Tales from the Flipside 28

This week Deno gives a con report, new CBSI Swag, a guest host, and more!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Sdalton

    Regarding CBCS – there is an online interview with Steve Borock in which he discusses the Beckett acquisition – it’s from last October but might be worth a listen for anyone interested in his thoughts.
    I think a more noticeable impact from the acquisition will take more time as further integration between the two companies takes place. Eventually, I would expect increased efficiency in areas such as invoicing/verification, slabbing, and shipping which should help turnaround times somewhat. Also, I would anticipate an improvement in the slab itself, specifically in the area of tamper resistance. Beckett’s Raw Card Review service is extremely successful in the trading card arena – perhaps CBCS will experiment with onsite Raw Grading to see if this is a service comic collectors want as well.
    Enjoying the show, guys – I still have about an hour left to listen to – thanks for the entertaining podcast!

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