Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing March 8, 2018

Superboy meets Bizarro Superboy, We get a new character in the Walking Dead, and Norman Osborn has his crazy back in Green Goblin. Plus an additional pick of the week by a special guest. All of this and so much more…


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    I was one of the lucky ones to get Thanos 13 1st print for the cover price. This book is selling for $70 on ebay. Can someone give an advise? Do you think it can grow more? Should I sell now or wait? Do these kind of modern investments keep growing? Or Is it just the trend? Are these kind of books (First app weapon H, first app red goblin etc) going to keep growing? Does someone have some experience in investing to answer these questions:

    Thank you in advance


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      Depends how many you have. I look at the Thanos 13 heat the same as Totally Awesome Hulk # 22 last year. Demanded big money at one point but around 50-60% what it used to. Sell now while it’s hot, keep your best 2 just incase it goes even higher . If you only have 1-2 and bought cover, you really can’t lose if you sell or hold.

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    TAH #22 is pretty solidly in the $60 – $80 range currently – it was $30-$40 in December – was it previously over $100 at some point?

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    Iv’e gone with Gideon Fall 1 (Jock cover), Oblivion Song 1, ASM 797, Avengers 683, Call of the Suicide Forest 2.

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