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You wanna see what a Spider-Man #1 looks like? Such great stories, great characters, beautiful artwork. See in this one here Nick he has got a ring for his sweetheart and he wears it around his neck on a chain. Then later on this Nazi bastard in the crowd, he grabs a hold of the chain and the ring goes overboard. Nick, he dives into the ocean to get it. Isn’t that cool?
– Clarence Worley, True Romance

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. I am in no way advocating to “Meet, then take a call girl that was set up for you to watch a triple feature Sonny Chiba marathon, thru a cross-country adventure with a suitcase full of coke you stole from her pimp to sell and move to Mexico all the while by being chased by the mob as a proper activity”, but it does make a hell of a movie right? If not – see this 1993 classic True Romance, which for Tarantino fans was the first script he ever wrote. Yes, even pre Reservoir Dogs. The financing came possible for that first due to the generosity of Mr. Harvey Keitel aka The Wolf. We should all thank him, because without his belief in this Junior High School drop out (Yes, not High School), turned video store clerk, we may have never been privy to the best writer of dialogue since sound was introduced into film in the mid 1920s – sorry David Mamet. In addition, the totality of memorable characters, and films in his career rival some of the very best in the history of cinema.

Okay what the hell does this have to do with a One Year Later post? Well, the quote at the beginning of this column was a guy describing his love of comics to someone else. I want you to stop and think about it for a second…How have you explained a comic to someone you know who has no idea about it? Well, we all have unique stories to tell. How we parlay our passion for art and panels, into words and descriptions for others to follow. We do this a lot with CBSI right? Articulate a book and the why behind it – besides the potential financial gains! When I started this post a few days ago, the word had not broken about Super Sons coming to a conclusion in May. Ironic, one year ago issue #1 of this brilliant, fun ride hit our LCS. How can I explain this story or the history of characters? That’s what this post is about, this series deserves to stand on its own and be shared. So let’s take a ride on this DC property, shall we?

So who are these Super Sons? They are the offspring of both Supes and Bats in form of their sons – Damian Wayne, and Jon Kent.

1st appearances within the comic world? Yes, I know one is debatable, but for this exercise, we will go with the below listed:

Batman 655

1st Damian Wayne

Convergence Superman 2

1st app of Jon Kent – again, yes this is debated

Ok, so what about their first appearance in together, where did this Super Sons world get its start?

Rebirth: Superman #10
Key characters in this universe introduced and their respective 1st app.

Rebirth: Superman # 1

Kathy Branden 1st app. Jon’s next door neighbor and some deem as the next Lois Lane – Ask Mel his thoughts on her validity going forward!

Super Sons # 1

1st app of Kid Amazo post Rebirth

JLA Classified #37

1st Kid Amazo pre Rebirth


Super Sons # 6

1st Kraklow post Rebirth

RIP Hunter… Time Master # 28

1st Kraklow pre Rebirth

Super Sons # 6

1st Atom-Master, Chun Yull, & Time Commander post Rebirth

World’s Finest #101

1st Atom-Master pre Rebirth

Strange Adventures #124

1st Chun-Yull pre Rebirth


Brave and the Bold #59

1st app of Time Commander pre Rebirth

Super Sons #6

1st app of Old Man Robin – stranger things have been specs so who knows?

Super Sons #7

Jon joins Teen Titans

Super Sons # 8

1st app of Hard Line and Big Shot

Super Sons # 8

1st app of Ygarddis

Super Sons # 10

Batman 666 anyone?

Super Sons # 11

Future Tim Drake

Teen Titans # 15

1st Tim Drake in new gear

Super Sons # 13

Talia Al Ghul app

Detective Comics # 411

1st app of Talia Al Ghul

So there you have it, a look into the world of Super Sons with 1st app, new app, crossovers with other comics, and a whole lotta fun! There is a true complexity to Rebirth titles and harking back in time to draw on older, lesser known characters and bringing them into today’s limelight.


Books with some spec value

  • Rebirth Superman #1 & #10
  • Rebirth Super Sons #1, #4, #6, #7, #8, #10, #11, & #13
  • Teen Titans #15
  • Batman #655 & Convergence #2
  • JLA Classified #1, & R.I.P. Hunter…Time Master #28
  • Worlds Finest #10, Strange Adventures #124, & Brave and Bold #59
  • Detective Comics #411

That’s all for this week. I hope there were some takeaways that will help in your searches. All these books tell a story that evokes some type of emotion for millions of fans. How we choose to inform others – friends, family, Sons, Daughters, Co-workers, or call girls like Clarence in True Romance, we need to keep our world thriving as it is now. Without it, this would just become history, and not part of the present such as how these Rebirth titles have dipped into the springs of ghosts past. Thanks for reading!

Talk soon,


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    it looks like the whole super sons series is spec worthy!

  • Avatar

    Great write up… ive heard nothing but great things about this book

  • A. J. Diesel

    Great write up, no doubt. But your take on Tarantino is an abomination. His writing hasn’t been very good in years, and although he still gets acknowledged, academy members believe his writing is weak. Its well documented despite his “artistic nominations”. It’s extremely rudimentary and his writing just comes off as egotistical and arrogant anymore. It’s like he has to look up every word in the dictionary and then write it down. Not a fan, and hate seeing people enjoy this man who consistently exploits racial slurs in attempt to show racial heroism. He’s just not good imo.

    • Clint Joslin

      Thanks for reading. I can respect your opinion on QT. It’s usually one side or the other with him in terms of liking him or not. His early writing does supersede his words of today no doubt. How he finishes up the last two films of his career will tell the whole story. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, thanks for sharing.

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    Great article. I think you meant JLA Classified #37 though not #1.

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    Convergence #2? Is this the main story line or a Superman tie-in? I’m seeing more than one but maybe just different covers?

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      Definitely has 2 covers

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      Yeah, Clint is wrong on that. Jon first appeared in Convergence Superman #2, not Convergence #2 — big difference. Convergence Superman #2 has 2 covers: one by Lee Weeks and one by Chip Kidd.

      • Clint Joslin

        You are correct – should have put Supes in the middle of Convergence and 2. Probably me assuming everyone would know that book at the time of writing this, so I shortened it, but nevertheless these should be for both new and seasoned comic fans to read so all understand. Great point – appreciate you guys picking up on that!

    • Clint Joslin

      See comment I left for DocSpin…

      • Avatar

        Thanks. Went out hunting yesterday and our LCS happened to have one, the cover by Lee Weeks. Didn’t see any Worlds Finest #10, Strange Adventures #124, & Brave and Bold #59. So I’m going to have to keep looking. I started collecting back in the early 90’s but got busy with a lot of other things. Just recently got back into it. There are a lot of cool things I missed out on but on the other hand, it’s fun catching up.

  • Clint Joslin

    Glad to hear you are back in the game! Good luck out there in the wild

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