1 Y: The Last Man #1

WRITER: Brian K. Vaughan
ARTIST: Pia Guerra
Amazingly (if it actually happens), a pilot was ordered this week.  We will see how this develops, but all cheap copies disappeared off eBay yesterday.  After years of being topped out and then settling down, expect to now have to pay upwards of $800 or more for a 9.8.

2 Vampirella #11 Lucio Parillo The Comic Mint ‘Virgin' Variant /500

WRITER: Jeremy Whitley
ARTIST: Rapha Lobosco
Another, different, Vampi #11 store variant?  Hey, certain artists are made for certain characters, and Vampi/Red Sonja are Parillo's jam.  $100 is what you are going to have to pony up right now for this one.

3 Weapon H #1 Clayton Crain Variants

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Cory Smith
Were people asking for another IH 181 homage??  How many can we really have?  Anyway, $50 for trade dress, $75 for secret and $100 for virgin right now means, win/win/win for you if you pre-ordered the set.

4 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 Terry Dodson 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Keith Giffen
ARTIST: Pop Mhan
Wow.  $500 for a 9.8.  This isn't really a surprise as people have been searching for this book for a while now, and yet it still is just not really available.  Oh, and it is a great cover by Dodson too lol.

5 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Daniele Nicuolo
Red, Black, Blue, 1:25 Chase, 1:Store (pictured), etc.  They are all moving briskly at the moment.  Millenials seem to be spending on what they like…they loved this back in the day…what else can I say?

6 Astro City #1

WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTIST: Brent Anderson
High grade copies are now selling in the $20-30 range.  Execution was spot on, especially for a 90's book, and well deserved notoriety is finally coming back for this gem.

7 Critical Role #1 Deborah Hauber ECCC Variant

WRITER: Matthew Colville
ARTIST: Olivia Samson
$130-$150?  Wow.  Again, millenials + their jam = hot.  Just because we don't get it, doesn't mean it is stupid or worthless.  Use your minds and figure out what people will spend their money on and go for it…

8 Thanos #13

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
Ho-hum, just a $10 price bump this time around, up to around $70 raw.  People can't get enough of this book right now–where is the ceiling?  Same as EOSV #2, or about where it is now?  Let me know what you think!

9 Amazing Spider-Man #795

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Mike Hawthorne
Look, there are some who are screaming ‘read the book' to those that HAVE read the book, but have a different opinion and think #795 is more important than #798–when did the comics authority hire the spec police?  You are entitled to your opinion as are other people, just stop the silly keyboard shaming.  I could honestly care less about any of this because Marvel is just cashing in on both the 795 & 798 camps.  Right now though, this one is a $30 book.

10 Sonic the Hedgehog #1 Tyson Hesse C2E2 Partial Sketch Variant

WRITER: Ian Flynn
ARTIST: Tracy Yardley
$30-40 right now out of the initial run from C2E2.  Not a bad start.  Can you believe there is a 1:100 variant of #1??

Deathstroke (Vol. 3) #30 Francesco Mattina Variant

WRITER: Christopher Priest
ARTIST: Carlo Pagulayan
Batman, check.  Mattina, check.  Limited supply on release day, check.  Selling for $10-15 at the moment, which seems to be standard for all the current DC ‘B' covers that get hot.

Worlds of Fear #10

WRITER: Bill Woolfolk
ARTIST: Sheldon Moldoff
Well, smashing a previous high sale of around $1100 (for a CGC 7.5 mind you) in 2013, this PCH gem just sold for $2500…for a CGC 3.5!

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  • Avatar

    Oh please please please make an awesome Y: The Last Man show….

  • fastballspecial

    Fun list with some interesting books to watch or have been watching. I would like more sales on some books though before they make a list.

  • Lebednik

    Love that dodson he-man

  • Horrific

    How bout that Worlds of Fear right? Also, Mayhew is a solid Vampirella artist as well! Great list!

  • Avatar

    Love that Worlds of Fear issue. CLASSIC! The PCH train just keeps on freakin’ rolling full steam ahead.

  • Avatar

    That Deathstroke is selling for $10(at most) which includes free shipping. Not impressive.

  • userX745

    Awesome list. Deathstroke is an awesome cover. The 181 homage was a no brainer to jump on. Surprised that the Critical Role book is still on the list but that does have a big internet fan base.

  • Avatar

    next hot ten will include tah 22.

  • Avatar

    those power rangers..are goings good..wonder how long it will last..dont see many power ranger comics keeping steam

  • Avatar

    Regarding the Weapon H variant, you say “$50 for trade dress, $75 for secret” however the “secret” variant is the one with “modern trade dress” and it’s the one selling for around $50. The one commanding a bit more is the “homage trade dress” which was not at all a secret, it and the virgin were the originally known two-copy set.

  • Avatar

    An “homage trade dress” sold for $74 two days ago, anyway. Two “secrets” sold today for $75 and $76.

  • Avatar

    Don’t believe the haters… that deathstroke vs Batman has heat and legs. I went to 6 LCS’s on Wednesday/Thursday and they were sold out ( between 2 provinces.. or 1200 miles for Americans). Not just mattina , cover A and B. Stores are getting ‘batman’d out… a lot of Batman sub-titles so this one was under-ordered. The last couple times I saw this same situation was moon girl 28 and Avengers 676. Hate all you want , I just bought my 5 copies on eBay for cover. I suggest you find a copy soon.

    • Avatar

      There’s over 100 copies on eBay and that number will probably double once the randoms without Diamond accounts get the copies they ordered to flip.
      Avengers 676 sells for about the same as Deathstroke 30 right now but neither that or the Avengers 676 are fair comparisons. Deathstroke is hot because of the cover and the Moon Girl and Avengers sales are driven by 1st appearances. The Deathstroke cover was released well in advance so lots of people had time to order it.

    • fastballspecial

      If you going that route just pick up the Terminator Deathstroke series in 1992. Which is the first Batman vs Deathstroke. Its cheap and you can get a better return on your investment.

  • Avatar

    ASM 795 is a little over $30 each I just sold a pair of them for $70 shipped. Just sold a Thanos 13 for $55 shipped guess I should have waited a week to sell it, lol. The Vampi 11 is currently not moving as I have copies up for sale.

  • Avatar

    Just realized that Critical Role book has a cover price of $10! No wonder no one bought it when it came out, except those few millennials who just had to have it. Im willing to bet there are very few who risked putting money down for a $10 book when they could get three copies of another spec for that price. This is an aftermarket hunt for sure.

  • John Anthony

    Great job Ben!!!

  • Avatar

    Lucio Parillo really does some stunning work! Thanks for another awesome TOP 10, Ben!

  • Avatar

    I’m still sad about missing out on that Vamp Parillo variant…. 🙁
    Picked up the Hughes one though! 🙂

  • A. J. Diesel

    Awesome write-up Ben. I must ask, has Y: The Last Man #1 ever been cheap?? Haha. I feel like that’s been a big gun independent since it came out!

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    Top work Ben S. Everytime you deliver. Thanks amigo.

  • fastballspecial

    I agree I thought 2 lists would be a good idea it draw in more traffic too. A lot speculators don’t touch the high end variant stuff just for the upfront cost involved.

    Separate out the variants and promotional stuff and have another list for regular issues.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree. There are many collectors who don’t care about the variant market. And growing everyday…

    • Avatar

      I agree.. isn’t that what collecting comics is all about anyways… none of that high ratio incentive funny business.. collecting regular issues makes the hunt/speculations more interesting

  • Avatar

    crazy that Thanos 13 is still riding so high!

    • Avatar

      I know!! I think it can keep growing a lot based on the popularity of Thanos and once they introduce the COsmic Ghost rider in his own solo series. I predict this issue and 14,15,16,17 plus all the variants to double price!!

  • Avatar

    The Sonic 1:100 isn’t really a 1:100 in the traditional sense – you had to buy 25 copies each of issues 1 to 4 to get 1.

  • Avatar

    Nice list! I bought the She-Ra! Gonna list my 9.6 to recoup some of it. You just don’t see that book graded very often at all. It’s the only 9.8 I’ve ever seen. There are only 4 on the census and only 8 of the Wilkins Skeletor from the year before.

  • Avatar

    TAHNOS 13!! I am getting the whole set on ebay including all the variants. I will keep growing!! So many thanos fans=ghost rider fans= COSMIC GHOST RIDER FANS!!!

  • misfit138

    Thanos #13 should be here to stay. Great writer, great art, great story arc, good cover, and the introduction of a cool new character that is waaaaayyyyyy better than Spider-Gwen. I am loving the arc. This book, Doomsday Clock and Darth Vader are my favorite reads right now.

    • Avatar

      great art on thanos 13 reg cover? NO!! And although the book will hold for next few years maybe, there’s slim chance it does past that look at the history of mashup characters. It just was the only decent thing during a lull. I have one so don’t take my comments as sulking just speaking my opinion

  • Avatar

    talking power rangers ..dont forget go go power rangers 8 ..first appearance of pink ranger hunter or whatever she is called…going well above cover-15-20 bucks

  • Avatar

    Everyone raving bout Dodson now I got ragged to death for saying he’s underrated on + page

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