Variant Heat Check for 4/16/18



Batman #457 2nd Print Newsstand Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

Batman collectors can be crazy, and this book just about proves that. I know that this book is super rare, but $1,100 for a raw copy that isn’t close to a 9.0, maybe not even an 8.0, is pretty insane.


Batman #324 Whitman Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Another super rare Batman issue, this book actually crosses over into 2 different collector realms: the Whitman collectors and the Batman collectors. So far the most recent sales have come from North of the border at $250.


Gideon Falls #1 Lemire ComicsPro Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

This book is a ghost and the one sale basically doubled the price from last week. I rarely put a book on the list two weeks in a row, but I think it’s warranted. (disclosure: I recently purchased the OA for this cover).


Power Rangers #0 Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow Variants

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

This set of 5 books (plus the Green and White) were hot stuff when it dropped over 2 years ago, but as time went on you could come across it pretty cheap. Interest in the chase variants for #25 may have sparked interest in it again as sets have climbed over $120.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.



  • I am the one that sold it and I can’t believe it got that high. Found it at the Dallas Fan Expo a couple weekends ago.

  • accustomfigures

    Insane. Just looked at the Bat457. It might be a Fine 6.0.

  • Is there any place to find a good list of some of the key variants to look for? I keep going to cons and comic shops without a good list in my hand…

  • What’s also great about that Batman 324 Whitman is out of all the rare DC Whitman’s its got the best cover of the bunch. It’s at the top of my DC Whitman want list. Batman + Rarity = Comic Gold.

  • insane price on that 457. I wonder if that Whitman sale will bring some heat to the rest of the bunch, their are some gems in there.

  • One of the rarest books ever so I’m surprised people are “shocked” by it. What’s shocking is the 1:50 rick and morty considering the life span of cartoons in comic form, I mean the simpsons have been around for 27 or so years and their 1st comic app is what $20-$50

  • Everyone in spec nowadays seem to not be able to think for themselves they either wait for word of a possible movie option or (in the case of rick and morty) see Bryan from comic book men raving about it on air. This kind of recency biased has hurt a lot of mid range silver and copper age keys.

    • Keith S.

      so what’s your point?

      • That spec has lost its way abit and that the modern speculator isn’t speculating at all he’s simply reacting

      • Movie speculation is most to blame I guess

      • another thing that blows my mind is that some characters first app is worth less than some bs variant featuring them on the cover. Just abit frustrated with collecting nowadays I guess sorry for airing my discontent

        • Keith S.

          One of the issues is that the movie spec is all played out, as Marvel and DC have shown their hands years in advance. People jumped all over those books, and now we are seeing this 3rd or 4th tier “spec” as people jump on anything that they think they can flip. I understand your frustration, especially with new store variants popping up daily, but there becomes a point where silver and bronze age books have been so bid up that there’s no point in buying at the current levels. The economy is flowing pretty well, people have money, new people are jumping into the game, and prices are sorta out of whack. If I were you, just ignore the noise and keep doing what makes you happy. Thanks for reading.

  • I like the new font!

  • Best example is the one at hand batman 457 a key issue that has less than 10 copies known and people question its value but have no prob with the prices of some of these variants.

    • Your logic is flawed. There’s nothing special about that Batman 457 reprint either, other than it has a barcode on the cover. People like rarity. I would certainly take a real and actual variant with beautiful cover art over a pretend “variant” with an ugly UPC on it. And with prices lile these we will find out how “rare” it really is soon enough. Everybody has their own unique likes and collecting interests.

    • inigo said 4 copies July 15 2015 article.

  • I never said I think this book should be this price I’m just saying there are far more shocking prices on modern stuff. I agree that bats 457 has a butt ugly cover and isn’t a major key but it is a mid tier key. If Tim drake ever gets cast in a movie then I’d say we will all be shocked at what it goes to.

  • To-may-to, to-mah-to, whatever you want to call it, it ain’t the first print.

    And just because some guy males a completely baseless claim about something he doesn’t know or have any actual first hand knowledge about on a website doesn’t make it true. This, after all, a site for “speculation”, and I can assure you there are thousands of copies of this book out there.

    • Ben C

      So by your logic, we should not listen to someone on a website for baseless claims YET we should listen to you when you make the same baseless claim about there being thousands of copies out there??

    • Dude we’re talking about inigo, he has forgot more comic spec than most people have and for him to put that info in his article on the main site I’m sure he did his do diligent research

      • Ben C

        Of course he did my friend. I am always fine with a logical debate or discussion, but when folks take shots at my editors, writers or moderators, I get involved.

        More amusing when someone claims not to listen to our site, but to listen to him…

        • Lol yeah just because we have different opinions doesn’t mean that the info given isn’t researched. After inigo wrote that It’s said a couple of more popped up that’s why originally I said 10

          • I do think it should be a 200$ dollar book or somewhere close to that not a $1000 especially in that shape so we really don’t disagree that much

        • Sorry, but if you are basing how many comics are in existence on how many copies you see on the CGC census, then you have already lost the debate. And yes, one wild guess is just as good as another, since that is all anybody can do. You can hope and dream all you like that there are “10 copies” of a Batman comic no less (bwahahahaha, preposterous on its face) that was reprinting the first appearance of a character as Robin, or you can do an actually honest analysis that takes into account historic print runs of second printings at the time, and other factors that take into account something more than the CGC census. Because right now this looks like a potential pump and dump based on virtually no real, tangible or verifiable information whatsoever.

          • Iñigo

            I normally don’t reply to comments, but we originally published the article because there weren’t many KNOWN copies out there. I personally don’t think there are just 12 copies out there, but the fact that 3 years later there are still not that many copies out there would suggest it might actually be rarer than we expected. That’s all, really. If you want to believe we have hundreds of copies that we are going to be dumping at a rate of 1 per year, that’s great too.

          • Analyze not analysis dummie bwhaha

          • I misread so I’m the dummie bwhahaha still bro since there are 1000s find one homie

    • Keith S.

      I can assure you there are not thousands of copies of this book, because at these prices people would be cashing in and the market would be flooded…which is not what’s happening.

      • The biggest problem with your logic is that the CGC census did not even start recording entries for this particular book until February, 2017. That is barely one year. In that year there have been 10 copies to get the label. And this book, however, is nearly 30 years old.

        What kind of conclusions can we draw from this?

        1. Someone only recently requested and received a label update for this comic;

        2. CGC has acknowledged the minor differences about this reprint on its labels for only the last year;

        3. Ten copies submitted in a year is not a lot, but isn’t a small amount either;

        4. There is an EXTREME likelihood that there are MANY copies of this book already living in other slabs, without the current label update;

        5. There are currently FIVE copies of this book on eBay, either in current or ended listings, what would be HALF of the current census population, that certainly looks like, if not a full on “dump”, at the very least a mini market flood;

        6. With sales like these, expect to see plenty of copies suddenly found to hit the market (it’s already happening).

        Batman sales were robust during this era of comics, and almost nothing from this era is legitimately “rare”. There are many many worthless comics that one can look at on the CGC census with virtually no copies graded and make the sudden leap in logic that the book must be “rare”. Of course this is nonsense. Even CGC’s own disclaimer warns to not presume this based solely on the census. It is all but certain now that this book has been put on many people’s radar that people will start finding them, and they will be dumped on eBay. It’s not like we haven’t seen this pattern played out a thousand times before. Let’s check back in 12-18 months to see how things really end up shaking out.

        • when a comic starts hitting the 2-300$ range is when the flood comes and this book has been there for 2-3 years it’s not like these people were just waiting for the thousand dollar barrier. Look man no one is saying that your logic is wrong it’s just think what happens when a book is posted on cbsi main page and other countless sites and forums……. people start searching and the flood comes soon after.

        • Keith S.

          not sure what you are talking about by saying my logic. I never once mentioned the CGC census, or stated an actual number of copies. I just linked an article from almost 3 years ago, that I didn’t write, that stated the number of copies known at that time. I just checked again, there were 4 recent sales and 2 more for sale (none which I own), so obviously there are more than 10 copies. But there is in no way an effort on my part to pump and dump this book, as I have never even seen a copy of it in real life.

  • I sold my 457 CGC 7.5 for $1100 on ebay about 5 months ago. We’ve been tracking found copies and sales as best as possible on the comment thread from the original article. My main question is the last comment that the guy says the CGC census is wrong. There are now three 9.6s on the census. 10 total on the census.

  • And I hate the argument about where and why people spend their money. What do you care? Some people want a Hulk 181 and some people want a 9.8 variant… Some only collect moderns, some only collect older stuff. Who cares? As long as people spend money it creates a healthy comic after market. Let people buy what they want without crying about the value/price. I just bid a lot of money on some collection fillers that don’t come up often. Luckily I didn’t have to pay close to my max. Clearly they were worth more to me than to whoever I outbid. Plenty of people wouldn’t pay $1 for something I pay $100 for, and vice versa.

  • If I was like you I would have said people that spent over a $1000 on a 1:50 r&m are the dumbest people on earth

  • Oh and get off your high horse like you have never questioned what books someone has paid a premium for what a joke

  • I’m pious selfrighteous and crying/whining lmao. I even sort of said exactly what you did saying that people should think for themselves instead of reacting to comic news or websites.

  • I’ll still keep up with tophers post but I can’t handle some of these holier than thou (how someone not trying to impress people with their vanacular to make up for their shortcomings would say pious) people so peace.

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