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WOW huh?  Yeah, we know.  So how do you win one of these cool variants??  Simple, just post a response in this thread with your FAVORITE DELL'OTTO COVER AND WHY.


1st Place : A pair of both the Virgin and the Regular Cover

2nd Place : A copy of the ASM Dell'Otto Virgin Cover

3rd Place A copy of the ASM Dell'Otto Regular Cover


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  • the Ironfist 1 Del’ Otto variant, because it really makes you feel the exhaustion of the character, blood dripping from fists, crouching battered in the rain. It really does exude emotion

  • Winter Soldier #1 1:50 variant. I love this cover because Gabe really captures the essence of the winter soldier in that he’s an assassin lurking in the shadows waiting to get his target. The addition of the snowfall I feel also is a great touch as this detail speaks to the lore of the character.

  • retrosportsnerd

    Secret War Book 1 of 5 Spider-Man cover! That was probably my first Del’ Otto Cover and introduction! McFarlane’s Spidey with the big eyes was my favorite rendition of Spidey, but Del’ Otto’s version with more of a squinting eye look worked for him and me! He makes Spidey’s suit look Amazing and looks like how someone would wear the suit!

  • panelpunx

    Favorite Dell’otto has to be the Venom Inc. cover set. His Venom is unmatched IMO

  • Keith

    My favorite Dell’otto cover is Vengeace 1A. This is not based on quality but more it was one of the comic books that I purchased after a 30 year break from comics and was purchased just because I liked the cover did not know who the artist was or what was going on in the world of comics.

  • Topher

    Clone Conspiracy 1G. Walmart pack version

    Not only a great cover but a rare barcode variant that is darn tough to find.

  • ECooper

    I really dig his Moon Knight #26. The composition is fantastic. Moon Knight is kind of hidden in the background, silhouetted by the moon, while the Punisher is in the foreground in hunter mode, the moon striking his skull symbol. The detail is so good. To me, Dell Otto’s style is kind of dark and the subject matter of this piece suites his style very well.

  • The Dark Nights Metal #2 Dell Otto Wonder Woman variant is amazing. The energy emotion and power of this cover cant be understated. Pure warrior fire.

  • I love Secret Wars # 4 comicxposure variant. Thanos and Silver Surfer look awesome. To be honest I like the comicxposure set but #4 is my favorite.

  • Original sin 7 1:50 is my favorite. The way they worked the trade dress on the variants honestly makes them more appealing than a virgin would have been not to mention some amazing art with details like the bloody hand print that you might not even notice at first glance.

  • Original sin #2 1:50 Black panther cover. Was the first dell’otto I ever owned and to this day is the best representation of the character.

  • Easy one for me – his Spider-Man 30 German Variant. Awesome rendition of Spidey in the Iron Spider suit (and I still don’t own a copy yet!). Spidey just looks a combination of bad-ass and a bit creepy, with colors that just pop.

  • Favorite Dell’otto is Venom Inc. Omega. I love the use of white space!

  • Gotta Be Venom 3 Dell’otto variant. The whole cover thing kinetic and feels “realistic” (as much as is possible for a comic book).

  • dpiercy

    There are 4 I love equally, so I will pick 1 that isn’t likely to be named: Suicide Squad v Justice League 1. I think people were slightly underwhelmed with this one, but I love it. It has 2 of my favs in Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. I remember getting into some debates online about how the mallet head would, in fact, break off in that trajectory after striking Wonder Woman’s head.


  • Del otto’s Spidey is we’re he shines brightest in my humble opinion. And of course his Work on Annihilation, which I wish he’d do more work similar to.

  • Sinfulobsession

    DARK-NIGHTS METAL-5 DELLOTTO COLOR VARIANT BATMAN-WHO-LAUGHS!!! Love the realism of Dellotto and the little Ozzy Ozborn tribute in there.

  • I love Dell’Ottos Frank Castle/Punisher truly captures his grit and darkness.

  • Web Warriors 2 Dell’Otto variant has got to be my personally favorite, any spidey he does is pretty awesome.

  • Eman

    Savage Wolverine #1 Hastings variant.
    I love Dell’Otto’s take on wolverine. The green and brown colors he used to create the forest are awesome..the composition of the characters are great, the positioning of The two characters are great….It’s all the little details, muscle tone on the Savage woman, skin color, ect. I just love it!
    Over all it’s a sexy cover.

  • illbeyourmuse

    I gotta say his Hunt For Wolcerine horizontal exclusive Variant for the same store scottscollectibes is divine it’s relationship to fine art in da vinci with the claws touching the hands of god sheer brilliance one of the reasons I got into comic collecting!

  • My fav Dell’Otto has gotta be Annihilation #4 cover with Thanos and Drax. You can tell by the look of it that it’s about to go down! This is also one of very few covers that displays how massively large Thanos is in comparison. Drax with machetes and Thanos draped in battered cloth – looking like a Muay Thai fighter! Damn I love this cover.

  • I love the Iron Fist #1 ultimate edition. The black & white conveys so much raw emotion, while the red blood running down his fists is such a stark contrast. The use of yellow and green in his mask really ties this beautiful piece together. One of my favorite covers of all time; not just Dell’Otto’s.

  • Wolverine 35 (German) or Wolverine 134 (French).

    It’s a simple Wolvie portrait of him brandishing his bloody claws, but this captures the pure raw energy of the character so well that nothing more is needed.

  • X-Force: Sex & Violence #1 second print
    Being a Wolverine collector all my life (44 years young as of today) he has always been the best at what he does, slicing and dicing everyone in his way. Here Dell’Otto shows he can be a lover and not just a fighter. But still keeps him some-what of a fighter with his claws still out in the back ground. The image just let’s us know what’s next ” Sex + Violence”. Great image which definable suits the title of the book too.
    Heck, I’m sure there are many here who have done this position with someone. I know I have, except without the claws 🙂
    Peace out everyone!!

  • Captain America: Steve Rogers #15: classic Cap vs Red Skull, and a REGULAR cover! It’s nice to be able to find comics and covers by the best artists that anyone can collect and enjoy, and not have to blow their budget to buy. Sell more comics, not just more expensive ones!

  • I LOVE the X-23 #1 Variant cover. Hands down the best X-23 cover out there. Simple yet dark. Beautiful!

  • Love my Dark NIghts: Metal #5 virgin variant

  • My personal favorite would have to be the batman superman 7 French variant. It’s just beautiful. One of the first virgin variants I can remember and a look that to me was new and edgy.

  • Venom #1 virgin variant. Venom in the sewer looking menacing and very realistic is simply amazing.
    It is the first virgin cover i ever got.

  • My favorite DELL’OTTO cover is ASM #800 OOOOOOOOOOoooops What a coincidence its the same of the giveaway!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Demon Jim

    A little bit of a cheat as it is not one book but the set of Amazing Spider-Man 9-13 Connecting Covers. I love it because it not only shows you a lot of the Spider-Mans that have existed through out the years, but it shows you how far Spider-Man has come. The art style shows a grittiness while still highlighting years of Spider-Man. Who would have thought that AF15 would turn out one of the greatest comic characters of all time.

  • Iron Fist 1 2nd print for sure. The cover just explodes at you. First time I caught on to him.

  • longballburrell

    There’s no wrong answer here – every Dell’Otto piece is a thing of beauty.

    I have to go with the German Spider-Man #30 Variant with the Iron Spider costume. That thing is a masterpiece and the best rendition of the Iron Spider costume that I’ve come across.

  • Lots of great articles and thanks for the chance at free stuff.

  • Peter Park Spectacular Spider-Man 300….Love the Carnage

  • The Venom Inc. Alpha and Omega are a beautiful set. Dell’Otto’s painting skill against a minimum background is top notch.

  • Amazing Spider-man #9 (Spider-Verse). I love the corniness of Spider-man eating a hamburger in the face of danger. Great cover!

  • The venom inc ones were pretty kickass. He does a good symbiote!

  • ASM 800 of course!

  • Daredevil #500 Variant… Need I say more? ….. Daredevil had never been drawn with so much passion or aggression before… he had been depicted as a more gentle and sympathetic character since Kirby, Gene Colon, & Miller days…. this is Murddock’s true behavior just spilled out after 500 issues…a great take on a different violent Matt!… Sick brushes and hues red … That cover is literally on fire… Hornhead looks like he is a demon who had been possessed by the devil 🔥🔥🔥

  • I don’t own too many of Dell’Otto’s covers but when I saw the Iron Fist #1 virgin, I knew I had to own it because just looking at it tells you a story.

  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    Awesome contest and great prizes! Thanks Scott’s !

  • Venom 150 is my favorite piece by him. The black and white contrast is so pleading to the eye in my opinion.

  • canneryrowdoc

    I love that Metal #5 Del’Otto. I only wish that the convention version had the bats head missing and blood
    on the batmen who laugh’s face. Make it an Ozzy tribute.

  • Duc

    Ultimate Origins #1. It is my fave because I knew he was hot stuff back then. So I met him at an early FanExpo (Toronto) and told him how I loved his work, we had a nice talk, and he signed this comic for me. So that is why it is my favourite cover of his 🙂

  • G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #0 Muzzle Flash edition.. I love this cover for the fact is has snake eyes on the cover and how Dellotto captures a muzzle flash. This is beyond creative!!

  • mathiusmorgan

    It is for me, without a doubt, the superman/batman #7 panini Variant that he did. The intensity of EVERYTHING going on around the Joker, coupled with the fact that he’s just grinning up at him, makes this a modern classic cover to me.

  • the covers for the entire Vengeance mini series…don’t make me pick one…its like asking me which of my kids i love most…
    Steven Centonzo

  • the covers for the entire Vengeance mini series…don’t make me pick one…its like asking me which of my kids i love most…
    Steven Centonzo

  • Examples of artistic strength are abundant in Dell’Otto’s oeuvre, but for great art, great spec AND uniqueness I’m going to go with the Annihilation Prologue 1 incentive sketch variant. It’s the 1st app of the Annihilation Wave, which I think there’s at least a decent chance of seeing in MCU Phase 4, it’s a 1:35 ratio (if I’m not mistaken), and it’s a true sketch variant, not the desaturated b&w seen with so many of his store exclusives, which I think offers a nice glimpse into his process and sets it apart. (There are a couple other “true” Dell’Otto sketch variants I can recollect immediately, but there aren’t many.)

  • kidbamboo

    Annihilation vol 1 issue 4. Two super cosmic bad arses on the cover standing off. Gave me that David and Goliath feel!

  • I really love his Spider-men II/2 cover. It really blows me away.

  • I would pick up the Avengers Vol 4 – 25. Gabriele Dell’Otto Avengers Art Appreciation Variant.
    Old 1:25 but quite different from the usual – one character cover – we are used to see lately.
    I love the colours, the composition, the light. All the Avengers have been depicted to provide the right gravitas to the scene and small details like the water or Thor’s cape are just another proof that artists like Mr Dell’Otto are capable of things worth to be exposed in a museum.

  • The X23 #1 variant for me…easily

  • Silver Surfer: In Thy Name #2, I think this cover of silver surfer is the only silver sufer cover that really does SS justice. Not a lot of SS cover stand apart, I think this is the essential SS cover that should be in all pc.

  • ender6988

    Annihiltion #4. This cover is just badass. Always loved it and surprised it isn’t valued more. Maybe it’s the afterglow of finally seeing Avengers Infinity War but I just love this cover.

  • So many great covers. Morbius #1 is one of my favorites!

  • Im going to go outside the box and say iron fist #1. Love the artwork and the pose with the tattered up body. Sweet cover. My second would be dark nights metal #5 another great piece of artwork…a little more twisted though.

  • For me It’s Spider-man Family Business HC. It features a cover of Spidey vs pimpin Kingpin… in a Hawaiian shirt!!!!

    Any artist who can make a villain in a Hawaii shirt look bad add is tops in my book!

    Plus his use of reds is awesome!

    As comic cover which isn’t a hard cover, I would say winter soldier #1.

    The gleam on his guns barrel, the snow around him, the way the colors are done where WS seems to become part of the shadow… really great looking cover. Looks like a movie story board art.

  • I immensely enjoy ALL Dell’Otto covers

  • Im always a fan of Annihilation #4 – Drax vs. Thanos showdown. I had to think of that after seeing Avengers this weekend.

  • To throw my hat into the ring I’d like to offer up Spider-Man 2099 #2 with Miguel leaping at you with the all white background. The pose is so powerful in addition to the webbing like cape he’s able to flow in. Was my background on my computer then and after I pulled it up again its back as my phone screen save 🙂

  • Annihilation issue 4 Thanos!!! He looks so badass. I usually do not like him without helmet but dell Otto kills this one…

  • The NOW VENOM #1 VIRGIN VARIANT is one of Del’otto’s best covers and one of the best Venom covers out there. Dell’otto and Venom together are a match made in heaven!!

  • Nicholas Hart
    Nicholas Hart

    Thanks for getting an amazing spidey dellotto covers Scott! Id love to win but of I don’t I won’t cry over it! 😁

  • My favorite Dell’Otto Spider-Man over is easily the cover to The Pulse # 2. The breathtaking shot of Spidey flying into action against the Vulture conveyed a sense of movement and vertigo not even the best painters could portray in the past. You really get the vertical movement in this one like you were in the air with them, and the cool colors made it pop. It was so well done that the image even inspired Bendis to write the story for the issue around it!

  • Love the French Version of Guardians of the Galaxy #11. Had a connection through Paris and saw it on a magazine stand walking through the airport. Immediately recognized it as Dell’Otto and had to buy this cover I had never seen before in the US. Awesome cover of great characters and will always reminds me of a great trip – so staying in the PC. Getting it home safely was a whole different story.

  • I am a big fan of the entire Orinigal Sin 1:50 Del Otto variants, but the #3 is my favourite . It is a variant featuring Dr.Strange, in a way I’ve never seen him before . Vintage Strange looks almost like a cartoon, even current looks are very PG. However this Del Otto variant he looks much grittier and darker. It made me look at the character in a different way by the artists own take on the character . A true variant.

  • My favorite is the ASM 798…love the dark background with Goblin creeping up

  • My Favorite Dell’Ottto cover is the 2017 Venom #1 variant. I never considered Venom truly sinister until I laid eyes on this cover. His take of Venom on this cover redefines the creepy monster lurking in the sewer stereotype and it gives me chills but in a good way.

  • Foxom

    My favorite is Secret Empire 10 the Unknown Comic Books exclusive. Every time I see it I assume Cap doesn’t want me to tell anyone how bad Secret Empire was!

  • My Fave, ANNIHILATION #4. Drax facing Thanos.

  • Of course, he’s best known for his Marvel and more specifically his Spider Man work, and I love it all, but my absolute favorite is the Dark Knight III Master Race #3 Bulletproof Comics Variant. Batman holding a rifle waiting to take on helicopters approaching in the background begs the viewer to wonder why and how. Not to mention, it’s beautiful. I bought mine at NC Comicon from Klaus Janson himself. It’s signed by Frank Miller, Klaus, Azarello, and Kubert. It’s one of my favorite books that will forever stay in my PC.

  • I love his rendition of Angel on the German cover of X-Men #40.

  • Favorite DELL’OTTO Cover Venom/Spider-Man Alpha/Omega

  • X-men Red #1, because it’s a virgin of the greatest cover of the baddest chick in the marvel universe.

  • The Ghost Rider 1.
    The way the flames burn is so amazing!

  • Deadpool Comics 36. Love cover swipes of classic golden age covers!

  • For me it has to be Iron Fist #1. The raw emotion on the cover is just amazing.

    Oh, and to those who said “Spider-Man 30 German Variant”, thanks. I’ve never seen that cover before and just looked it up – AWESOME!!

  • Any Dell Otto is plain and simple amazing!i love them all

  • my favorite has to be Metal #6. So much detail and the way he has Batman holding the axe against Joker is so bad ass.

  • Earlybird

    My best Dell’otto is the Batman #50 bulletproof variant. Love the way he portrays the mood that gives that dark edge to The Bat not only that it connects with, what is for me the best Superman Cover. Only downfall is my #50 Batman only made 9.6 with the Sup,s a 9.8, woulda liked it the other way round . 👍

  • Les Gardiens de la Galaxie 11 – Panini Comics France
    Man – just look at it! The sheer ferocity of the team, individually and as a group. Who knows whether they’re in attack or defence mode, these guys are giving it their all and are most definitely up for it! The detail in each of the Guardians is simply sublime and absolutely nails their characters. Now checkout the backgrounds’ simple rough swirls texture to raise our awareness and shock our appreciation – this isn’t computer generated – it’s done by hand! Stunning, beautiful and timeless – a master artist at the top of his game.

  • Moon Knight #27 – awesome cover with two classic characters!

  • jason jones

    Close between DK metal 2 or Ghost rider 1

  • couchy

    Superman Batman 7 French virgin variant. Classic characters in a classic pose. I bid the most money I’ve ever (potentially) spent on a comic a couple years back on an auction for this and lost. Never seen it in my price range since.

  • Also the German Spider-Man 30 variant. I own the black and white version in the civil war decisions collected edition but it loses alot from the color version. I like this because it is an amazing take on the iron suit he’s done others since but this is my favorite.

  • Amazing Spider-man vol 3 17.1 it just amazing, love that cover, the buildings behind spidey, the light, everything.

  • fourwayflashers

    Dark Nights: Metal #2 – That cover scares the piss out of me. It’s so good.

  • For me it’s a fairly recent release, the Amazing Spider-Man #797 ComicXposure Variant. Dell’Otto has been pretty much perfecting the “perfect Spider-Man pose” cover for years now. Each new one is just as dynamic, and colorful as the last. And unlike a lot of his Spidey work, this one features Gobby on the cover too boot. It’s a very nice arrangement, invoking a fantastic battle, with some of the most vibrant colors [on his work] to date.

  • For me it’s a fairly recent release, the Amazing Spider-Man #797 ComicXposure Variant. Dell’Otto has been pretty much perfecting the “perfect Spider-Man pose” cover for years now. Each new one is just as dynamic, and colorful as the last. And unlike a lot of his Spidey work, this one features Gobby on the cover too boot. It’s a very nice arrangement, invoking a fantastic battle, with some of the most vibrant colors [on his work] to date.

  • My favorite is the Metal #4 Yellow Death? variant for Bulletproof. I’m not a big Flash fan, but that cover makes me want to read volumes about this character(hero?/ villain?), even though none exist. It’s the kind of art that inspires great writing and development! Incredible!!!


  • Annihilation Nova1
    Most of his work is so dark but this bright and firey red Nova explodes of the cover

  • I like the recent Spiderman #799 cover. It’s the definition of slick

  • Venom #150 1:25 Dell’Otto
    Simplistic but amazing portrait style.
    Love the spit dripping off his teeth.

  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11 Panini Comics France’s 20th Anniversary Exclusive Variant This cover captures each of the characters portrayed as they steel themselves for battle. The chase to obtain has made this a fave.

  • stevemcqueen

    My favorite Dell’Otto cover is from the Superman & Batman #7 virgin French variant. In this depiction of one of Batman and Joker’s battle, Dell’Otto shows a beautifully drawn cover art when the the enraged Dark Knight clutches the Joker’s collar in his fists– looking straight into his eyes which is very difficult to convey with words. The sense of imminent conflict is captured in the dramatic upward movement of the water beneath them, the scattering of the confetti-like playing cards, as Batman quickly raises the smiling Joker towards him. Batman is usually known to be able to channel and redirect his darkest impulses, especially his anger towards the Joker, but Dell’Otto has shown here in this masterpiece that sometimes, he still has trouble controlling it. The Batman here is the embodiment of everyone’s capability of showing intense anger, but we should still being able to harness it rather than to be overcome by it.

  • Ben C


    Will be announcing winners on the site and G+ Community tomorrow.

    Thanks to all who participated and expect more free stuff from and CBSI coming soon!!

  • Ben C


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