Venom, Rose Red, MASK, Black Widow and More!

     Welcome readers to another installment of True Firsts.  I was going to wax poetic over Venom, Infinity War and the show the Terror ( which you all should be watching ) but instead I'll just mail it in with some quick pics. Enjoy!



Fairy Tale Parade 2

First appearance of Rose Red

     Brie Larson is basically Disney's go to girl now.  Today it was announced that she is in line to play Rose Red, sister of Snow White in a film set during the time Snow lay dormant in her coma.

Oh and don't confuse her with Rose Red from Fables or this Rose Red ( first Zenescope appearance )



The Avengers 44

Origin of the Black Widow

If the Black Widow movie is your thing then there are couple books worth looking at beyond her first appearance.





Marvel Shadows of Light

First Red Room

If they are doing a Black Widow film then the Red Room should be heavily featured.  As far as  I know this is the first





Doom 1

First appearance of Doom

This rare promo comic was originally a give away and was later included in a rare game package.  It is the first appearance of the famed Doom franchise and with a new film coming,  finding copies is just going to get harder than it already is.




Thor Ragnarok: Thor VS Hulk

There has been some buzz surrounding Marvel's Exiles relaunch.  I hope the series is as good as the first.  With an insane lineup and a solid first issue it looks like things are going in the right direction.  Of all the members Valkyrie was easily the most anticipated first appearance thanks to her breakout role in Thor Ragnarok.  As far as firsts go Exiles 1 is her first comic appearance but she made a few others including this young reader cover.




Borderlands Origins 1 ( Gamestop Exclusive )

First appearance of Borderlands

The Borderlands movie adaptation was announced some time ago but everyone just tends to forget about these kinds of things unless there is movement. Well lucky for fans we now know a film is getting closer!  This comic first is a true ghost.  Only available through point redemption via Gamestop's rewards program it is a variant you are really going to have to hunt for.



Fantastic Four Annual 6

First appearance of Annihilus

Looking for some Marvel phase spec besides the Eternals, Captain Marvel and Nova?  Well if Disney gets this Fox deal done I expect Annihilus to play a central role in phases beyond 4.  Since Keven Fiege recently tossed some cold water on Marvel using characters Fox currently has the right too,  I would file this and some others in a box marked hold.




First appearance: 1984 Mini Comic

So I though all the Hasbro movie stuff was dead but there's been some major announcements in the past week including a conformed live adaptation of MASK!

Now MASK made appearances in many DC books via preview but the real first comic appearance was only available with the toys.  Be careful though, this is issue 1.  There are two other comics that are not the first.

NOTE:  When the Hasbro Universe hits this one might be worth looking at.

This Con Gem from 2011 is a rarity and the first multiverse established by Hasbro



Venom the Hunted 1

First appearance of Xenophage

Here's a highly speculative book with no evidence to back up it's inclusion in this weeks article.  Look I don't know if the Venom film will do well.  The new trailer sure helped though.  But with no heroes involved I wonder what the future for such a franchise would be in terms if villains.  Sure Carnage is the best bet but I'm willing to put a dollar down on the creature that hunts Symbiotes making some sort of appearance, if the studio is smart.




Web of Spider-Man 61

First appearance of Normie NOT as an infant

Ah the Normie Spec.  The Red Goblin thing is easily the most divisive speculation this year.  Personally I really dig the idea of a Kid Carnage.  Unfortunately ASM 263 suffers from the baby problem.  That book is a cameo of an infant.  So for everyone who poo pooed Convergence 2 I don't want to hear it about 263.  But the market sure has climbed onto 263.  It's just more evidence that a first appearance can be just about anything.  Normie made dozens of cameos ( and yes they were ALL cameos ) prior to Web 61's release.  But the significance here is that this comic shows Normie as a walking, talking child.  Up until this point he was either swaddled or carried as an a babe in every issue.




Wizard 77 ( Bagged Only )

First appearance of Earth X

 Astute CBSI G+ readers noticed a striking similarity to Black Bolt from Earth X when designs for that new Inhumans character by Donnie Cates was released this week. WHo knows what that means but after Cosmic Ghost Rider it is wise for us all to speculate on Cates's books.

This special can be found on Ebay for under 5 bucks but a sealed Wizard 77 is not so easy to come by.

NOTE:  There is a Batman cover too but it is not as nice as this Spawn cover!





The Avengers 246 ( first appearance in an Avengers comic )

& 314 ( Sersi joins the Avengers )

First Sersi in Avengers, Sersi joins the Avengers

If Sersi is going to be the focal point of a phase 4 Marvel film then it's a good bet she eventually joins the Avengers



The Fantastic Four 204

First appearance of the Nova Corps

With Nova also rumored to be part of Marvel’s cinematic future grabbing this one and 205 might be a smart move.



New Avengers 7 ( Newsstand Only )

First appearance of the Illuminati


When Infinity War is all said and done there's a good chance our heroes have to decide what to do with the stones.  Creating this group would be a smart play for phase 4.




  • Ben C

    I love that “mailing it in” for you is still dropping so much info my head spins.

    Great job, thanks!!

  • Avatar

    Informative as always. Great stuff Topher!

  • Avatar

    FF annual 6 Birth of Franklin

  • Avatar

    You are the RAIN MAN of comics, sir!!

  • emiobeg

    Awesome as always. Lots of valuable spec to hunt for.

  • Avatar

    I thought I know about comics, since I have been collecting comics for 30 yrs. now I know, I don’t know squat!!!

  • Avatar

    Great stuff man!

  • Skot Whitman

    I like the Web of Spider-Man 61 spec. I think the deal with ASM 263 doing well right now is because until your mention of WoSM61 there’s nothing else on eBay with “first appearance” in the description for Normie.

  • Avatar

    Hey topher love your stuff! When you put a preview in ur post could you mention what the first non preview is thanks

  • zraximus rouge

    Been all over that illuminati spec. Great call!

  • Avatar

    Surprised with all the attention Sersi and Eternals #3 are getting that more people aren’t talking about Strange Tales #109…where she cameos as Circe (from Greek Mythology}…. Sersi even talks about her time as Circe in Eternals #4 page 15. No reference to Strange tales # 109 but she does appear as Circe is in that issue. For an early Marvel Silver age book with a first appearance, even a brief one, strange tales 109 is very cheap…especially in lower grades. Picked up a couple just in case it gains some heat…also has an awesome Kirby cover as well!

    • Topher

      So I thought about this book a lot but I think it might be a retcon considering Kirby designed the Eternals to exist outside of the 616. Later on, in Thor? it was revealed that she was Circe.

      • Avatar

        Very true and that crossed my mind as well, but since they did bridge the Eternals with the standard universe I figured for all intents and purposes that would mean that ST 109 was seamlessly bridged along with everything else. Yes, it was Kirby’s intent for the Eternals to exist separately from the 616, but was that same vision shared by the powers that be or was it open at some point in time for them to introduce these Eternals to the heroes of 616. There were Eternals introduced in earlier FF comics, so who knows what would have happened if the series continued. Would have been nice if they gave it more time to grow. Admittedly, I have not read the those FF issues (yet) so I’m a little in the dark to how closely they are related, but still there is an early footprint there. “IF” The movie does become a reality and if Sersi is one of the main protagonists and they mention that she was Crice of Greek times I think that is all collectors will need to start a mad dash to buy Strange tales #109. Regardless, for now anyway Strange tales is not expensive in low to mid grades… Worst case scenario is one will end up with an early marvel silver age with an awesome Kirby cover…best case scenario,”IF” Sersi as a character hits the big-time and this issue catches fire, it will be worth many multiples of what it was purchased at. The fun of speculating. 🙂

  • Avatar

    There’s a Sentry story variant to New Avengers #7. I believe it was a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio.

    Could be inportant specwise.

    • Topher

      There is and I prefer that cover.

      • Avatar

        I think not enough hype will be behind the eternals and eventually the project will be scrapped ala inhumans but who knows. I know the importance of these characters but just seems abit early to go eternals. I’ve never heard hot and eternals in the same sentence until they started specing.

        • Avatar

          Ya never know, but GotG were not all that hot prior to the movie either. Marvel Movie gurus have a golden touch in changing once D list characters into A and B listers.

          • Topher

            Great point. Marvel continues to prove that the right team can make any property great. I think every project should be looked at case by case. The Eternals represent a large part of the origin of life on Earth in the 616. That’s a big story to tell, I have faith in Marvel.

  • Avatar

    I’m not impying they shouldn’t do the eternals I’m just saying there are so many characters and story archs that I would love to see before them. They do work wonders sometimes but who knows. I just wish the next phases main protagonist is galactus although this is unlikely to happen.

    • Avatar

      I’m on the same page as you are with Galactus…with rights for FF and characters within going back to Marvel (is that official yet?) I would think and hope Galactus would be the main baddy for the next phase. We’ll see. Fingers crossed! Persoanlly I would also like to see Shuma Gorath, Annihilus and Kang as other potential major or minor threats throughout the next couple of phases.

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