1 Spawn #283 ComicsPro Variant

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Szymon Kuranski
With all the talk of the Mattina cover, this ComicsPro cover has been a standout.  Expect to pay over $100 for the color and close to $200 for the B/W.

2 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #28

WRITER: Brandon Montclare
ARTIST: Natacha Bustos
Speculators and collectors alike are clamoring for new characters and have hitched onto this Omnipotentis (thanks for the recent write up Dale Horton).  Who knows what the future holds, but a 2 week old regular cover book selling for $25+ is pretty much the definition of Hot.

3 Amazing Spider-Man #795 Dale Keown Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Mike Hawthorne
As has been said before, I could care less about Red Goblin.  A lot of people are buying this whole run until it is sorted out of what book is key.  This one surprisingly has overtaken the regular cover and is selling for $40+ at the moment.

4 Black Panther (Vol. 3) #2

WRITER: Reginald Hudlin
ARTIST: John Romita, Jr.
9.8's are now selling in the upper $200's.  While there are a bunch of raw copies out there, finding higher grades may prove to be a harder task than you might think with that deep red spine.

5 Incredible Hulk #180

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: Herb Trimpe
With #181 out of most people's reach at this point, #180 is hitting it's stride.  Highs are being hit in multiple grades at the moment.  Is there really a stopping point for either of these books?

6 The Spider King #1 Skottie Young 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Josh Vann
ARTIST: Simone D'Armini
Hmmm, interesting synopsis with Vikings and aliens, but not so sure about the long term collectibility yet.  With sales already pushing $30 out of the gate, who knows…

7 Oblivion Song #1 Foil Variant /1000

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Lorenzo De Filici
It's hard to quantify the actual value of the comic right now because it comes packaged with a statue, but one copy did sell for $280 and sets, which were preselling around $175, are selling for over $350.

8 Lady Death Gallery #1 J. Scott Campbell ECCC Variants /150

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
It's con season again and that means sought after variants.  Seeing that these 2 were numbered to 150 and are Campbell covers, it's not much of a surprise that they are selling for double what the buy-in price was.

9 Rick & Morty Presents The Vindicators #1

WRITER: J. Torres
Yes, Pickle Rick was on the Brain Trust cover of #35 a few months ago (and why the hate of Kellie Pickler…ick?  Lame joke, I know–sue me).  This whole, is a cover appearance considered a 1st appearance is a serious hot-button topic that needs addressed.  Even still, this one is selling 2-3X cover.

10 Amazing Spider-Man #797 Aaron Kuder Young Guns Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Stuart Immonen
So this book ekes its way onto the Hot 10 selling for $25-30 shipped.  It does so for the sheer fact that #797 does not have an appearance by Red Goblin (yes, Marvel, you have scammed everyone at this point) and has maintained that price point.  My personal opinion is that if you want a nice looking Kuder Spidey, go for the 1:25 of #19 that came out about a year ago (it's cheap).

Abe Sapien #31 David Mack Variant

WRITER: Mike Mignola
ARTIST: Sebastian Fiumara
This very hard to find variant has had multiple sales in the last month of $75 and there is only 1 listed for sale at the moment.  Shape of Water effect?

Dynamic Comics #20

WRITER: Unknown
ARTIST: Paul Gattuso (CA)
I don't know if it's the bare chested woman or just the insanity of this market at the moment, but a 7.0 sold this week for over $1300.  In perspective, a 7.0 and 8.0 sold last summer for $725 & $900, respectively.

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  • Avatar

    I grabbed a couple of those Vindicators, 1 for box and 1 for me and my 14 yr old to read. After I heard the hype was real I went to/called 6 different comic stores between 2 towns looking for more…. completely sold out. Not only that they each are having 10-20 people a day walking in and asking for it. I don’t remember ‘pocket like you stole it’ having any hype like this… but this book could go nuclear. Can’t believe when I bought mine Wednesday there was a stack of 20 just sitting there… lol.

    • Avatar

      Same. Grabbed one copy each of covers A and B and left at least 20 on the rack because it was already a heavy week for me. Too much collecting, not enough flipping!!

  • Avatar

    “(yes, Marvel, you have scammed everyone at this point)” ASM 797.
    How is developing a story scamming as you say? N. Osborn NOT being able to become Green goblin had been established why would Slott rush RG before GG? Marvel didn’t force anyone to spec heavy on a RG 1st app. you do so at your own risk take responsibility and blame yourself.

    • Ben Steiniger

      Yeah, Marvel is clearly money grabbing…why would they allow cover art of a character they have not yet introduced? Clearly to sell more regular issues because people would assume that if a character can be on the cover (design variant, comicxposure variant), that the character would actually be IN the book…as I stated, I’m not buying any of these and will worry about it after the dust settles, but Marvel is doing a disservice to their customers at this point…

  • Avatar

    First cover appearance is just that a cover appearance, it’s not a first full appearance, it’s not a first cameo appearance it’s a first cover appearance. It goes the same in reverse Thanos has a first full appearance followed later by a first cover appearance. But when a cover beats the actual first appearance on the inside of a book then it’s know as 1st appearance in cover only. Ideally you want a book that checks all the boxes cover and first full appearance but doesn’t seem to always work out that way. Then you also have people who won’t count 1st appearance in cover only from store exclusive variants. Like some prefer to not count Red Goblin on the comicxsposure #796 cover and would say the design variant #797 is first appearance in cover only. Here’s where it gets weird the Gwen cover from the Gwen covers of the month for Deadpool secret secret wars. People consider first appearance of Gwenpool in cover, however it’s Gwen Stacy in the Gwenpool costume all the Gwen covers done for the month were renditions of Gwen Stacy. Gwenpool is Gwendolyn Poole not Gwen Stacy a completely different character and person than Gwen, so what do you do with something like this? It will be debated for the ages.

    • A. J. Diesel

      Reminds me a lot of Ronin in the New Avengers series. He appears on a variant cover to #1, but then didn’t appear until issue #11. Total scammers. Marvel is becoming a JOKE!

  • Avatar

    A 9.8 copy of JSC’s Danger Girl 2 Ruby Red variant sold for $6,000 in a manner of hours on eBay a few days ago.

    Does that not warrant a mention ?

  • Dale Valiant horton

    I love to match up my box to this list. My luck is so bad these days. I had a shot at the keown cover for asm. Should have diversified more but only grabbed 1 and 5 other covers. Of course it would break out in price lol. Otherwise i did pretty well this week 7 out of 10 is not bad. And thanks for the shout out.

  • Avatar

    Wonder Woman #7 has been red hot, surprised it didn’t make the list.

  • misfit138

    ASM #797 McGuiness variant Shows the Red Goblin and says his name. That’s usually what CGC goes by to determine a first appearance, is naming the character. The Mike Mayhew cover is selling much higher but doesn’t name the character. If you can get the McGuiness for $25 or less buy it! More than likely CGC will call it the first appearance because they have to acknowledge that appearance because it is on the cover and it’s named. There was no previous appearance nor naming of the character. It will say on the label pre-dates the first appearance of the character in ASM #799 or 800?? The regular cover for 799 shows the RG clearly on the cover. The 795 2nd print doesn’t show nor name the character. There are covers for 798 with the RG on them. My money is on the #797 McGuiness.

    • Avatar

      So if I’m reading this correctly, you’re saying that CGC determines what a first appearance is? In the old days we’d have to wait for the Overstreet price guide to come out to see what a true first appearance issue was. My question is how/where does CGC determine a true first appearance? Are they themselves making that determination or are they using other resources/data? Thanks.

  • misfit138

    Call them and ask. Usually for CGC to recognize a first appearance there needs to be a clear image of the character, and they are named. The character having a part in the story and them speaking also helps. Collectors usually don’t like cameos and want full first appearances in a story (i.e. ASM #299/300 and Hulk 180/181 and X-Factor 5/6). The market and collectors sometimes decide a 1st appearance though when it’s not obvious. For instance the industry and collectors consider Detective Comics 850 the first appearance of Gotham City Sirens, but it’s not named and it’s vague what’s happening so CGC won’t recognize that as the first appearance. Yes CGC looks at publishers wiki’s, and other industry sources to make a decision when it’s not obvious and just known. They also like to wait a while for the dust to settle to make their call. I hope this helps.

    • Avatar

      Thanks, that’s a great explanation. I was just curious. Always a good idea to “wait for the dust to settle” on some first appearance questions. The whole Red Goblin first appearance debate is giving me a headache.

  • misfit138

    I’m in Minneapolis this weekend and just picked up the Image Expo B&W Spawn 283 for $24.99 and it’s flawless. I went to another store and picked up 5 copies of Moon Girl 28 (6,500 copy print run according to this site) for cover. Awesome day!!!

  • Clint Joslin

    Great stuff Ben! I always look back in amazement with some of these titles. Ugly rat takes the case this week! Thanks for the write ups!

  • misfit138

    Grabbed another 5 copies of Moon Girl 28’s sitting on the shelf today in MN. Thanks MN!!!

  • Avatar

    Lady Death Unholy Ruin ECCC exclusive is doing pretty good (nice ASM 300 cover swipe). Several auctions are getting close to ending so we should see what the set price is soon.

  • Avatar

    is there any info on issue count on moongirl 28, not even close to buying ricky and morty. I have my lcs holding 6 copies each of moongirl 27 and 28.

  • misfit138

    Been waiting 2 weeks for another Top 10!!! 🙂

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