Week 14


Well, it's week 14, even though I'm still pretty salty about Gwenpool being cancelled and the final issue releasing this week… I'm still going to power through it. However, no Marvel related art is being featured this week out of protest.

Johannes Helgeson is an artist working in the game industry. This particular piece is a collab with another artist folks on here might already be familiar with, Ben Caldwell. Ben penciled the image and Johannes digitally painted it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind reading a Catwoman comic with these two as the art team.

This Batgirl piece is by Otto Schmidt, another artist I really like alot. Otto's one of those artist that I really wish was on a monthly DC title I like to read. I was reading Green Arrow when he was drawing it at the beginning of Rebirth but the fill in artists were killing me. True be told, I do try to pick up issues of Green Arrow when he's drawn it…. even if I don't read them.

One of my all time favorite comics Otto Schmidt has drawn was Guardians Team-Up #4. If you're a fan of his work too, check it out.

Last but not least this week is a Star Sapphire piece. I wasn't looking for an image of Star Sapphire when I ran across this image. To be completely honest I was completely unaware that there was even very much Star Sapphire fan art or cosplay even out there… which apparently there is. This beautiful image was done as a commission by Vietnamese artist Ken Shjn Park. It's got more of a Mange'ish style to it, which personally I really like.

That's it for this week, see you next Monday!

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