RUN RECAP: The Amazing Spider-Man

Welcome to the first issue of Run Recap.  A simple overview of a given run with all the important 1st Appearances and Key issues you should be aware of.  For the debut, I decided on The Amazing Spider-Man.  While this is easily one of the most popular runs in comics, and arguably the number one run folks attempt to make, it's important to separate the relevant from the not so much.  The run is littered with first appearances and classic covers.  Here is my humble attempt at documenting them in one place.  Due to the volume and volatility of variants, I opted to leave them out.


Amazing Spider-Man :


1: 2nd Spidey Appearance, 1st Fantastic Four Crossover, 1st Jonah Jameson 2: 1st Vulture

3: 1st Doctor Octopus

4: 1st Sandman 6: 1st Lizard

9: 1st Electro
13: 1st Mysterio

14: 1st Green Goblin

15: 1st Kraven

18: 1st Ned Leeds

20: 1st Scorpion

25: 1st Mary Jane

28: 1st Molten Man

31: 1st Gwen Stacy, 1st Harry Osborn

37: 1st Norman Osborn

41: 1st Rhino

46: 1st Shocker

50: 1st Kingpin

Annual 1: 1st Sinister Six


86: Re-Intro Black Widow

101: 1st Morbius

121: Death of Gwen Stacy

122 : Death of Green Goblin

124: 1st Man Wolf

129: 1st Punisher

134: 1st Tarantula

136 : 1st Harry Osborn Green Goblin

162: 1st Jigsaw

194: 1st Black Cat

210: 1st Madame Web

238: 1st Hobgoblin


252: 1st New Costume(tied)

256: 1st Puma

263: 1st Normie Osborne

265 : 1st Silver Sable

298 : 1st Eddie Brock

299: 1st Venom Cameo

300: 1st Full Venom

301 : Classic McFarlane Cover, return of the Red Suit

316: Classic McFarlane Cover

344: 1st Cletus Kassady

360: 1st Carnage Cameo

361: 1st Full Carnage

Annual 22 : 1st Speedball


408: 1st Spider-Carnage

430: Classic Carnage Silver Surfer

431: Classic Carnage Surfer

477 (36) Classic Black Cover

492: Classic JSC Cover

493: Classic JSC Cover

529: 1st Iron Spider suit

569: 1st Anti Venom

570: Classic Venom vs Anti Venom

601: Classic Campbell MJ Cover

606: Classic Campbell Black Cat Cover

607: Classic Campbell Black Cat Cover

611: Classic Deadpool Cover

650: New Suit 654(2 printings): 1st Flash Thompson as Venom
654.1 : Continuation of Flash Venom

700: Final Issue

#4(Volume 3) : 1st Silk


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    Nice rundown. Would love to have the time/money to be able to read through the whole run.

  • Avatar

    Nice Rundown Ben! i’d love to see some of the info expanded on, for instance why a character is popular or if they have potential down the road. Madame Web and Hobgoblin are two characters i’m looking to pick up high grade copies of because i think they have potential. Also, while they’re not keys i’d love to see the big variants mentioned like 571 2nd print or 688 JSC. Great list so far!

  • Avatar

    How about the first Red Goblin? I heard that’s pretty hot.

  • emiobeg

    Great list. Thanks for the hard work in narrwoing them down.

  • Ben C

    Could certainly have included 785/788 but that starts a whole new debate, lol.

    As for variants, I had to skip them, just too many to decide which is a key and which is not. Seems folks know the big ones(MJ Venom, DellOtto as mentioned)

    Thanks for the feedback folks

  • Demon Jim

    Very nice. Great job on the list. I definitely look forward to the your future runs.

  • Demon Jim

    In honor of Infinity War you should do an Avengers run. I’m sure the newer readers could use a recap of past Avengers comics.

  • tsouthammavong

    Great work Ben. Love the new feature. Can’t wait to see other title/characters rundown.

  • Eman

    Verrrrrry nice….it was very informative.
    What I would have like to see is Mark Bagley and Eric Larson mentioned… or at least show a couple of their covers.
    Bagley and Larson might not have done any key issues but they were both important to the Spiderman run.

  • misfit138

    Great article, however how do you leave #42 off the list? #25 just makes mention of her and you don’t actually see Mary Jane until the very end of #42 where she famously says “face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.” For #316, that’s the 1st Venom cover, not just a classic McFarlane cover. I look forward to a Batman article like this for both Detective and Batman :-).

  • Avatar

    #4 is also the first Betty Brant

    #25 is also the first Spencer Smythe and the Spider-Slayers

    #39 certainly deserves being called out for a classic cover and the IR: Green Goblin

    I have a hard time seeing anything other than #42 being labeled as the first Mary Jane. I get it, but still.

    #51 is the first Robbie Robertson

    #129 is also the first Jackal

    #140 is the first Glory Grant (hey, she’s stuck around. Madame Web hasn’t.)

    #141 is the first Gwen clone

    #149 is the first Spider-Clone/Ben Reilly, a much bigger deal than many of the called out firsts here

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    There seems to be some important books left out that are much much better than ASM 263. Which is over promoted in my opinion. You can’t have a key ASM run without…. Well…..
    Every other single digit issue,11,16,17,33,39,40,51,56,96-98,100,119-120,135,149.

  • Avatar

    I would add #39. 1st John Romita on title and one of the most classic covers ever.

  • Avatar

    I agree with the others that 149 should be included. Hell, if you’re including friggin’ Madame Web, every issue should be fair game!

  • Avatar

    I’m probably in the minority, but I think ASM #212 – 1st appearance of Hydro Man – should be on the list.

  • Ben C

    Thanks for all the feedback folks.

    It’s certainly a task to address all these issues and deciding which to list and which to not.

    To address some questions/concerns of folks.

    I left Variants out intentionally, just too much to do, could be its own article.

    Books like ASM 19, 140 and others are simply not key issues. Madame web actually commands real money, like it or not.

    42 could certainly be on the list as could a few others. I left others off on purpose, like I said, this was just my humbe attempt at creating a list for folks that might find it helpful.

    I definitely missed some, but just goes to show you can’t please everyone.

    I will be back in a week or 2 with another list.

    • Avatar

      “Books like ASM 19, 140 and others are simply not key issues. Madame web actually commands real money, like it or not.”

      You might want to completed compare graded prices on 140 vs 210…

      But I’d argue that “key” and “command real money” are two separate things anyway.

      • Ben C

        Thanks for the response Joe, I appreciate that you took the time to pick apart this article and list everything you could possibly think of.

        Like I said, can’t please everyone…

        And I agree, key and command real money are definitely different things.

  • Avatar

    Wow too much shade here for a free article. Anyone who thinks it’s easy should throw their hand in the ring and do an article themselves. Great list Ben thank you for the effort.

  • AnthonyL

    A+ BEN….Sone of the suggestions are just over the top. They make sense but you would have to to a spidey article broken into 50 issue sections or something…not at all what author was trying to do.

  • Ben Steiniger
    Ben Steiniger

    Excellent Ben. I thought we already decided that #263 is 1st Khoi Cakes as Spidey….

  • Avatar

    That 1st Speedball is never gonna be a sought after book, can’t count how many copies I’ve seen.

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