The Weekend After Wednesday for 3/17/18

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 3/14/18. They could still be at your shop.



AVENGERS #684 (MARVEL) – Several key events like the return of the Hulk, the origins of Voyager and Iron Red Hulk are helping drive this to a $9-$10 shipped book.

DUCKTALES #7 1:10 BENTINA BEAKLEY VARIANT (IDW) – These are getting super hard to find. Hence, this variant is selling for $30 + shipping. People need their sets and will pay to get it.

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #23 BEN OLIVER “ZOMBIE” VARIANT (DC) – Zombie variants are hot again (and yes, I realize there are different Monsters on this cover). First Popeye and now Scooby Doo. This is selling for a solid $10-$15 shipped. I have a hard time believing this will hold with 50+ copies listed.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 2ND PRINT (MARVEL) – This 2nd print is still holding at $10 shipped. Word is that Red Goblin may not be Norman Osborn. If that’s true, what does that mean for all issues from #795 to #797?

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797 (MARVEL) – #797 has dropped a tad across all books: 1:500 @ $412, Thor @ $6, Design variant @ $18, Kuder Young Guns @ $18 & Standard @ $5.

CALL OF THE SUICIDE FOREST #2 (OF 5) (AMIGO) – The standard cover saw a nice bump up to $9 shipped. What’s interesting is that the variant hasn’t seen a single listing since the one copy that sold last week for $25. If you have one, I highly recommend listing it.

OBLIVION SONG #1 COLLECTOR’S SET (IMAGE) – The limited to 1000 Statue Collector’s has dropped from $400 to $370. The standard issue is selling steadily, it’s just stuck at cover price. The Collector’s set Chromium variant hasn’t shown up by itself all week.

RICK & MORTY PRESENTS THE VINDICATORS #1 (ONI) – Both cover A and B have dipped from $14 to $10 shipped. This isn’t a huge drop. However, the focus has shifted from the standard cover to the ECCC variant (limited to 500 copies). Last week, this variant was selling at $75 and has jumped to $150. 9.8’s sold for $350 & $360. The C2E2 variants (also limited to 500 copies) dropping next week are primed to hit $100 before the convention even starts. These variants will most likely water down the ECCC variant a bit, but it will still sell for over $100. Rick & Morty fans love paying for these.

SPIDER KING #1 1:10 SKOTTIE YOUNG VARIANT (IDW) – This was an easy winner last week with a steady $30 market price… but then it just stopped selling. There hasn’t been a single sale for this variant in 5 days. Copies are available for $25 (with best offer) and ready to drop. It will most likely settle to $15.

TRUE BELIEVERS VENOM VS SPIDER-MAN #1 (MARVEL) – At $1, I’m really surprised there aren’t more then the 100+ copies currently listed. Prices have dropped a bit to $2.50, with some higher sales here and there. Making that $1 profit (after fees) seems like a massive grind and is reserved for the patient.



INFINITY COUNTDOWN ADAM WARLOCK #1 2ND (MARVEL) – There aren’t many of these currently listed. Recent sales have been for $9-$10 shipped. If Warlock pops up in Infinity Wars, this could see some interest.




BARBARELLA #4 (DYNAMITE) – The Hans 1:30 Variant was on the radar for most speculators. It’s a strange variant that has polarizing opinions. Regardless, it has mostly been selling for $20 but is available on eBay for $15 and is sitting at that price. The rest of the variants aren’t doing any better.








GOTHAM CITY GARAGE #11 (DC) – Cool Lobo cover and has a super low print.


JUSTICE LEAGUE #26 MATTINA VARIANT (DC) – Great cover that’s selling for cover.



NEW MUTANTS DEAD SOULS #1 (OF 6) (MARVEL) – Campbell & Brooks exclusive variant sets will be the winners for this title. I’m a bigger fan of Brooks, but the Campbell D “Demon” Magik is awesome. Currently, the Brooks full set is $120 and Campbell is $240 for a signed set.

ROSE #9 CVR B LOOPYDAVE (IMAGE) – There was one sale at $10 shipped, however they are available for sale at $4 + shipping.


SECRET WEAPONS OWENS STORY #0 1:20 VARIANT (VALIANT) – There was one pre-sale from over a month ago at $30. There’s one international copy listed at $34. That’s it. No other listings or sales. It’s hard to tell what this variant wants to do.




SUPERGIRL #19 (DC) – Selling for under cover. The Wondercon foil variant is the way to go. It’s pre-selling for $30 shipped.

VAMPIRONICA #1 (ARCHIE) – The variants aren’t selling for much, however I love Stadium Comic’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 101 tribute cover. It costs $20+shipping on their site and sells for $30 shipped on eBay. So, it’s a wash.


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    Those Rick And Morty ECCC variants were put up on Oni’s website for $10 each limit 5 copies earlier this week. Will see how that effects the market now that people loaded up on 5 copies for $50.


    The Oni website ECCC Vindicators sold out immediately, and I know a ton of people missed out, so I don’t think it’s going to water it down too much. Also, I’ve had a good half dozen offers on my ECCC at $15 or less, with angry messages calling me a scammer for selling above con cost. I’m hoping people don’t just decide to pass on the book because they are mad they missed it before the price went nuts.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Yeah, I was closely watching their site for the days following ECCC. These hit the one store at like 6am est. Us west coasters were sleeping. The One folks did confirm that the print run was 500 and that they only held a small number aside for the site store (as a courtesy to their fans). There won’t be that much of a larger flood then what’s on there. The C2E2 variant sales will slow them down though.

  • Comickaze

    DuckTales 1:10 Blueprints were instant cash selling for 10X value but that game is officially over now that other have caught on. I also agree that those Gotham City Garage issues are secret stashes. Issue 9 was hovering under 8,000; split covers- you do the math. That Tula Lotay Ivy/Supergirl for 8 was a beaut as well!

  • Avatar

    Glad I immediately flipped a Scooby for 15 bucks, only wish I could say the same for Vampironica

  • Avatar

    Happy to have 2/3 hot books. 2 copies of the Scooby. That cover is incredible. I met Ben Oliver a little while ago. Very talented.

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