Fan Expo’s back!!!

Winter seems to start mellowing down a bit and with expectations of good weather must come the con season. And for another season, Fan Expo is teaming up with us to give away sets of their variant covers. But that will start next week, right now we are just going to look at the ones they will be debuting at debut at Toronto Comicon (March 15/17) and Fan Expo Dallas (April 6/8). As always, you can pre-buy them right now on their online store.

We start with a look at the latest addition to their First App Acetate Variant Collection. First came Harley Quinn, then Wonder Woman (which was not technically a first app, ok) and now, just in time for Action Comics #1000, Superman. Action Comics #1 reprints have always done well, and I am guessing Tony Daniel's cover will not hurt this edition. If you've seen the Wonder Woman acetate cover (and if you haven't, why not?), you just know how well thought these have been so far and this doesn't seem to be an exception.

Action Comics #1

Tony Daniel Variant

Regular Cover

Action Comics #1

Tony Daniel Variant

Acetate Cover (with the original cover below)

Their next cover doesn't need much of an introduction … Spider-Man. Dell'Otto. Dell'Otto. Spider-Man. Two great tastes that go really well together. As a Dell'Otto cover collector who happens to live in Europe, I have to say that I will never get tired of this.

There you have them, just 2 (times 2) covers, but enough to get some colors back in our cheeks as we look forward to the adventures 2018 has in store. More news about the giveaway soon. Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!


  • accustomfigures

    Nice! Some of their best offerings.

  • Avatar

    I grabbed the Dell’Otto variant so let’s see what happens.

  • Avatar

    I grabbed one of each. Thanks for the update!

  • Nicholas Hart

    I broke down and had 2 get a pc copy and one to flip of it pans put! Thanks great cover… You can never go wrong w a spiderman Gabriele Dell’otto variant. Just when I stated I was done buying store variants lol

  • Avatar


    I was one of the lucky ones to get Thanos 13 1st print for the cover price. This book is selling for $70 on ebay. Can someone give an advise? Do you think it can grow more? Should I sell now or wait? Do these kind of modern investments keep growing? Or Is it just the trend? Are these kind of books (First app weapon H, first app red goblin etc) going to keep growing? Does someone have some experience in investing to answer these questions:

    Thank you in advance


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