The Wednesday One 03/28/18


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One 03/28/18

This week is slow which I am happy about. It is nice to sleep in or skip the rush sometimes. There are a few books of note, but I'm mostly excited for a few reads.



 Daredevil Vol 5 #600 Cover G Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover 1:50

I'm a Ross fan, but this doesn't do anything for me. This one might be on the lower print run side. I'm not sure there is a fair amount of interest though. Few presales ~$50 and 10+ listed. Selling for ratio  I'm curious how many sell on Wednesday. Try to grab $30 or lower to be safe. I think this one gets forgotten in a few weeks. What do Y'all think?

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #29 

This book seems to be riding the heels of #28. It sold out quickly online. I'm not sure if it will actually grab heat though. Only 1 listed and 2 sold in the last week. Maybe it hits double cover riding the coat tails?

Cool Covers

 Justice League Of America Vol 5 #27 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

I like it, but don't love it. He has done better. Still, I'm grabbing one.

Avengers Vol 6 #686 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover 

Not as good as some of the other Avengers covers has done recently, but still good and Avengers has been a surprisingly fun read, though YMMV. I'm curious how it ends.

Galaktikon #6 

I really dig this cover, the watercolors give it a Mack feel. I'm behind but a fun book.

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #38 Cover B Variant Andrea Sorrentino Cover 

I'm not big on these, but I see the appeal. Some folks are collecting them.

 Wonder Woman Vol 5 #43 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

The contrasting gold with the black and white work for me. Frisons WW run has been great.

Shadowman Vol 5 #1 Cover B Variant Renato Guedes Cover 

This one is my favorite of the new Shadowman covers. I hear good things about this book from a reader perspective also.

 Damnation Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider #1 Cover B Incentive Rahzzah Marvels Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Road To 100 Variant Cover

Rahazzah has a growing fan base. The cover is cool, but I don't think many people care about AoS.

Damnation Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider #1 Cover A Regular Clayton Crain Cover 

This is the cover of the week. We are fortunate this is an A cover. If it was a ratio it would be grabbing serious heat. I'll be hunting for a nm+ copy to slab for my PC.

 Old Man Hawkeye #3 Cover A Regular Marco Checchetto Cover

A good Checchetto. I hear this book is a decent read so far.

 Star Wars Doctor Aphra #18 Cover A Regular Ashley Witter Cover

I'm a Herra fan, but also Witter has recently grabbed my attention and Aphra has been a great character so far. I think Aphra shows up in one of the new Disney streaming channel shows rather than the big screen. I wish I had a DV#3 1:25 9.8. I missed that boat.

Skip it




Bruce Lee Walk Of The Dragon One Shot

The premise is kinda of interesting, but the cover is my gripe. Bruce looks like he is on day 3 of a meth binge. With the white lips, it may be a crack binge though.

Read it

 Dark Nights Metal #6 Cover A Regular Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion Foil-Stamped Cover

The end of Metal and I'm looking forward to it.

Saga #50 Cover B Variant Fiona Staples Virgin Cover 

A milestone issue for Saga and a cool virgin cover. Saga has a solid following.

 Doomsday Clock #4 Cover A Regular Gary Frank Cover

So far so good except for the delays.

 Animosity #13

I like this book and it is on my pull list. Suprised this hasnt been optioned for a series on a streaming service.

 Void Trip #5

A fun read. I'm behind but will catch up soon.

Flash Vol 5 #43 Cover B Variant David Finch & Danny Miki Cover 

This is a solid book and on my pull list.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #977 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover 

Tec is solid.

Moon Knight Vol 8 #193 

This recent run has fans split, but I'm digging it.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #37 – OML is a good read.

Breathless #1 – I'm going to flip thru it and see if it grabs me.

Graveland #4 – Desent Scout title.

Stabbity Bunny #3 – This book had some heat with issues #1 and #2, I hear good things, but haven't had a chance to read it.

edit: Redneck #11 – Cates rocks ( I forgot this one)


  • X-O Manowar Vol 4 #13 Cover E Incentive Howard Chaykin X-O Manowar Icon Variant Cover – High ratio Valiant
  • Shadowman Vol 5 #1 Cover E Incentive Travel Foreman Shadowman Icon Variant Cover – High ratio Valiant
  • True Believers Venom Agent Venom #1 – $1 reprint
  • True Believers Venom Homecoming #1 – $1 reprint 
  • True Believers Venom Toxin #1 – $1 reprint

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

 Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #714 Cover B Incentive Geoff Shaw Variant Cover –  Presales from $30-35 and one recently for $10ish, but I think it sits around $15. Try to pay $10 or less I think for a flip I think. – These seems to be steady around $25. I was low on this one. 

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #705 Cover E Incentive Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Cover – Presales are over $100 so far, but I think it goes down to $70 or lower on Wednesday and I’ve seen a few on retailer sites for $70. Tread very lightly imo. – Sitting solid at $60-65 for now. 

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #705 Cover D Incentive Jee Hyung Variant Cover – I think these settle about $35-40. I’m curious how it fares on Wednesday. – Seems to have setlled around $40 was around $50 a week ago 

Thanos Vol 2 #17 Cover B Variant Christian Ward Cover –  I think it will be a $10 book. Presales have a few over $10. – Sitting right under $10. 

Weapon H #1 Cover G Incentive Leinil Francis Yu Virgin 1:100 – I think these settle around $40-50 if not lower unless there is some big reveal or 1st app which I doubt. These are all over. $50-75 throughout the week. Seems to be ~$70-75 now, but really erratic. 

Iron Man Hong Kong Heroes #1 Cover B Variant Gang Hyuk Lim Cover – Maybe grab one and stash it. Maybe. I think best case it becomes a $10 book, but doubtful it ever catches heat. – Some double cover, but really no heat. Very little action. 

edit: Cable Vol 3 #155 Cover C Incentive Ryan Stegman Variant Cover – I missed it last week and forgot to add it this week – It was 25-30 but then sweet christmas it hit a high of $67!, then back down to $20. This book is all over. 

Wrap Up

There is no “One.” I wish it was that Ross, but it just doesn't have what it takes imo. This is one of those weeks that if you skip it or grab your books later you really aren't going to miss anything big. It is nice to get a breather every few weeks. Maybe I will do some back issue digging also. As always thanks for reading. Let me know what you are grabbing this week and if I missed anything. For some reason, I feel like I'm missing something. Thanks!

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  • Avatar

    Great article. Surprised the look back doesn’t talk about Cable #155 Stegman variant. Little inconsistent with sales. Hard to get a cheap one.
    Looks like People are holding on to them with not many listed or just under ordered. Great looking cable cover.

    • Lebednik

      Iirc that was the week before
      I did an update last week.

      Edit. No I totally missed it. Iirc it is a $20-30 book this week. I will update when I’m not mobile. I had thought about it on the weekend when I started it but totally forgot. It was a spec I had missed last week too.

      edit2: I added a look back. That thing is all over the place!

  • Avatar

    You know it’s a slow week when a Daredevil book is the top pick.

  • Avatar

    Surprised not to see Redneck in the “read it” section!

  • accustomfigures

    Adam, great as always, and I too can’t wait for Metal to be over. The most contrived and erratic Batman series I’ve read.

    That Ghost Rider cover wins it for me. Moon Knight isn’t bad either.

    I’d be cautious on the Shadowman #1 for a flip. It’s going to have a high(er) print run than most Valiant books. I’d guess around 40k. The 1:50 is all over eBay for $20 shipped. Can’t wait to read it though: Andy Diggle, and he’s got a 2 year plan for the book.

    Also Buy XO to read; some of the best sci-fi out there, but that Chaykin cover? If you like Chaykin I guess. Personally I think all of his art looks like waterlogged pasta. Be on the look out for the next issue’s 1:50; Massafera’s issue #14.

  • Avatar

    Really surprised about no mention of Power Rangers 25 and some of the variants. Goni Montes does an incredibLe job and there’s a 1/store and a high ratio at least. Higgins already confirmed it sold out

    • Lebednik

      Yeah i thought about it but i didnt like the gimmick. I heard it was a 1:25 and almost no stores would order near that. Plus it is a mystery cover from what i hear.

  • misfit138

    Ghost Rider and Crain are the clear winners. It’s a not so good week. Great article, you did the best you could with what you had to work with!!

  • Avatar

    I’m buying a couple metal 6 covers both covers for doomsday clock and idk what else lol… slow week and couldn’t come at a better time… cash being tight and got books to grade so…. yea

    Good luck everyone with … whatever you’re looking for. Lol

  • morellotunes

    Finally, a week to read and not hunt. That’s fine, I’m still drooling over my 1:50 Hyung Thor from last week. The satisfaction from that one will last me (and many others, I daresay) a while.

    • Lebednik

      Me too that cover is really good. I hope to sub it soon and bury it deep in my pc.

      • Avatar

        Me too and I had a little luck got a cool Old DC 100pg I was surprised was still there both DD clock covers and the Lee and Kubert covers for Metal 6 the Lee is my readercas the Kubert was my fav cover for this issue and the copy is minty… also I spaced and forgot about moon girl 29 but I literally called in about 5 min ago just in time for them to grab the last copy off the shelf and put it aside for me. So I got that one too I just have to go back and pick it up which I’ll do in a few days unless I really feel like taking a walk down tomorrow which I may…. but I also may be lazy lol.

    • Avatar

      Amazing cover mined packaged up for the cgc trip printing my label tomorrow to send off Friday it’s in good company with Thanos 13 and Teen Titans 12 wish I was as confident Tim them coming back 9.8 as the Thor both I’d say are on the cusp but leaning 9.8 if that makes sense. But I’m most excited about the Thor by far it’s amazing and will be a cover that will only grow in value in my opinion. It has a LOSH type of quality to it imo, as I mentioned before on another post.

  • Avatar

    What about the new book peek a boo? Seems like it could be a good horror mini. Soldout At midtown also

  • Ben C

    Looking forward to Saga. That Bruce Lee cover is brutal.

    Great job as always Adam!

  • SkillzWeldon

    The ghost rider store Variant is a VIRGIN cover I got mine from 7ate9 comics

  • Avatar

    I feel like Ashley Witter’s covers for Doctor Aphra have been a bit hit-and-miss. This one with Hera is very nice. The first one #14, is a really lovely cover!

    As for Darth Vader #3 1:25, missed the boat on that one too… damn. However, I don’t like Larroca’s art at all, and the regular cover also features Bee-Tee and 0-0-0, so I’m happy enough to have a handful of though (like pretty much everybody else I guess)

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