The Weekend After Wednesday for 4/21/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 4/18/18.

They could still be at your shop.



ACTION COMICS #1000 (DC) – I realize the significance of this issue.  It’s pretty amazing.  However, none of the covers really called out to me.  So, my lack of interest in a PC copy, the high $7.99 price, high print run and overwhelming number of covers kept me from picking one up. There are a bunch of Store Exclusives that are selling really well, however I can’t tell what the buy in was for some of the more limited ones.  Of all the in-store variants, the Jim Lee Tour Variant is selling the best at $75.  It makes sense that this should be the variant that gets all the heat.  It’s a limited Jim Lee cover that actually features the new villain Rogal on the cover. If Rogal stays around for the long-term, this should be the go to first appearance.  BUT, there’s also a foil variant of the standard Jim Lee cover sent out to the press.  I haven’t seen a single copy hit eBay yet. I expect this press variant to skyrocket when it does eventually hit.  Also, sneaking among all these eBay sales is the South by Southwest exclusive SUPERMAN A CELEBRATION OF 80 YEARS TPB that was only available at the DC Comics pop-up shop and selling for $60 to $100.  It features classic Superman stories as well as “New” ones. I would like to know if one of those “new” ones includes a preview of Rogal.  Since that was released well over a month ago, that could get interesting (granted, it IS still a TPB).  If you have a copy, check it out and let us know! *UPDATE* Rogal is definitely NOT in the SXSW TPB. (I asked an eBay seller to check for me.  Thanks eBay dude!)

BATMAN #45 JIM LEE “B” VIRGIN VARIANT (DC) – This was easily my favorite cover of the week.  It’s absolutely awesome.  But man, I could not find a single copy in decent shape. Regardless, this is selling for $12 shipped.  It’s a classic cover, so I imagine this should hold… unless there’s a convention foil coming for it.

*NEW* CABLE #156 1:25 OLIVETTI VARIANT (MARVEL) – Shout out to our reader and awesome dude Nate G. for bringing this to my attention.  This was pretty easy to miss.  It was only pre-selling for around $17.  On Wednesday, it hit $25.  However, this weekend it's been getting $35 to $40 (+ shipping).  There are only 7 copies listed and most are auctions that all have active bidders.  This shouldn't be a pricey variant, it's definitely worth grabbing if you see it for cheap.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #26 1:25 CARLOS VILLA VARIANT (BOOM) – After all the heat of the #25 “Death” variants, it’s always interesting to see how the following issue’s variant does. #26’s 1:25 was holding at $50 Wednesday morning and then dipped to $35 throughout the day.  By the next day, it popped right back up to $50.  No copies sold on Friday, so I have a feeling those copies sitting on eBay for $50 are about to drop a bit.

*NEW* STAR TREK DISCOVERY SUCCESSION #1 1:25 VARIANT (IDW) – Thanks to another awesome dude, Mr. John DeMayo for sending ANOTHER one I missed.  There are hardly any sales for this variant.  In fact, there's only one copy currently listed.  The previous sales are ranging from $26 to $40.  I missed this because I assumed no one cared about a new Star Trek book.  I was totally wrong on glazing over this title.

WWE #16 ALEXA BLISS 1:15 WERNECK VIRGIN VARIANT (BOOM) – I don’t know if it’s because Alexa looks like Harley or if it’s just a good-looking cover, regardless this cover is hot! While some copies have sold for as low as $30, the most recent copies have been selling out of the UK for $40 + $20 shipping.  One copy even sold on Tuesday for $70 shipped from the UK.  There are very few copies listed, hence the reason people are turning to international copies.  That’s a good sign for the longevity of this variant.


DOMINO #1 CAMPBELL 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) –This Campbell variant saw way better sales this week, varying between $60 to $80.  That price should hold. 

DUCKTALES #8 1:10 FLINTHEART VARIANT (IDW) – Still holding at $22 to $25.



WASTED SPACE #1 (VAULT) – Cover A was seeing a nice $10 shipped price on Wednesday and Thursday. A set of both the A & B covers were selling for $20.  There were barely any sales for it on Friday as current listed copies are just sitting. Prices will come down.  With all that said, there really aren’t that many copies listed.  So, this is not down & out quite yet…. It’s just warm.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799 (MARVEL)– With a massive print run and plenty of awareness, the standard covers and variants really didn’t have a chance to retain much value.  My LCS’s had these WAY overpriced and they’re each hitting about half of their ratio ($50 for the Ross Virgin 1:100, $25 for the McGuinness 1:50).  The story sounds fun and I like the character design… but, man I am Red Goblin fatigued (And he technically JUST appeared).









SKYWARD #1 (IMAGE)– Written by the awesome Joe Henderson, show runner for LUCIFER.  This is an awesome read.  It hasn’t been officially announced, but I know it sold out at Diamond.  PICK THIS UP!  It won't be cool for very long.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #3 1:25 VARIANT (IDW)– This 1:25 is only selling for ratio ($25).  However, there’s no that many on eBay and all seem to have bids and/or watchers.



TAP DANCE KILLER #1 (HERO TOMORROW)– The Variant did see one sale at $15 shipped.

VENOMIZED #3 (OF 5) 1:25 DUARTE VARIANT (MARVEL)– Selling for $20 shipped.

WEAPON H #2 SKAN 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL)– Selling for ratio, $25 shipped.

XENA #3 (DYNAMITE)– I know people were hunting for the 1:10 virgin and 1:20 sketch variant Finch cover.  The good news is, If you’re still looking you can get a whole set for $15 + shipping on eBay.




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    Great stuff, I agree on the Action 1K review, far too many weak covers (The best Supes cover should NOT have been on Batman this week) and the book itself kind of falls flat, I don’t see this new villain lasting long as we have seen a dozen like him already. Wasted Space was a fantastic read, hopefully it catches on.

  • Avatar

    Every time I look at that Red Goblin Ross cover, my brain says “it’s overpriced”, but my heart says “I gotta have it!”. Enough people thinking like that and who knows

    It puts me in mind of Detective Comics #880, with the Jock Joker cover. Back when it was still maybe $20 raw, I thought it’s only a cool cover, not a rare variant, not a first appearance, it will come back down a bit and I’ll grab it then. Well, now it has reached some astronomical prices in high grade and is probably out of my reach for the foreseeable future.

    The Red Goblin is not the Joker, but I have a feeling that 1:100 virgin cover is one I’ll live to regret not buying.

    Thankfully you have almost talked me out of it. But then I look at it again and change my mind ahaha

    • Matt DeVoe

      Actually, I don’t disagree. The nice thing about Ross covers is that they’re REALLY affordable. Let this drop a little more and then absolutely buy one. I probably will as well. I try to buy super cheap high ratio Ross variants as much as possible.

  • Gary Nusser

    Comprehensive as always Matt. I love how so called kiddie books like DuckTales and Sonic continue to garner adult dollars. Wasted Space in my eyes continues trend of Vault books putting out a quality product that I think will appreciate. There were a lot of good reads between Skyward as you mentioned and Her Infernal Descent… I will definitely stashing a few copies of each. I also throw Weapon H into the same category as Red Goblin as characters I don’t think anyone will be clamoring for in a year but somehow I still have a soft spot for the Cosmic Ghost Rider.

  • Avatar

    fantastic AS ALWAYS MY FRIEND

  • Avatar

    I’m a big David Finch fan but that Xena cover reminds me a bit of the infamous Liefeld Captain America Cover. Somethings a bit off – head is too big? neck too short?

  • Martin Fairlie

    Great piece as usual Matt. With the slew of Action 1k covers, I went for a blank and will look to get a nice original sketch done at a con to mark the occasion.

    I also went though a stack of Batman 45’s at two LCS and Forbidden Planet’s flagship store in London and only found two copies without spine ticks. Getting a 9.8 will be tough!

  • Avatar

    Also see Star Trek Succession 1 25 hitting 40. Great job Matt!

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    Great list as always! One book you forgot is the Cable #156 1:25 variant. Multiple sales today above ratio and fewer than 10 currently listed.

  • accustomfigures

    Over 2 dozen eBay sellers turned down my pre-order offer of $60 on Spiderman #799 1:50. I love that cover, but I’m so glad they didn’t accept. I just felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Excellent work as always Matt

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