Hunt for Wolverine #1 by J. Scott Campbell … and a free McNiven 1:50?

With the Calgary Expo coming in a couple of weeks, you just know our good friends at Fan Expo are just looking for a variant that will get your collector glands (look it up, they do exist … or possibly not) all worked up. This time they are giving the world this treat by J. Scott CampbellWouldn't this look crazy good next to The Cargo Hold's All-New Wolverine #1? Let's see …

Well, I think they do look well together, but for those of you chromatically aware, know that this cover comes in three flavors: blue, yellow and black and white!

If you like it, you can buy it right now at You can either buy just the cool blue one or get the three of them as a set. Here comes the best thing, though, starting today and till next Wednesday, EVERYBODY WHO PRE-ORDERS THE SET OF THREE WILL GET THE McNIVEN 1:50 VARIANT FOR FREE!!!! (limited to one per person, of course)

Let me repeat that … You buy the set of three JSC covers (as you would normally do) but then when you get the package there's an extra comic, which turns out to be the McNiven 1:50 variant … is that cool or what? I think it is, in fact, we're not even going to run a contest for this because this was such a great offer just like that., 1 week starting now, a free 1:50 (that sounds so insane)!


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