1 Adam Hughes

Current: Vampirella, Batgirl & The Birds of Prey

Upcoming: Red Sonja/Tarzan, The Magic Order

Hot Cover: Dirty Pair: Run From the Future #1

2 J. Scott Campbell

Current: Domino, ASM: Renew Your Vows

Upcoming: Danger Girl: Twenty Years, Hunt For Wolverine

Hot Cover: Phoenix Resurrection #1

3 Francesco Mattina

Current: Spawn, Dark Nights: Metal

Upcoming: Suicide Squad, Flash

Hot Cover: Gamora #2

4 Gabriele Dell'Otto

Current: Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Nights: Metal, Venomized

Upcoming: Action Comics, Hunt for Wolverine

Hot Cover: Amazing Spider-Man #667

5 Greg Capullo

Current: Dark Nights: Metal

Upcoming: Swamp Thing (?)

Hot Cover: Gore Shriek #1

6 Adi Granov

Current: Infinity Countdown, Daredevil

Upcoming: Iron Man

Hot Cover:  Amazing Spider-Man #569 

7 Jenny Frison

Current: Wonder Woman

Upcoming: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Hot Cover: Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1

8 Stanley ‘Artgerm' Lau

Current: Supergirl

Upcoming: Black Panther, Catwoman

Hot Cover: Batgirl (Vol. 3) #12

9 Jim Lee

Current: Immortal Men, Dark Nights: Metal

Upcoming: Batman, Action Comics

Hot Cover: Batman #608 2nd Print

10 Felipe Massafera

Current: Harbinger Wars II, Vampironica

Upcoming: Action Comics

Hot Cover: WWE #3

UNDERVALUED: Stjepan Sejic

Known For: Dark Nights: Metal Tie-In's

Cool Cover: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18

CLASSIC: Dave Stevens

Known For: The Rocketeer

Unusual Cover: DV8 #1 (Pride) w/ Adam Hughes

Hot Cover: Planet Comics (1988) #1


  • dpiercy

    Nice list, you forgot Frank Cho, though. 🙂

  • dpiercy

    …and Ryan Ottley. Nice list!

  • Avatar

    Awesome new Top 10! Gonna have to add Dave Stevens to my search list.

  • Avatar

    Very cool idea Ben, love it!

  • Avatar

    ….and Ben Oliver. Great list though! we all probably have our favorites

  • Avatar

    Sejic’s He-Man & MOTU #18 Is a fantastic looking cover!!

  • canadiancomicguy

    Great list!
    So glad you have Stevens on there as classic honorable mention! Not sure without him AH and JSC exist as popular as they are. Planet Comics 1 and 3-D Zone 16 (Space Vixens) go head to head with any AH or JSC.
    Thanks for the write up!!

  • millivanilli

    InHyuk Lee & Jee Hyung Lee are rising stars.

  • Keith S.

    It’s crazy that there’s only one person on this list that does interiors.

  • ender6988

    Great article. I used to love this back in the old Wizard magazine. I hope you keep this up.

  • Avatar

    I would put Dell’Otto above Mattina right now though. Even with that badass Deathstroke 30.

    I agree that Frank Cho should have been an Honorable Mention as well as InHyuk Lee.

    Would be cool to see 10 artists on the rise…..Where Lee and my personal fav Cover Artist Christian Ward would perhaps be 🙂

  • Avatar

    What book is wwe #3 w/ massafera art?

  • Gary Nusser

    Nice list, Ben! Definitely Wizard flashbacks (in fact some of those artists were on their list way back when!) I may have replaced Capullo with Stephanie Hans but that’s what makes it subjective. Totally on board with the Sejic and Stevens calls though!

  • Avatar

    With names like JG Jones, Cho , Ben Oliver, Opena, etc. missing you almost need a top 20! Great list though .

  • misfit138

    I’m shocked by Felipe Massafera. The guy that said Frank Cho should have his head examined (thick women). Mattina is better than Dell’Otto. Have you ever seen the interiors of Secret Wars? I don’t know how Alex Ross is left off the list. He’s the best in the industry in my opinion. Seriously, no Alex Ross??? Ashley Witter and Natali Sanders aren’t on this list but Massafera & Sejic are? No Jerome Opena? He’s amazing and he and Witter do interiors.

  • supersonic-comics

    Hype? Yes. Most talented and best work right now? Not without Inhyuk Lee, Skan, Oliver, Ross…etc. These guys sell books for sure though!

  • Avatar

    Are Hughes and Campbell always 1 & 2? It sure feels like it if not!

    And I always got Dell’Otto mixed up with Marko Djurdjevic, who seemed to be everywhere at Marvel a few years ago. Did he disappear, or was just never as “hot” or beloved as Marvel wanted to push him to be? I preferred Dell’Otto but their “no outline” painterly styles were very similar.

  • Avatar

    Bwahahahaha at Hughes being “#1” (unless this is just a list of the author’s personal favorites?). The actual #1 and #2 Are JSC and Dell’otto and it’s not even close or debatable. No two artists are dominating the modern market now than those two guys. Period. Behind them would be McFarlane, then Mattina, then Hughes, then Jim Lee, then Art Adams, then Fiona Staples, then Granov then Jock.

  • Eman

    Granov, Dell’Otto, and Mattina belong in the top three right now in my opinion.
    Martina has probably been the hottest artist the last three months or so.
    Ross is so unappreciated… He puts out great covers and people just give him a pat on his head and say that’s nice.

    There should be an article attached to this called “Artist to Watch”…like a top five or something.

  • Avatar

    No Sienkiewicz? I thought his recent WD covers were pretty awesome but I guess everyone has their own favorites.

  • Ben Steiniger

    As a PSA, this list is not a list of ‘best’ or ‘iconic’ artist. This is a list of artists that are CURRENTLY moving the needle.

    So for comparison, Jim Lee isn’t doing much right now other than Metal, but more people are flocking towards Mattina and Dell’Otto Metal covers.

    Yes, Alex Ross is amazing, but he isn’t moving orders or even having resale values that are increasing.

    Frank Cho is incredible as well, but he can’t even sell out his first store variant.

    This list is meant to give all the great artists more recognition and hopefully generate excitement for someone you might not have thought about before. We all have our artists that WE think are the best (and, no, these are not my favorite artists) and I hope everyone keeps posting comments, so I can find out new artists as well

  • misfit138

    I’m just going back to Bill Everett, Gene Colan and Jim Steranko (he and Kirby the King’s of the double splash). I’ll invest in these guys. Just bought my first Maneely/Everett Sub-Mariner Comics #37. Awesome stuff.

  • Avatar

    1. Dell Otto (has been for too long imo
    2. Jsc
    3. Mattina
    4. Ross
    5. Frison
    6. Sienkiewcz
    7. Jim lee
    8. art germ
    9. Djurdjevic
    10. Cho

  • Avatar

    notice ah wasn’t even in my top ten

    • Avatar

      It’s easy to see how you could leave Hughes off a list altogether. I only put him on my hypothetical list because we keep being told he is moving the needle, even though he isn’t. Just looking at his current books, that batgirl and birds of prey 20 book sells for all of $3, and the (rare?) virgin of his last vampirella book is going for under $50. Meanwhile Mattina’s Dark Knights Metal 3 virgin (not referenced in this article) is breaking $400, and All new wolverine 19 is regularly selling for $700-900 raw (also not referenced), not to mention Spawn 280. And Dell’otto’s Venom Inc Alpha/Omega (not referenced in the article either) are hitting $300 each. And how is McFarlane not on this list when “remastered” versions of his prior work is selling for several hundreds of dollars? Which is why I remain baffled that Hughes was placed at number one on this list (or on it at all) that just seems more like wishful thinking from someone who is a fan and not consistent with the reality of who’s really and actually hot. This was certainly an interesting first attempt at a list like this though. I imagine it will get better as a more tangible and objective criteria for it is set in place in the future.

      • Ben Steiniger

        😂😂😂. Thanks for the rave review? I always appreciate your positive spin😉.

        And if you knew me, which clearly you don’t (although I DO use a real name for all to see), you would never consider me a Hughes fanatic, although I certainly can appreciate his work.

  • Avatar

    The biggest stand out artist missing from your list is Lucio Parrillo. His popular Dynamite variants sell almost instantly on ebay for me. His current book is #2 on the Top Ten list.

  • Avatar

    How has no one mentioned Opena on this. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe it’s just me.

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