Who wants some Dell’Otto Spider-Man and acetate Action #1???

First contest of the season is here and not a moment too late! With Toronto Comic Con starting tomorrow, these will be hitting gen pop and getting more interested. Just a reminder of what we are talking about:

If you do not want to wait, you can still order them at Fan Expo Store (as well as their awesome past variants and some pretty good deals on other standard variants). If you want to get them for free, though, it's easy enough … There will be two sets of these 4 covers given away. Each set will go to whoever gives us the best answer to each one of these questions:

  • What's your favorite Dell'Otto Spider-man cover?
  • What's your favorite Action Comics #1 swipe?

You can answer to both or just one of those questions and get extra points if you make me (who will be deciding the winners) discover a cool cover I didn't know about.

Good luck everyone and, as always, thanks to the good people at Fan Expo!!!


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    Amazing Spider-Man 685 1:15 variant Del Otto, and Multiversity 1 Captain Carrot cover

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    My favorite Dell Otto Spidey cover has to be Amazing Spider – Island # 2 , 1:25 variant. Spiderman fighting a giant Spider ?! The cover is crazy.

    My fave Action Comics # 1 cover swipe is Sensation Comics # 51. It shows even back in the day, atleast in my mind that Wonder Woman was/is equally strong as the man of steel himself. Awesome cover !

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      That giant spider only had 7 eyes on it. C’mon Dell’Otto, get your spider anatomy correct!

      (Before anyone gets upset, I’m joking)

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    spider-men II 2 Dell’otto variant and spawn 228

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    Best Dell’otto Spider-man is Amazing Spider-man The Clone Conspiracy #4. That lizard is amazing. Also the best Action Comics #1 Swipe is Batman and Robin #39. Damian Wayne lifting the Batmobile! Alfred stressed out makes it so funny and it even has Ace the Bat-hound on it.

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    BATMAN Dark Nights Metal #4 Dell’Otto Red Death Virgin Variant
    Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell #1 – FYI Comics

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    Loved the Actions Comics homage in Batman and Robin 39. Robin getting superpowers was awesome and Pat Gleason’s art is always top-notch.

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    I dig ASM 9-14 connecting covers!
    And from my spawn collection I loooove my spawn 228 action comics 1 cover swipe~
    The Weed Magic 1 cover swipe gives me the chuckles, but its still a solid cover swipe!

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    Darn, twistdement took my Action swipe! I guess I’ll go with FF #291- a fun swipe that’s at least a bit more original then most. Spider-Man: Family Business is my favorite Dell’otto- why doesn’t Kingpin wear Hawaiian shirts more often?

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    Favorite Dell Otto Spider Man is actually the new Spectacular Spiderman 300, and favorite cover swipe for Action Comics is Spiderman 306. Just seeing Marvel’s iconic character in the same pose is great!

  • ManFromTheStars

    Favorite Dell’Otto Spider-Man is Wizard Magazine 230.

    Favorite Action Comics 1 swipe is Batman and Robin 39. Alfred’s face is too good!

  • ward09

    My favourite Action Comics 1 swipe is Sensation Comics 51. It has to be one of the oldest cover swipes ever – a Golden Age comic paying homage to the comic that kicked off the era. This is my favorite Golden Age Wonder Woman cover, with great art by Harry Peter, adding extra depth beyond the cover that inspired it. Getting this comic is on my collecting bucket list.

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    Action comics swipe for Popeye #1 and best Dell Otto Spidey is German Spider-Man #30 variant

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    My favorite dell’otto spidey is Amazing Spider-Man Family Business HC.
    I mean it takes a special kind or artist to draw Kingpin in a Hawaii shirt and still make him look menacing!

    As for fave Action Comics Swipe… Amazing Spider-Man #306. I mean McFarlane, great swipe, favorite character, lot’s of plusses here!
    Also with so many of McFarlane’s covers having the homage treatment, it’s nice to see an homage cover by Todd!

  • ender6988

    Best Dell’Otto is ASM #667. Apart from the rarity it is an awesome pose. Unique andgreat colorplay on the white background

    Best Action #1 Homage is ASM #306. Todd McFarlane was killing it onthat ASM run and this cover showed his affinity for homages that would come back on that Spawn run.

  • longballburrell

    Best Spidey – Secret War #1 (of 5) from 2004 – not only do you get the sweet Spidey cover, but the interior art is all Dell’Otto, too! That entire mini-series is straight up eye candy.

    Best Action Homage – ASM 306. As a Spidey guy, you can’t go wrong with McFarlane, Spidey, and a cover swipe of an all-time great cover.

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    Wow! What a tough question since there are literally so many Dell Otto Spidey & Action Comics 1 cover swipes out there! It was always funny how the title of Action Comics 1 had an “s” at the end- plural even though it was the only issue…. How did they know they were going to do a second, third, 1,000th issue! …

    Fav Dell’Otto Spidey cover is Secret War Book 1! Because that was the first Dell’Otto rendition of Spidey I ever saw. It was the first comic series I ever purchased at a comic shop and it’s such a simple museum-esque drawn Spidey over a beautiful black background

    Fav Action Comics 1 swipe is Amazing Spider-Man #306 cause I love Todd the Father and his Son Spidey!… such a sick, violent, and highly detailed swipe! Poor o’l police car.. (sadly I don’t own that issue)..how it escapes me…..

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    this was easy, Amazing Spider-Man- Ends of the earth, part 5.
    Spawn 228.
    the comic cover that I like, regret not getting, ghost rider 93 last issue.

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    Spider-Man #30 German Variant is just sick. And I’ve loved this homage done by a fan: https://m7781.deviantart.com/art/the-breaking-bane-326935615

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    Hard to pick just one. I think his best work is the Amazing spider-man spider verse connecting variants. More specifically #14. Great cover. The six arm Spidey and superior Spidey are really well done.

    Action comics #1 homage ill go with Supergirl 685. I grew up reading comics around the time of superman death and this cover will always stick with me.

  • fourwayflashers

    – Avenging Spider-Man #14 – Spider-man and Devil Dinosaur!
    – Sensation Comics#51 – Wonder Woman re-creates Action Comics #1

  • morellotunes

    Favorite Dell’Otto Spiderman is:

    Panini Germany (Marvel Deutschland) Spider-Man #30 (777 copies, only). Such a menacing stance and an amazing layout.

    Favorite Action Comics Swipe is:

    (IDW) Back to the Future #1 – Geoffrey’s Hi De Ho store Variant (even though I usually avoid store variants). Just a really creative take on the Action Comics cover idea.

  • spursfan17

    Underdog Comics 1! It’s Underdog!!!

    Amazing Spider-Man 683 variant edition. Electro doesn’t get enough love and this is actually hard to find! .

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    Can I select a hardcover cover? Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business is up there for me. Spidey squaring off against the Kingpin, all along that beautiful Dell’Otto red shading he’s famous for. Plus, all the interior art is more Dell’Otto goodness!

    Best Action Comics #1 swipe for me goes to Buffy Season 8 #32 B cover. It’s Buffy with a freaking giant train!

  • jason jones

    Fav Action swipe: Asm 306

    Fav Del Otto Spidey: honestly this cover being offered in the contest (I’m usually not a fan of how he draws Spidey- I know I’m the worst).

  • NickeGz

    Secret Wars II #1 Bulletproof Variant – Triple Threat – Dell Otto/Deadpool/Spidey

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    Dell’otto for Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc Omega #1 Virgin Variant. Amazing Dell’Otto cover. VENOM What Venom should look like.

    Action Comics cover swipe goes to
    Spawn #228. Love the blood on the windshield of the car.

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    Favorite dell otto is Venom 1. The virgin is a beauty.

    Favorite action swipe is Cerebus 1. It just made me smile !

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    My favorite Spider-Man cover Dell’Otto has done has to be ASM #667 the sheer rarity of the book is the reason I choose that one.

    My favorite Action Comics #1 swipe has to be ASM #306 done by McFarlane, simply because I had to stick with the Spider-Man theme for this one lol.

  • Kyle

    My favourite Dell’Otto spider-man Cover has to be this:

    Spider-Man (2004) – #30
    Bestien (Variant Cover-Edition A) Panini Edition

    My favorite Action Comics #1 swipe has to be Spawn #228!

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    Clone Conspiracy 1- Del Otto
    Amazing Spiderman 306- Action Comics swipe

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    I like the Fantastic Four 291 homage for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a little different than other homages (black car, facing the other way, background more interesting), and second, I love me some Shulkie.

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    I like the Bulletproof Comics Dark nights metal #2 Dell’Otto. Wonder Woman is awesome on this cover. I like the FF 291 cover swipe for Action comics #1. I also like the sketch on that Chris Giarrusso did on a Action comics 18 blank cover . You gotta do a yahoo search and see it.

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    For me, it will always be the ASM #667. WHY? Very simple. It’s a great cover. But what people don’t notice is that no matter the orientation, the art fits. I’ve seen this cover turned upside down, sideways, and even inverted. I’m tempted to put it on a rotating disk and view it from all 360 degrees. Somehow, its great no matter how you ‘Spin’ it. ( a little spider humor ftw)

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    My favorite Dell Otto is the amazing spiderman #13 spiderverse connecting variant feat black suit spiderman it is such an underrated cover IMO. My favorite action comics #1 cover swipe is regular show #1 showing muscle man picking up and throwing a golf cart and seeing hi five ghost flying for his life scared, I get a kick out of that cover.

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    Action Comics 1 Swipe: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #306

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    Action Comics Swipe has to be Amazing Spiderman 306
    Dell’Otto Superman 50 Batman 50 Connecting

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    Favorite Dell’otto Spiderman cover: Spider-Man 507 Edizione Variant
    Favorite Action Comics #1 swipe: Popeye 1 Bruce Ozella cover

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    Favorite action comics #1 swipe is definitely amazing Spider-Man 306. Love that cover.
    Favorite dell Otto spidey is his amazing Spider-Man 685 variant. That’s an intense cover.

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    Del Otto is secret empire 10 variant and action swipe would be amazing Spider-Man 306

  • MZircher

    Best Action Comics 1 swipe is definitely Buffy The Vampire Slayer #32 Season 8

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    Action Comics 1 Swipe Popeye cover is my pick. When I was a kid I found the show hilarious. This definitely brings back good memories.

    The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 667 Dell’Otto variant is definitely the one for me. Normally I see artists put shading to add some texture. But for him it’s different because he uses white shading or makes it a bit overexposed and still it works out great.

  • Foxom

    Best AC#1 swipe is Delivery-Boy Man #1 for sure. Fry is a dual threat writer/artist!

    Best Dell’Otto Spidey for me is clone conspiracy 4.

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    Fun contest!

    Favorite Dell Otto Spider-Man: Amazing Spider-Man #798 Dell’Otto Exclusive Variant

    Favorite Action Comics #1 swipe: Action Comics #900 Alex Ross Cover (done from a different perspective)

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    My favorite Dell’Otto Spider-Man over is easily the cover to The Pulse # 2. The breathtaking shot of Spidey flying into action against the Vulture conveyed a sense of movement and vertigo not even the best painters could portray in the past. You really get the vertical movement in this one like you were in the air with them, and the cool colors made it pop. It was so well done that the image even inspired Bendis to write the story for the issue around it!

    My favorite Action # 1 swipe would probably be Superman # 201 with Mr. Majestic in Superman’s place. Not only do I think McGuinness’ art was the best pastiche of Jerry Shuster so far, the mid-’00’s logo graphics around it really sold the endearing, kitschy aspect to the book. It was a familiar classic pose with a Windstorm character firmly in the DCU, and that made it really special.

  • misfit138

    Favorite Action #1 swipe is ASM #306. It swiped Action #1 30 years ago when swipes just weren’t done. It has some great elements. Marvel’s top character, with my generations best artist and on a Marvel book paying homage to DC’s 2nd best character.

    Choosing a Dell’Otto Spidey fav cover is very difficult. The winner for me is the Clone Conspiracy #3. I love how the Jackal is drilling Spidey in the face and his face is exploding. You can see all of the motion/action and pain associated with the haymaker being thrown. I also considered all of the End’s of the Earth covers and the new ASM #798 variant.

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    Love the Madman action comics 1 cover swipe and that Peter Parker spiderman 300 Dell’Otto looks great


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    Favorite action comics 1 swipe is Amazing Spider-man 306. McFarlane Spider-man….anything else really need to be said?

    I like Dell’otto’s Amazing Spider-man 686 variant, it’s the best one I have seen.

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    Action Comics #27 scribblenauts variant (love playing the game) and Batman #16 Panni Comics German Version Cover (awesome cover of myself).

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    I will pass and let someone else get the prize 🙂

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    Favorite Dell’Otto Spidey cover HAS to be the FanExpo Store ASM 797 virgin variant. Because FanExpo. ?

    Favorite AC #1 Swipe is Aardvark Comics #1. Because Cerebus and Munch and Sarcasm. Triple threat baby!!!! ?

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    Favorite Dell’Otto Spiderman cover: SECRET WAR #1 OF 5. Simply a beutiful cover.

    Favor Action Comic #1 Swipe: Action Comics #685.

  • Zach Whit

    Favorite Dell’Otto Spider-man cover: Amazing Spidey #686. Mysterio and his purple mist is pretty awesome.

    Favorite Action Comics #1 swipe: Either Spawn #228 or Spidey #306. Gotta love the Toddfather.

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    Clone Conspiracy 2 for Dell’otto

    For Action Comics 1 swipe Wacky Squirrel Comics 4. I find it hilarious.