Punisher Season 2, Discworld, Black Hole, Devil Dinosaur and More!


Here's a quickie comic fans.  Enjoy!

Invincible Iron Man 25

First appearance of the Bleeding Edge Armor

Everyone needs an upgrade to fight in space and Tony Stark is no different.  We know that the Bleeding Edge ( Model 38 ) armor will be Tony's new weapon against Thanos.  It first appeared here.




Contemporary Bio-Graphics

Stan Lee Cover

 Covers featuring Stan the Man continue to do well. Don't forget about this one if collecting them is your thing.



Vertigo Defy Preview

With the return of the Sandman Universe expect many different keys to heat up.  This free giveaway was likely tossed by most people and includes preview firsts for notables like The Wake, Coffin Hill and Collider.



Zombies VS Robots Annual 1

First published Comic work by Daniel Wilson

Michael Bay has signed on to adapt Daniel Wilson's Robopocalypse novel.  Wilson made his foray into comics with this Annual



Colour of Magic 1

First comic appearance of Discworld

Terry Pratchett's insanely funny  Discworld novels are getting adaptation via the BBC.  Colour of Magic has already been adapted but it remains the first comic appearance of the property and is not easy to find in NM.





Avenging Spider-Man 14,15 ( Newsstands only )

There are no first appearances here but with a Moon Girl show coming one would expect some speculation on Devil Dinosaur.  Unfortunately there just isn't much out there.  The bronze age series was heavily printed.  You could look for these Dell'Otto rarities though if you are into impossibilities.



Black Hole 1

Charles Burns incredible 12 issue series about a group of teens who contract an alien STD is finally getting the film treatment it deserves!


The Punisher 86

First Jimmy Pierce

There are some rumors circulating that there could be a new Punisher come Season 2 of the Netflix show.  Since it appears that the source material will be Suicide Run here are two to look for and they are cheap.


The Punisher War Zone 7

First appearance of Lynn Michaels


And finally The Flash is adding some new DC listers to it's CW show.  TV spec, especially CW speculation isn't really a money maker but news is news and you never know what will resonate with fans.

The Flash 153

First appearance of the Folded Man

JLA 94

First appearance of the Crucifier


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    The Black Hole news is exciting! I love that series and it is long overdue for a film adaption. The first printings of those books are very difficult to find.

  • Avatar

    Had the Folded Man now I have just added the Crucifier…

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    I haven’t read them, so I’m not sure, but I’m seeing claims that Jimmy Pierce first appears in Punisher 85. It’s probably the classic cameo vs full scenario, but thought I would share. These True First articles are my favorite on this site. Great work, as always.

  • Topher

    That is certainly possible and thanks! I will check. Glad you like the articles and thank you for taking the time to comment.

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    I look forward to reading what you find out. In the meantime, I’m going to hunt down the entire suicide run this weekend. If I find them and can confirm one way or the other before you get a chance, I’ll let you know. Thanks, again.

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