The Wednesday One 4/25/18


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 4/25/18

I'm not liking any spec this week and there is no “One.” I am all over some of the cool covers though and always keen on a good read. I went to my friend's wedding this week so I am trying to play catch up. Heck, I might even sleep in this week.



Exiles Vol 5 #2 Cover C Incentive Javier Rodriguez Variant Cover 1:10 

Selling for a little over cover mostly. I think this one has hope as it is reported that Peggy Carter shows up as Cap in #3 so possible cameo in #2. But even if she doesn't, #2 might be considered 1st full Valkyrie(?). I think we are still waiting for the tiny cartoon Wolverine to show up(?). I didn't get a chance to read #1 (shame on me, but I was too busy) so I could be way off on this book. If some of the spec rumors are true it should be a grab for cover or right over, maybe it hits $10-15.

Rick And Morty #37 Cover B Variant Mike Vasquez Cover 

I don't know about R&M, but I hear this is a long hold. Fun homage.

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 3 #4 Cover D Incentive Tyson Hesse Variant Cover 

I still don't dig on these, but I know there is money in them. I only see 1 sale for $25 and 1 more for sale at that price. Pay half ratio or less is my guess.

Hunt For Wolverine #1 Cover F Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover 1:50 

I don't like the cover or the spec, but there may still be a flip. They are going for ~$20 which is less than half ratio. Be safe $10 or less buy-in or just avoid,I probably will.

Cool Covers

 Batgirl Vol 5 #22 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

Possibly my most favorite Middleton ever.

Justice League Of America Vol 5 #29 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover 

The better of the 2x Mattina covers. I like how he is doing the color tones.

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #40 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina taking Harley ques from Frank Cho.

Trinity Vol 2 #22 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover 

A great Sienkiewicz. Screams of freedom.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #45 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover 

Love a battle-worn WW. This is a great Frison for the collection.

Avengers Vol 6 #690 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover  

Edit. I got the wrong cover. This is still really good.

 Redneck #12 Cover B Variant Gabrial Hernandez Walta April Fools Cover

This cover is so great. It really does a great job of satire and the CGR. Def a grab for the PC. Cates is great.

Avengers Vol 6 #690 Cover C Variant Inhyuk Lee Cover 

Lee is hot as ever right now and this is another great cover.

 Hunt For Wolverine #1 Cover B Variant Marco Checchetto Young Guns Cover

Checchetto is hot right now also. 3x covers making the cool cover list and with good reason.

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #706 Cover C Variant Marco Checchetto Young Guns Cover 

Love this cover. The end of the story iirc. 705 was great I can't wait for this one.

Old Man Hawkeye #4 

Chechetto is on top of his game.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #19 Cover A Regular Ashley Witter Cover 

I'm am falling in love with Witter's work.

Skip it

I didn't see anything I really wanted to avoid.

Read it

 Detective Comics Vol 2 #979 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover

Tec is solid. Slowly creeping toward 1000.

 Flash Vol 5 #45 Cover B Variant David Finch & Danny Miki Cover

Good consistent read.

X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 Cover B Variant JJ Lendl Cover 

I usually avoid the X-Files, but they got me with Florida Man. I think that is hilarious.

Kill Or Be Killed #18 

Possibly the best book being written right now. If you aren't reading it grab the 1st trade and jump in.

 All-New Wolverine #34

I think they are doing a good job with ANW. I know it is more general audience driven, but it is good.

 Doctor Strange Damnation #4 Cover B Variant Greg Smallwood Connecting Cover

Damnation has been great. I am even digging the tie-ins.

 Moon Knight Vol 8 #194

I like this run so far. I know a lot don't like this iteration.

Thanos Vol 2 Annual #1 Cover B Variant Mike Deodato Jr Cover  

The end of a fantastic run. Can't wait to read it.

 Black [AF] Widows & Orphans #1

Black was optioned a bit ago. It is a cool concept.

Reactor #3 Cover A Regular Dylan Burnett Cover 

Cates goodness.

 Deep Roots #1 Cover A Regular Dani Strips Cover

I usually give new Vault comics a shot.

Solar Flare Season 2 #6 

I like this original story.

 Doctor Strange Vol 4 #389

Cates and damnation tie-in.

Venom Vol 3 #165 Cover A Regular Ryan Stegman Cover 

Venom is hot and I heard rumblings of a new character or something. I ‘ll flip thru it at my LCS


  • True Believers Carol Danvers #1 – $1
  • True Believers Infinity War #1 – $1
  • Thanos Vol 2 #13,#14,#17,#18 reprints various
  • Shadowman Vol 5 #2 Cover F Incentive Ben Templesmith Shadowman Icon Variant Cover – high ratio Valiant
  • X-O Manowar Vol 4 #14 Cover E Incentive Felipe Massafera X-O Manowar Icon Variant Cover – high ratio valiant
  • Marvel Rising #0 – Free

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Comic Title –  Prediction. Reality.

Action Comics Vol 2 #1000 Cover K Variant Jim Lee Tour Cover – No presales, but one listed for $50. I think this might have a less than 3k print run. I only saw them for sale in 2 places so it might be a store style variant. – $75-100 

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #799 Cover C Alex Ross Virgin 1:100 – Presales $50-90. I think close to half ratio is a good price for a potential flip. –  $65-70 steady.  

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM Studios) #26 Cover C Incentive Carlos Villa Virgin Variant Cover 1:25 – Presales $50+, a good grab at or below ratio. – As high as $50, but few sold. 

Cable Vol 3 #156 Cover B Incentive Ariel Olivetti Variant Cover 1:25 – Maybe a flip at $10 or less – $35-40 for the most part. 

Weapon H #2 Cover C Incentive Skan Variant Cover – No spec given – These seem to be mostly $20 

Wrap Up

I'm hoe hum about this week. That's okay though as not every week is packed with amazement. I'm really not feeling any spec and though there are great covers and reads I'm just not feeling this week. I'm sure that will change when I go to the LCS though. What are Y'all scoping out this week? Did I miss any spec? Let me know what Y'all think and as always thanks for reading.

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  • Avatar

    Thanks as always for the meticulous compilation.
    BTW, an update on the Jim Lee Tour Variant for Action #1000: the print run was reported as 2500 and likely to stay hot.
    If you don’t mind buying overseas:
    After conversion the price would be about $30 — a great price which includes shipping. Album expects to have the books in stock by the 30th. Found this by following an instagram trail.

    • Avatar

      Tried to order some. They don’t ship to the US. I’m wondering how the guy got so many and why he’s selling them so cheap. No computers in France maybe.

    • Avatar

      I picked up a copy before Midtown sold out and i’m glad i did. This is a super thick, square bound book so if you get a nice copy hang on to it.

  • accustomfigures

    Great list. I think that Shadowman #2 Templesmith 1:50 deserves more than a mention. One of his best covers, and far lower print run than anything else here.

    • Lebednik

      It probably does I wouldn’t know. Unfortunately I don’t keep up with Valiant as I have no lcs that would even come close to selling 50 regular copies. I mention it only as a note for the few that probably already know what they are and that they can get them.

  • Avatar

    Curious why you hear R&M is a “long” hold?

    • Avatar

      Probably because people ordered a boatload of them and someone told him that. #2 book on the list has no information other than rumor that it’s a long hold?
      List is cool and all to read but not sure why the author puts stuff on there and frequently alludes to not knowing why he puts it on there.

      • Lebednik

        Appreciate the feedback. I include them despite only knowing what I’ve heard as it lets people know to at least see if there is something there if they want. I’m personally not a fan of R&M, but I know a few people are. I was going to leave it off actually. Also, it isn’t in any order. It isn’t the #2 pick, it is just a random spot. Do many people think that they are in an order of importance? I work 7 days a week and do the article for fun is why I don’t know all the info. I figured I would add things I don’t know rather than keep them off. I also forget some things. So I know there was a reason to grab whatever book, but I forgot why. I’ll try to be better about reasons why.


    • Lebednik

      To answer your question it was over ordered, but has a chance to heat up long term.

  • Avatar

    I honestly really trust Adam and was curious why he referred to it as a “long” hold. I don’t know about any of that other stuff.

    • Avatar

      You trust his picks? They are mostly just stuff mentioned on various spec sites and going off of what’s sold out already. He’s highlighting stuff that’s cool to read about but is more or less common knowledge by this point.
      The R&M is simply an homage cover that was mentioned on multiple spec sites since it was in the pre-order stage. So long hold means people got in on them early and it was well known about. There’s also a black and white variant. Scrambling to go pick these up because of this list the day before the release is pretty silly.

      • Lebednik

        It is definately common knowedge, it is the night before release day. This isn’t an artcile for the well read seasoned vets to pickup super sleepers. This is basically just what I am looking at getting or looking at. Plently of people have similar articles some as far out as previews, some FOC, and some the week of. This should be more looked at as a quick look for the wednesday warrior that most doesn’t have time to keep up with daily spec. Folks that know what they are getting can compare lists. That is also why I ask if I miss anything. Often people let me know if I missed one and it helps me out. Overall I usually do okay. I include a look back so I can see if I made good picks, if I made a bad pick, and if I totally missed out on something. No one should ever buy a book just because it is on some list. They should be looking up and checking to see if that is something they should buy for themselves.


      • Avatar

        Wow. Can you be any more critical without actually contributing anything original other than mindless critique? Where’s your picks? Your contributions? Your “buy it for a fraction of what it will be worth later” list? Then you can be judged as you seem too comfortable in the role of doing yourself.

        Adam, you handled this with class and your articles are always appreciated. Don’t let the “telephone tough guys” dissuade you, my friend!!

        • Avatar

          So you’ve never criticized a pro athlete because you aren’t one yourself? It’s moronic to think nothing is subject to criticism simply because you don’t do it more or better.
          My point wasn’t meant as an attack on Adam but on people that blindly buy stuff because of lists like these and put “trust” in people’s picks without any thought of their own.
          Buy Cyborg #22 cover B. See how easy it is to make a recommendation well before the night of release? Don’t get a lack of desire to increase competition mixed up with a lack of knowledge. Oh yeah, and buy every rumored hot incentive book at 1/8 ratio to maximize profits.

          • Avatar

            Dude quit hijacking my simple and straightforward question Jesus

          • Avatar

            Where’s the value in criticism? If you don’t like the content or think it’s beneath you, move on. Nothing to see here. But instead, you feel the need to point out that you are the more evolved species and smarter than the average bear. Some people like the content and are introduced to a fellow collector’s opinions and suggestions. You clearly find no value in it other than pointing out what you would consider shortcomings of others….and your analogy concerning the athletes doesn’t hold up. The glaringly obvious difference would be they were “professionally paid to do a job” whereas Adam, correct me if I’m wrong, is not. Performance versus opinion would be another.

            Now, write a “witty” response that I will not read since I’m surrounded by more important things in my life than to do so, but as a typical “telephone tough guy”, you will feel the need to glorify yourself with the last word.

          • Avatar

            Oh OK. So you can criticize professionals doing a job but not amateurs? That makes even less sense.
            Was “telephone tough guy” a term in the 80s or something? I’m not acting tough nor using a phone so I don’t get the analogy. Interpreting criticism as a challenge to your manliness says a lot about your level of insecurity.

    • Avatar

      Did you get your answer?
      I was only responding to the response to me Jesus.

  • Avatar

    I look forward to this recap each week. I never considered the content provided each week to be common knowledge. While info may be readily available in multiple places or sites, this weekly summary works best for me. I frequently come across covers by artists I like that I would love to have in my collection via this article.

    As far as Rick and Morty, rabid fan base + no new episodes anytime soon + homage to a classic cover + B cover = harder to find book.

  • Avatar

    Great list Adam. I look forward to this list every week. It lets me know what’s out there and shows me the cool covers. Plenty of times I’ve been at the store and pull up the list to remind me what I liked. Keep up the great work.

  • Batman

    I rarely comment on these threads but look forward to and enjoy the weekly read! You’re right, this is for the guy /girl that loves comic books, will head out for some cool finds on Wednesday, but does not have the time to compare lists or do much homework. Thank you for the awesome read as always! Happy hunting to all!

  • Avatar

    I like the Exiles and that Middleton Batgirl this week but I don’t really have much of a game plan. I will probably get to the shop early and hopefully be first in but yea I’m not sure how I feel about this week yet.
    Good luck everyone happy hunting!!

    • Avatar

      Well didn’t find either book above ….. so what did I do? I read the scene and quickly realized there was a LOT of people out for “Hunt fo Wolverine” even people who I don’t usually see. So I think this may be a hit with fans and I’ve heard good things about the contents too. I grabbed the McNiven 1:50 B/W as I didn’t like the Deodato jr very much also got a young guns chachetto that I’ll probably carefully read because it’s in great shape and a Kubert teaser that was VERY hard to find in nm because of major color rub on most all copies so I decided to keep that one nice and stash it away with the mcniven variant which looks to be nm+. I also grabbed a couple action 1000 era variants; the 40s Cho and 80s Middleton. As well the new all new wolverine and some freebie book called Marvel Raising 0 or something like that.

      • Lebednik

        That mcniven was by far the better 1:50. Nice grabs!

        • Avatar

          Totally agree that McNiven just pops with the trade dress in red. I actually think it’s the best cover for the book now that it’s grown on me. I think there is a remastered Kubert 1:500 & 1:1000 sketch as well but as is usually its kinda underwhelming. I was really surprised how much ground interest there was at the shop for this. Also my LCS had 50+ young gun chechettos for wolverine but none for Thor. So the Wolverine is probably at a whole new level of common as far as YGs go but the Thor may actually be rare but I don’t know that for sure. No online research just blind speculation lol.

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the list Adam, i’ve had a few of these on my pre-order list already so i for sure agree with the picks.

  • Avatar

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I’ve been coming here for at least the last 6 months and I think your lists are great. They give me an idea of what’s out and also alert me to some cool covers of titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up. Take today for example … I didn’t think about the Thanos reprints until I read your list last night 🙂

    Thumbs up!

  • Keith S.

    Great job Adam. I know we do this for the love of comics!

  • Avatar

    Keep doing what you do Lebednik,I read every and enjoy this article every week.

    I don’t bother with many other sites anymore myself, because like the author I work a good deal, and the rest of what goes on in life doesn’t allot me the time. This article at least let’s me know what might be out there if I hit a shop on Wednesday.

    Thank you for your weekly contribution.

  • Ben C

    Fantastic as always Adam, appreciate all the effort that goes into lists like this.

    I’m off to criticize a bunch of pro athletes and heckle comedians now…

  • Lebednik

    Thanks for the kind words Y’all.

  • Avatar

    Apologize in advance but I noticed the new legacy numbering on Avenger #1/LGY#691 that’s going to be released next week. Is this the first book with legacy numbering?

  • Avatar

    Been to 3 LCS and no one has X-Files

  • Avatar

    I bought a copy of Sonic #4 cover D yesterday for $6 and was able to flip it for $90 on ebay the same day! Thanks for the advice!

  • Earlybird

    great stuff Adam, and thanks again for the time you put in, to put this all together,
    Always helps to have something that highlights some of the Wednesday releases all in one place. with covers and info, to quickly help me prepare for Wednesday. Appreciate it 🙂

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