D Variant Francesco Mattina Split Face Virgin Cover 

I'm still not sure if I like these. I am curious what they look like in person.

Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 #11 Cover B Variant Leinil Francis Yu Deadpool Cover 

I don't know why I like this, but I do.

Hunt For Wolverine Weapon Lost #1 Cover C Variant Todd Nauck Wheres Wolverine Connecting Cover 

I love connecting covers and I really like this one.

 Captain America Vol 8 #701 Cover C Variant David Nakayama Deadpool Cover

This cover is hilarious and seems to be popular.

Infinity Countdown #3 Cover C Variant Adi Granov Drax Holds Infinity Cover 

A sweet Granov. Drax is a great character thanks to the MCU.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Dance Of The Dead #5 Cover D Meguro 

I like this series and collect them. They never seem to get any heat though. A PC set for sure.

Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1 Cover E Incentive Felipe Massafera Harbinger Wars 2 Icon Variant Cover 

This is a spec flip, but almost no one can actually get one of these is why I left it off the flip list. If you are lucky def cash in. These Massafera covers get a lot of love and this one is pretty good.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz The Wizard One-Shot Cover C Josh Burns 

I usually don't dig on these, but this Burns cover is hot.

Deathstroke Vol 4 #31 Cover B Variant Jerome Opena Cover 

I like the story arc and this Opena is good, not great. I think most others like it much more than I do though.


Skip it

I don't see anything I am actively avoiding.

Read it

 Injustice 2 #25

This book is so much fun. I like the crazy.

 Doctor Star And The Kingdom Of Lost Tomorrows From The World Of Black Hammer #3 Cover A Regular Max Fiumara Cover

The Black Hammer universe is so awesome.

Star Wars Vol 4 #47 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover 

I'm still collecting these silly AF variants. The Star Wars and Vader are 2 of the best books that Marvel has right now.

Volcanosaurus #2 Cover C Variant Fiery Limited Edition Cover 

This book is also fun. I shouldn't get it, but I will. This is the variant.

 Coda #1 Cover C Incentive Jeff Stokely Virgin Variant Cover

This variant is actually is preselling $30 but it is a ghost. I'm grabbing a regular cover to read.

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 Cover A Regular Eric Barnett Cover

This book has a crazy concept and I'll give it a try. These are actually selling out online. It might even flip, but it isn't the first print, just the first thru diamond iirc.

 Cyber Spectre #1 Cover C Variant Jay Anacleto Cover

Like most this Scout title is a reprint of a Kickstarter. I'm curious.


Star Wars Tag & Bink Were Here #1 

I missed T&B when it originally came out so I will be grabbing this to catch up.

You Are Deadpool #1 Cover A Regular Rahzzah Cover

A really cool idea and a few cool covers. I like the A Rahzzah and cover C the D&D cover.


Action Comics Vol 2 Special #1 Cover A Regular Will Conrad Cover 

I like Action and I'll grab it for grins.



  • True Believers Wolverine Sword Quest #1 – $1
  • True Believers Kitty Pryde And Wolverine #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Exiles Vol 5 #2 Cover C Incentive Javier Rodriguez Variant Cover 1:10 – grab for cover or right over, maybe it hits $10-15 – This is going for ~$15. 

Rick And Morty #37 Cover B Variant Mike Vasquez Cover – No spec – This book goes for cover. 

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 3 #4 Cover D Incentive Tyson Hesse Variant Cover – Pay half ratio or less is my guess. – Seems like ~$40 

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Cover F Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover 1:50 – Be safe $10 or less buy-in or just avoid, I probably will. -This is ~$25. Seems no one liked it. 

Wrap Up

This week is average. No “One” in my eyes. I'm still on a few cool covers mostly. I want to read that DC nation as I hear we might learn more about the 3 jokers from the beginning of Rebirth and I hope some of the new reads are really good. Let me know what Y'all think. Did I miss anything and what are Y'all grabbing this week? As always thanks for reading.




Side note: I want to thank everyone who does comment. I do read them all and appreciate them. I appreciate the critiques also as they help me try to make this column better. You won't hurt my feelings and I really appreciate them so please don't hold back. The comments let me know if I'm doing well and what I can improve on. I think I might do an “about the author” type thing next week if I have time to give Y'all a better understanding of my perspective and the mindset I have when I write this column. This might help some folks better understand what this column is about, for, and how to approach it. Writing isn't a strong suit of mine, though I usually do well grammatically (At least I did in school lol). Thanks again, Adam


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  • Juno Beach

    That Walking Dead cover looks more like “Carla” to me.

  • Avatar

    That Carl walking dead cover was the reason I stopped collecting those covers. Ricks was the best so far.

  • Avatar

    Good stuff, I read this every week. I really like that Avengers 1 Ribic and the Harbinger Massafera, amazing art on both covers. Great write up.

  • Avatar

    Digging the picks as usual Adam. Thank you!

  • Avatar

    Wow lots of stuff … might be interesting I’m gonna see how things feel tomorrow before I commit to anything…. unless I find the Josh Burns Oz cover or the Venomized homage I’ll buy those on site without even having time to think…. lol it’s a long process:D

    • Lebednik

      I grabbed a burns and the venom homage. The burns looks really good irl, maybe it gets some heat.

      • Avatar

        Nice you must have posted your comment as I was posting mine … but yea I’m so happy I got that Burns it’s beautiful as is the Sandoval which I really should’ve grabbed both but someone else grabbed it quick anyway so it’s all g…. very happy to see the return of DC incentives as well.

    • Avatar

      Scored!!! I got the Venomized 5 1:25 which apparently is hot and htf for 8$ got the cap 701 deadpool for 7$ the Clay Mann DC Nation for 25$ the Avengers young guns for 6$, the Power Rangers Bill and Ted for 7$ and that Josh Burns Oz I really wanted for cover as well as some others full haul will be posted to the forums…. very happy with my books today but if I knew that Venomized Sandoval was selling for what it is I would have grabbed both copies lol. Still very happy with the day And hope everyone else found some cool stuff too.

  • Avatar

    Weequay’s coffin

  • Avatar

    LOL.. he said Peggy Bundy!! 😂

  • Cruzzer2

    I have new posts from this page sent to my phone. What is funny was, I was sitting in the comic book store telling the guy who worked there what was going to be asked for the next day, and within 5 minutes of this post, someone called about Cyborg Vol 2 #22 Cover B .. I was telling the guy, he probably read this article. LOL

  • Clint Joslin

    Adam stores should give you commission as many look to this article before LCS Wednesday. Amazing job as always! Great to see some indie stuff pop up as well too. They may not always grab heat, but there are some cool PC books. Thanks again for doing this each week!

  • sdalton32

    About time Volcanosaurus came out – how long has it been since issue #1? Appreciate the picks!

  • Avatar

    Just got back from the LCS.

    Saw the DC Nation #0 Clay Mann Batman Variant, but for $50 had to pass. Unfortunately, no Venomized #5 Gerardo Sandoval Variants. Picked up the Cyborg #22 DAnda variant, Death or Glory #1 and Batman #46.

    I also saw all the Spawn #285 Split Face Virgin Cover and passed. I may be in the minority, but I don’t like it.

    Thanks for the great write up.


  • Avatar

    Always a great article and insight! Agree, this is not a week that I see anything stashing away from this list!

  • Avatar

    Good write up, but…..the moment I saw your assessment on the Venomized #5 Sandoval I knew you were wrong on that. Never more than 2 copies listed at a time all yesterday. Even though some were being listed for $20 and $30 there were a few early auctions that closed in on $50. So it seemed obvious with no copies listed as of last night that today some were going to get posted for $50 plus. Now some are selling for $75. I’m saying it was kinda easy to see this book was going to blow up. It caught me by surprise selling out last Wednesday so I knew I had to snag a copy yesterday before it took off today. There are signs to look for to tell when a book is going to be hot.

    • Lebednik

      Yeah I was way off on that one. I didn’t think it would blow up as it is just an average homage and venom is being done to death. There were 9 presales on the 1st for $20-40. I figured most shops would get at least one at a 1:25. Now I’m really glad was able to grab one. I wonder if it stays at $75 for the week.

  • accustomfigures

    Something about Venom’s teeth is really cool on that cover; I like the yellow tint to them.

    That nose on Carl is so bogus. He looks like a girl, and all those covers look like they’ve been hanging in a meat locker next to a rack of ribs.

    Batman 46 wins.

  • Avatar

    Always a good read!

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Great Article as always. I read it every morning before I start my day off.
    For me I really like the cover on GI Joe 251. I also really like the BLACK SCIENCE #35 CVR C VIRGIN Cover. I have never read the series but it caught my eye. I am also looking forward to reading DC Nation #0 and Deathstroke 31 tonight after the Bruins game.

  • Avatar

    very slow week for me, but I flipped thou Coda. I must say that I like the art before even reading it. only cover a and b, no cover c. I did pick up the b cover, and hunt for the cover c.

  • MerrillMarauder

    I don’t know the last time you checked Feebay for Coda 1 virgin variant, but they are aplenty now!!!!!

  • grimmy_3_stacks

    Great article, Captain America #701 is such a crazy cover…I love it!

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