1 Thanos #13

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
So nobody apparently was deterred by recent events with Cosmic Ghost Rider as this is now a $50-60 book raw. I'm shocked in all honesty, but people apparently love the character.

2 Vampirella (Vol. 7) #11 Adam Hughes Frankie’s Comics  ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Jeremy Whitley
ARTIST: Rapha Lobosco
Hughes. Vampirella. Skeletons.  Seems like the perfect combination. Fans must agree as sets of the trade dress and virgin are selling close to $100 shipped with the virgin making up about 2/3 of that total.

3 New Mutants (Vol. 2) #8

WRITER: Christina Weir
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi
So the thought is that Surge was the blue haired character in the Deadpool 2 trailer.  If that is true and she ends up in an X-Force movie, this ‘surge’ in demand is warranted.  All cheap copies have been gobbled up and this is now a $20+ raw book.

4 New Avengers (Vol. 3) #8

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
ARTIST: Mike Deodato

The Black Order looked pretty cool in the Avengers trailer.  So cool in fact that raw copies are hitting $40 and 9.8’s are now at $200.  Having a cover as a first appear might rear it’s ugly head here like Red Goblin because of some store variant cover appearances…

5 Cable (Vol. 4) #155 Ryan Stegman 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Zac Thompson
ARTIST: German Peralta
$40-50 out of the gate for a 1:25 is pretty good.  I’m guessing it’s solely based on the release date and the timing of the trailer?

6 Rick & Morty Presents The Vindicators #1 ECCC Variant

WRITER: J. Torres
Yeah, yeah, another Rick & Morty book.  Full disclosure, I only own like 5 R&M books (this isn’t one of them) and I have never watched the show.  $100+ for an Eccc Variant is pretty good though.

7 Web of Spider-Man #97

WRITER: Terry Kavanagh
ARTIST: Alex Saviuk
Spike Lee hasn’t directed a good movie since what, Malcolm X?  Anyway, news of him directing a Nightwatch movie has caused this book to push into the $20 range.

8 Mister Miracle #1

WRITER: Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
Yes, a 9.6 of this classic Kirby creation sold for $1300.  A 9.4 also sold for a record high around $700.  Renewed interest in the character from the maxi-series and some chatter about a movie appearance seems to be driving this increase.

9 Critical Role #1 Deborah Hauber ECCC Variant

WRITER: Matthew Colville
ARTIST: Olivia Samson
D&D fans apparently have some cash to spend as this Emerald CIty exclusive is selling for $100+

10 Astro City #1

WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTIST: Brent Anderson
News of this book being optioned has cleared out all copies on eBay.  It’s been a while since I’ve read the series, but this was one of my favorites back in the day.

Caliber Presents #1

WRITER: James O'Barr
ARTIST: Tim Vigil
3 9.8 sales this week over $1000 when this book has never sold for $1000 should cause everyone to listen to our own Crow expert, Jon Z.

Blonde Phantom #14

WRITER: Bill Woolfolk
ARTIST: Syd Shores
Ooohh….this time it's the man being tortured!  This Timely Comics gem sold in 9.0 for almost $3k.  While a 9.0 hasn't sold since 2006 (for $672), an 8.5 sold last summer for a measly $1200.

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  • Avatar

    I sold my New Mutants #8 for $50 this afternoon, so the book is on the rise.

    • Avatar

      Web of Spider-Man #99 is the 1st appearance of Nightwatch, not WOS97. WOS97 is 1st Kevin Trench only. No different than ASM#344 being 1st Kasady and ASM#361 being 1st Carnage. If you actually read the comics youll see that there is more spec value in WOS99 not WOS97.

  • Lebednik

    awesome as always. I think that cable will drop in a few months.

  • Avatar

    I would like to get that new mutants, it looks like Annie and Tibbers from LOL.

  • Avatar

    I don’t get the demand for Thanos 13 cover A (though it is a nice cover). I remember Bleeding Cool running some stories about shops boycotting the lenticulars due to the “insane” regular cover ordering requirements that had to be met to qualify…

  • Avatar

    1 (3 copies), 7, 8 for me. Got a strong feeling for the Mister Miracle Books with the New Gods movie coming. I just picked up a real nice number 2 (1st Granny Goodness and Doctor Bedlam). MM and New Gods books should go up pretty well.

  • tuffguyfinds

    I understand people buy what they like, but still don’t know how the demand for Thanos 13 stays afloat #notmycastle

    Now, that Caliber Presents is great! Glad to see it gaining momentum.

  • Avatar

    Pick up 2 copies of NM 8 from the lcs today!

  • Avatar

    I liked the cover A for the Cable book personally. Also, I’m surprised the Lenticular cover B to Thanos 13 isn’t going for more as there has to be less of them.

  • Avatar

    I love the New Mutants 8. Its a very hot comic very quickly. With a very strong female character it could go very high. Plus being an early 2000’s book doesn’t hurt. Not a large print run and hard to find in the raw.

  • jason jones

    Hey! I have a couple of these finally! 😎👍🏻

  • Avatar

    I guess what they always say is true when it comes to the Thanos 13 A cover. When in doubt go with the cover A of any hot book. I personally like the trading card book. For every 20 cover A’s that sell you might see one trading card one and love the look of this cover.

  • Dale Valiant horton

    Awesome list as always. Unfortunately i didn’t get more then half this week. Keep up the good work.

  • Avatar

    Bought 4 copies yesterday of NM #8 paid between $1 and $8 + shipping. Will see if it is Surge I have my doubrts that it is Surge as she has blue hair and wears gauntlets on both hands to amplify her powers. You should take Vampi off the list, it’s still available at the store offering it in big numbers in stock at retail price. I don’t see how any store variant that isn’t sold out can make the list. I understand some people only think comics are for sale on eBay but paying $100 for this is just being bad at comic collecting and touting this as $100 book set just isn’t true. I bought a Mister Miracle two days ago cgc 7.0 paid $70 + $18 Thought it was a pretty decent deal.

    • Ben Steiniger

      So you bought 4 copies of NM 8 yesterday for well under market, does that mean I should remove it from the list as well? People will always be able to find books for lower than market price—that’s a benefit for those that are looking.

      I also don’t rely strictly on eBay. Word of mouth plays a factor as well. Fact is, I don’t know why people pay what they do, but I can’t play both sides of the fence—if it’s selling that high when you can still get them cheaper, you should either buy those or the price is going to drop.

      • Avatar

        I do actually think NM#8 shouldn’t be on the list before today it’s average price for the last 10 sales was $3 + shipping so thanks for pushing your readers to buy $50 copies from me and others for a character we don’t even know that’s in the movie for sure.

        • Avatar

          So, you think two books should be off this list. What would their replacements be?

          • Avatar

            I think 3 books should be replaced bye bye Vampi for Danger Girl#2 smoking gun variant should be at #2. At #3 Fantastic Four #48 upon Silver Surfer solo movie news. And I swap Web of Spider-Man #97 for #99 if you read the books you’ll see why.

        • Avatar

          That’s the name of the game. Whats hot at THE MOMENT. Not AVERAGE of last 10 sales. The price you paid from your phone on an online comic book site does not affect the eBay price.

    • Avatar

      Could be surge. Don’t forget Domino was once white! Bone white

  • Avatar

    I put up my Web of Spider-Man #97 up for auction starting at 99 cents and it finished and sold the other day for $56! I was completely shocked.

  • Avatar

    Also the first appearance of NightWatch is #99 Kevin Trench appears in #97 I think most are mistaking Blood Rose as NightWatch in #97. Read the books you will see. Big reveal with name and everything in #99

    • Ben Steiniger

      Thanks again for commenting.

      Sales I saw for #99 are generally less than $10. GL #48 is 1st Kyle Rayner and #50 is 1st GL and Parallax and yet #48 sells for more. Again, no clue why people do what they do.

      • Avatar

        I know but there’s not really a comparison it’s one panel of Kevin Trench in #97 there is no NightWatch people are mistaking Blood Rose who is on the cover as being NightWatch. In # 99 we get 11 panels of Kevin Trench and 3 panels of the uniform and NightWatch. So if you spent money on #97 thinking you have NightWatch’s first appearance you don’t. Buy all the #99s you can that’s the 1st NightWatch.

        • Ben C

          You are arguing completed sales… Sorry you disagree with the market and with the top 10. Comments are always welcome, but spamming links in your replies is not. I am sure you were not aware of this, so I removed the links.

          • Avatar

            Shes not arguing completed sales, shes pointing out that Nightwatch does not appear in any form in Web of #97. 97 only contains 1 panel of Kevin Trench. What issue did Eddie Brock 1st appear in? I know its not ASM300.

  • John Anthony

    Great article Ben!

  • Avatar

    Loving that the Original Mister Miracle is finally seeing a bump and I don’t even own the book just like that the love for the new is spilling over into the old books in general. Think it’s a good sign of health in the hobby overall.

  • Avatar

    Great List as always … someone just got my Astro City 1 pretty cheap but oh well didn’t know until just now it was optioned

  • misfit138

    I just don’t understand how anyone likes Cable. He’s been a lame character for 30 years now. Cable and Bishop got me to stop collecting X-Men. I don’t understand how people don’t understand Thanos #13 A cover. It’s maybe the best read I’ve had since The Vision maxi series and retailers didn’t order a whole lot of them and it’s a Thanos book and Thanos is hot, Cosmic Ghost Rider is hot and I’ve seen worse covers. This cover is hotter than the lenticular because it is harder to get in a higher grade. The big head cover is super boring. I’m surprised Moon Girl #28 isn’t moving more. It’s a super low print run and a big new villain potentially, but a terrible cover.

  • Avatar

    Ben Steiniger … I know buying New Mutants 8 for $1-2 then selling for $49.99 is a winner but might those NM8’s prices increase? The last thing I want is this character to become the next Laura Kinney X-23 and that book become NYX 6… NM8 is very scarce book on ebay. I think if the character does well, whether she is even in the DP2 movie.. that book may skyrocket. … Hopefully there’s no flooding!!

  • Avatar

    I meant NYX 3 … silly

  • Avatar

    Cosmic Ghost Rider isn’t going anywhere y’all. I wish I had thirty copies of Thanos 13.

  • Avatar

    People bought my Web of Spider-Man 97’s pretty cheap under $5-10 each when they were low dollar 🙂

  • Avatar

    Guardians of the Galaxy 13 from the early 90s is the fist “Cosmic” Ghost Rider

    • misfit138

      It’s similar but different. Not Frank Castle. The 90’s CGR didn’t get his powers from Mephisto, Galactus and Thanos. Cates’ CGR is wayyyyyy cooler. That early 90’s title was called Guardians of the Galaxy but was set hundreds of years in the future and had a totally different cast of characters. It was a good read but it is not close to the current GOTG title. That’s why GOTG 13 is not taking off. No one cares because it’s not Frank Castle’s CGR. The 90’s version was most similar to Cates’ CGR when he first gets his powers from Mephisto. But when he gets his cosmic powers from Galactus it completely changes the characters appearance (thank God). CGR is here to stay and is getting his own title from what I hear. Thanos 13 is a great spec book long term.

  • Avatar

    Great article as always, research is knowledge!

  • Avatar

    I thought pre-sales weren’t on the Hot 10?

  • Avatar

    Check completed sales of edge of spider verse #2 cgc 9.8s.

    1700 for the last one. Ss Stan Lee

  • JamesGoodwin

    Excellent job, Ben! I always enjoy the read. Issues from the Kirby Mister Miracles are non existent locally. I need flea market season back.

  • Avatar

    Great to see the NM vol.2 run getting some love. I bought the whole run a few years back when I first got into collecting for less than $30 so that book alone if I sold now would see me with a nice return. The whole series is full of 1st appearances. And Thanos #13 I’ve just sent to CGC so hopefully it’ll come back a 9.8! *fingers crossed*

    Great Top10 as always…👍👍

  • Avatar

    You could scoff at paying $40 for a NM #8, but I did today because I don’t have that book… want it now.. and already know my LCS longboxes don’t have it. You know what else costs $40? The 10 issues of Thanos 13 sitting in my ‘sell’ box. I’ll just keep slowly selling them all off for $60-$80 each or $100+ for 13/14/15 sets. Regardless what you do and don’t spend money on… people spending money in comics is great for the industry . Screw the bubble talk!

  • Sandy Sutherland

    I really appreciate the time you take to do this. It reminds me of Wizard which myself and everyone grew up on.
    I think it would be cool if you did a monthly top 10 artist or writer top 10.

    • Ben Steiniger

      Funny you mention that…it might already be in the works 😊

      • Dell18

        That would be slick. Maybe show some creators some love who don’t get the recognition they deserve. I miss those old-school Top 10 lists even if I didn’t always agree with them. I grew up on Comics Values Monthly and then Wizard too and just discovered this site recently after finally deciding to up my spec game so that some books I want don’t have to come out of my pocket. The spec game operates at a different pace now for sure and this site does a really good job covering it and the industry. Having instant feedback from multiple comic fans makes it nice too. Thanks.

  • A. J. Diesel

    Awesome list! Excellent work put into it! And so the hunt begins for every New Mutants #8 sitting in an LCS dollar box!!!

  • Avatar

    Great list Ben. My favorite thing is how Captain America 6, first Winter Soldier is still $100 raw. Errr, I mean $25. So first “Surge”, which isn’t even confirmed, is $50? Lol… There’s your cautionary tale my friends.

  • Avatar

    Any thoughts on how successful Astro City could be as a tv series, considering we are not looking at any characters with much mainstream recognition, and it’s self contained and separate from DC or Marvel continuity?

    All the other superhero tv shows I can think of are based on characters with big followings and at least some mainstream cultural recognition (Arrowverse, Marvel’s Netflix shows, Gotham etc) or are more minor characters, but are part of the main continuity of the ‘big two’ (Runaways, Black Lightning, Legion)

    Obviously Watchmen, which was until recently not part of DC continuity, and was self contained, but that’s an almost unique case. Ans some Mark Millar stuff I suppose; Kick-Ass etc.

    I might be forgetting something…

    Any ideas guys?

    • Dell18

      I still haven’t watched it but wasn’t Heroes kind of a Rising Stars R.I.P.-off that did really well? I could see Astro City be fairly successful or just fail depending on who’s involved.

  • dpiercy

    Thanks, Ben. Interesting week.

  • Sdalton

    Thanks for this list – love the Top 10 – hope it becomes a weekly feature again(?)!

  • Avatar

    As well as Thanos 13 is doing I can’t help but think if CGR was deadpool instead of Frank Castle I honestly think it would be doing even better.

  • Avatar

    Great list!

    I thought I could provide a little more helpful info regarding New Avengers 8 and the variant cover first appearances:

    “Having a cover as a first appear might rear it’s ugly head here like Red Goblin because of some store variant cover appearances…”

    Thankfully I don’t think it’s quite as messy as the Red Goblin situation

    The two variant covers referred to (of Infinity #1: Yesteryear and Laughing Ogre store variants) are not just cover appearances. That issue is also the first proper introduction to all of the Black Order members (except Corvus Glaive). They all appear a few times towards the end of the issue, and are introduced and named, both individually and as the Black Order

    The sort of ‘line-up’ panel featuring these characters that is appearing in many online pieces about them recently is actually from this issue (Infinity #1). New Avengers #8 does indeed show them, but separately, and un-named, in one panel each, on the last couple of pages. After reading both issues, NA #8 really feels like just a cameo.

    I would be fairly confident that once these issues are graded CGC, CBCS and PGX, this is how it will go: New Avengers #8 as cameo, Infinity #1 as full appearance. All three of those companies now like to differentiate between cameos and first ‘full’ appearances. [see also recent introductions like Jessica Cruz and Kate Kane Batwoman, same thing. Riri Williams also]

    The problem here is that the New Avengers #8 cover is alright, but only if you love the inhumans, which few people do. It doesn’t feel at all connected to the Black Order, Thanos, the Avengers or any of the Infinity storylines.

    The regular Infinity #1 cover is of Thanos looking angry. An okay cover, but nothing special. And also high print run.

    That’s where the two variants come into play. As mentioned by a few people (including myself) in the article from the other day (“three men and a little lady”).

    These are both brilliant covers (by Ron Lim and Humberto Ramos), and as they are not only the first cover appearance, but also the first “full” appearance (in my own opinion, other sources I have read, and likely in the opinion of the grading companies), I would think these are definitely more appealing.

    In the end, first ‘full’ appearance + potentially iconic / rare variant first cover appearance beats cameo and unrelated mediocre cover

    Those variant covers are still out there and available for the time being but could become like gold dust once the movie is released.

  • Avatar

    Listen carefully. This is the “HOT” 10. Web of Spiderman 97 is HOT af.
    Is it the first appearance of Nightwatch? No.
    Is Web 99 hot? Meh, Not really.
    Is Web 99 a good spec? Yes. Soon as CGC notes it the market will correct itself.
    Simply enjoy this moment being king of all nerds. We get to look down upon those who did not bother reading through one of the worst eras of spiderman. 🤓🤓🤓🙄

  • Avatar

    I’ve noticed a double and triple cover trend over the last few weeks. Ive been collecting them for years and lately it seems like everything has doubled or more on auctions. An ASM #361 1st print double cover nm just sold tonight for $710 on auction! A Spiderman #1 Silver 2nd print Triple Cover for over $500 over the weekend! I thought i could snag that SM#1 for 300 man I was off. Also seeing a lot of movement of Golden Age double covers. Finally double+ covers seem to be getting the respect they deserve based on many being unique and extremely rare! Great list keep up the good work!

  • Avatar

    Nicely put together list. I am a little surprised by how long Thanos 13 has been able to hold heat. NA8 also caught me by surprise as I haven’t really seen villain books catch that much heat. I wonder if the Free Comic Book Day book will see similar results.

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