The Weekend After Wednesday for 2/24/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 2/21/18. They could still be at your shop.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #796 (MARVEL) – This book is immensely interesting and a perfect case study of where the hobby/industry is at right now.  To sum everything up: you have two established villains (Carnage and Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin) who merge together in issue #795. Cue debate #1: Is this the first “Red Goblin”?  If not, it was then assumed that the Red Goblin would actually fully appear in 796 (he doesn’t). BUT, Cue debate #2: Red Goblin has a full appearance on the Comixposure variant. Does THIS count as a 1st appearance? The answers vary greatly and have spurred large debates and digital screaming matches… over the Red Goblin…. a Carnage and Green Goblin mash-up… Sigh. Say what you will, but the debate is actually kind of fun to watch and really harkens back to the “Good ole days” when new characters popped up ALL the time and this debate was a regular “geeked out” in-store event refereed (or instigated) by the store owner/employees. Regardless of all that, the day of release saw #796 reach $20 shipped. As news trickled in that day about this issue NOT containing a full appearance, it then dropped to about $12+shipping. Guess what, people decided they didn’t care and it just jumped right back up to $20. Cheaper copies are available for about $17/$18 shipped… but still, it went back up. IF you want my thoughts, here’s my 2 cents: #795: Origin of Red Goblin; #796: Comixposure Variant: First Cover; #797: Maybe first cameo OR first fill appearance… I guess we’ll see.


BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 MAHFOOD 1:50 VARIANT (VALIANT) – Prices have really varied in the last week, between $66 to $90. This averages out to about the same as last week, around $70. It should do just fine overall.

STABBITY BUNNY #2 (SCOUT) – The standard 2nd issue fell from $25 to $15, which is still solid for a standard cover.

STAR WARS THRAWN #1 (OF 6) MATTINA 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Surprisingly, this is still holding at around $70 shipped. It did see some lows last weekend and earlier in the week at around $55 (plus shipping) but quickly bounced back up and holding.

X-MEN BLUE #21 HANS 1:50 POISON X VARIANT (MARVEL) – With an average of $220 last week, this has fallen a bit to an average of $180. Prices have varied thanks to the multiple copies finally hitting eBay (most likely online purchases from last week that were delivered and then instantly flipped).



AVENGERS #681 – The standard cover is seeing some slight heat at $6 + shipping. The 1:25 variant is selling under ratio at $20+shipping.

VENOM #162 1:50 JOHNSON VARIANT – This is a perfect preview to how X-Men Blue #22 might do next week. From what I heard reported, stores really increased the price on this Venom #162 Variant, thanks to the Hans X-men 21 variant heat last week. Stores who sold their Hans 1:50 copies cheap early in the day last week don’t want to miss out this time around (neither do fans for that matter). Demand increases, as does prices. When people realize that the hype was simply driven by another books’ heat, it will be too late as a small flood hits eBay. This book is trending at around $45, just a tad below ratio. If you got it cheap, then this was a win for you.




BATMAN #41 (DC) – While this isn’t selling for more then cover, this DOES officially mark the summer barrage of DC Convention Foil Variants. The ECCC foil is pre-selling for $25+shipping.







DOCTOR STRANGE DAMNATION #1 GARRON YOUNG GUNS VARIANT (MARVEL) – This was the only Young Guns variant that I never saw in store… AND it’s a great cover. However, it’s also one of the lowest performing Young Guns variant right out the gate… selling for as little as $5 to $10 + shipping. There are a massive amount of copies listed on eBay, which is definitely helping this settle to cover price within the next day or two. Be very careful buying the BLACK PANTHER Checchetto variant above $25 next week. These Young Gun variants flood like crazy and it’s already trending just like the X-Men Red #1 Larraz X-23 variant did. That variant pre-sold high and settled to $22.


ICE CREAM MAN #2 (IMAGE) – Apparently, this is sold out. The after-market is only moving these at cover price.







PUNKS NOT DEAD #1 (IDW) – Folks are no longer moving on these 1:10 IDW foil variants.

RED SONJA #13 (DYNAMITE) – Usually, I only focus on all #1’s and notable issues. This falls in neither camp. However, I absolutely love the 1:10 Ben Caldwell virgin variant of Cover A and just wanted to highlight it.  It sells for $8 + shipping.  He’s had several issues I’ve liked in this run (#7 & #10)… and several issues I didn’t (#8 and #12). But #13 is fantastic.



TAARNA #1 (HEAVY METAL) – Both covers are selling for cover price. It's also worth noting that high grade copies were VERY hard to find.


  • Lebednik

    I still don’t understand why 796 didn’t drop, but that is how it goes. Keep up the great work !

  • Avatar

    I’ve read ASM 796 and Red Goblin is definitely in it, it’s brief, but there’s even a full body shot. I’m sure that’s what caused it to bounce back to $20.

    • AZBarbarian

      I read it. Red Goblin was definitely NOT in the book.


      He mentions combining the powers of the Green Goblin and Carnage, which hints that Red Goblin may show up in an issue or two.

      • Avatar

        I saw Osborne covered in the red symbiote. Is that not the “Red Goblin”?

        • Matt DeVoe

          And so the debate begins. Technically, that’s just Osborn AS Carnage, he hasn’t transformed into the Goblin yet, hence no Red Goblin. There in lies the debate. Many feel that 795 IS the first appearance.

          • Avatar

            That’s pretty much my take. SPOILER ALERT:

            In 796, he says that because of the nanobots inside his body, it prevents him from becoming Green Goblin but symbiote took care of that and next time they merge or bond… we may see RG. I thought it was pretty obvious that this wasn’t RG from the pictures in 795 and 795. That does NOT look like RG but more like regular Carnage.

            But who knows? Market dictates 1st Appearances these days… pffff

    • Juno Beach

      Norman Osborne as Carnage is in the issue. Still no appearance of Red Goblin. The Comixposure cover shows what he’s going to look like.

  • Avatar

    He’s all over the issue. He kills 2 of his loyal guards. He speaks in like 12 panels. Full body shot. He expells the nanites thus regaining his goblin powers. He uses the carnage suit to also clear his scarred face… if that’s not a 1st, I don’t know what is??

  • Clint Joslin

    Matt you said it perfectly – 796 is an example of where the market is NOW. Healthy and a big bubble waiting to burst? Who knows, but make it while you can on titles like that issue. Once again, phenomenal job on this and a favorite of the week to read! Thanks for the time and effort!

  • Avatar

    As of this morning, 795 is selling for $8-12.. with average at 10 bucks

  • Avatar

    He hasn’t even turned back into Green Goblin yet how can he be Red Goblin. You can see from the previews for 797 and 798 they deal with Green Goblin being back. I’m sure when we actually get to see the new character design there will be some kind of transformation but so far we have only seen Carnage.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Totally valid. The counter argument is that people see Osborn and Carnage together as basically the same character as Red Goblin, just with a costume and new name. I see both sides + Shaun’s comixposure Variant as first full appearance. I think the final answer is to just buy it all.

  • Avatar

    RE: ComicXposure 1st Appearance. Really??? Marvel is going to allow store variants to preempt a true first appearance by allowing a first cover appearance EVEN before the character is introduced officially in the story?

    Super dumb move Marvel imo.

    • Avatar

      I do feel like Marvel forced me to place an order with Comicxsposure. I wrote Comicxsposure off a long time ago when Harley Rebirth #1 came out and their crazy long shipping times to get that order like 4months. As a collector of any and all 1st appearances cameo, cover, full, or ad, I had to buy this and even would tell you to buy it if you too hate comicxsposure but collect any and all 1st appearances.

  • Avatar

    Any thoughts on Hera making her first appearance in the new Marvel comics official Star Wars canon in last week’s Dr Aphra?

    She is a fan favorite in the Rebels show, and fans went nuts looking for Rebels Easter eggs in the Rogue One movie.

    Myself, I buy Dr. Aphra for the story, and was pleasantly surprised to see Hera appear in a major way in the story. Curious to see if this becomes another Ashoka or Dr Aphra first appearance craze.

  • Avatar

    Hera makes her Marvel first appearance in Kanan # 1 along with the rest of the Rebels.

  • Avatar

    Awesome write up! I really miss getting sweaty at the LCS. Mine is kind of dry. Also miss those good old days of speculation that had nothing to do with money or flipping a book, but just about the actual comics. And I’ve said it before, I’m not sure where I read it, but I’m sticking to #799 as the first appearance of the actual Red Goblin as seen on the ComicsXposure cover. Marvel knows they’ve got the carrot everyone wants and they’re going to dangle that thing all the way to the end to ensure no one falls off Slott’s last arc as they march to #800. They want that to be their best seller of the decade.

  • Avatar

    796 is pretty steady at 17-20 shipped right now but there are TONS available, that price is going to have to dip a bit at some point, but I wonder if it just won’t settle at about 12-15 for the forseeable future simply due to all the madness.

  • Avatar

    This debate is getting rediculous. Don’t let sellers trying to make money fool you. #795 is first Osborn as carnage. He calls himself carnage. CGC is labeling it that way. #796 comicexposure variant is first “cover” appearance. Im surprised marvel approved that before actual first appearance. Big mistake in my opinion. Actual first appearance in comic is yet to be seen. I would guess #797.

  • Avatar

    I read the synopsis of 797-800 and I wouldn’t be surprised if green goblin and red goblin turn out to be different people. 799 mentions the mystery of the red goblin will be revealed. Not a big mystery if we all know it’s coming. I foresee an interesting twist.

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