First you may have missed: Trinary

Today's First you may have missed will focus on a new X-Man (woman) going by the name Trinary. With all the X-Men [Color] books, I'm sure it's easy to overlook some x-character's along the way so if you have I am here to help.

Trinary, whose first appearance in the most general sense of the word is X-Men Red #1. In that book all we get is a name and an image of her in a flash forward (or vision), so i chalk that one up as a cameo. It's not until X-Men Red #2 that we get a full on Trinary blow out complete with story, dialog and powers. Trinary is a technopath from India, captured by the Indian mutant defense force for giving all the female workers 25% raises in their bank accounts because of gender gap pay rates in India. She gets a message out via … technology to Jean Grey and a rescue mission is formed.

Not much more is known about her at this point and I know this is not a review article but I just want to add that I am trying so hard to like this book. The first issue was ok and the team interest me in the solicits but this origin issue for Trinary seemed a bit meh in my opinion. New X-characters are very hit and miss in the spec world and while I do think the look of Trinary is pretty cool, I'm not a fan of the power set that has been shown thus far, so I'm hoping in coming issues we see something more amazing than Royal Pain from Disney's family super hero flick Sky High, Caitlin Snow and Ego the living planet have come so far (you have seen Sky High right!? Sure you have everyone has).

There is not much more to say about Trinary at this point but the book is cheap, cover or less. If you do want to go with issue #1 she appears on the cover of the 1:25 variant but I would stick with issue 2 which has 3 covers none of which feature Trinary. You have ra egular Nightcrawler cover, a headshot variant of Nightcrawler which shouldn't be hard to find and my favorite although it has nothing to do with the book is the New Mutants Warlock variant. No print run numbers yet but I don't expect it to be super low. This one I would stick in the grab 'em if you seem 'em category or as a deal sweetener for trades or bulk buys at shows but I could be wrong.

As always thank you for your time and remember Its better to have first and flip, then to never have first at all” — Valiant Horton


  • Clint Joslin

    I am very impressed with you pulling out Sky High movie references! I have not seen that in a long time – great call there. Also, another knockout article filled with great stuff! You unearthing this type of stuff is pure gold to the community. Thanks again for writing these posts as they have quickly become one of my favorites!

    • Dale Valiant horton

      Thank you for the kind words and always checking out my stuff. Really means alot to me especially from someone whos spec work i admire. And sky high is 1 of those little films that always gets overlooked but deserves a mention. Got some more great stuff coming, next 1 will be a D.C. book lol i have been very marvel loaded lately.

  • Avatar

    Thanks for this…I love the xmen but the recent xmen books just don’t feel like the xmen to me for some reason. Hope red is different. Thanks

    • Dale Valiant horton

      I agree. I had high hopes for red and enjoyed the first issue but the 2nd was meh. I think they need to just stick to one all star roster for now and bring on newbies slowly.

  • Avatar

    Awesome info! TY. I head to my comic shop every Wed. I like to support the few that are left in my area, but the serious collectors grab the variants, and “1st appearance of ” (AKA The good stuff) before I can get there. Thanks to you guys, I have the info only they seem to have, …until now! TY Again

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