The Unpressable Defects 95

In this issue … Guillermo Del Toro's Splash remake, Marvel's Fresh Start, DC's new characters and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • morellotunes

    You guys mention that the comicxposure spidey cover is definitely the first app of red goblin. Are we sure it was out and/or printed prior to the 1:10 McGuinness design variant? I’m not at all convinced of that fact.

    • Avatar

      CX is issue #796. The design variant is #797. The CX would have been printed the same time as #796.

      • morellotunes

        I realize all of that and that they are different issues, however, people didn’t actually have an in-hand copy of the CX until the McGuinness was already published. I.e., which did people actually have in-hand, first? Release date matters. If I print a comic today and don’t release it until June, its shelf date is June, not March.

  • Sdalton

    I was chuckling as y’all were talking about the Fantastic Four and its dearth of spec – some fun storylines and great art along the way, but I am always amazed by the lack of key issues. I like that Annihilus spec though – get a solid FF movie franchise going, he appears at some point and that annual gains some serious notoriety – thanks for pointing that one out.

  • Avatar

    Great episode. Love the ff but yeah its a wasteland of value books.
    I see red goblin having more potential than cosmic ghost rider or batch h…but i could be wrong.

  • Avatar

    Dude said take a laxative the night before you go to the con….lmao

  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for listening in guys and for commenting!

  • Avatar

    Unbelievable that comicxposure still can’t ship comics. I agree 100%.

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