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Anytime something comes up in Hollywood concerning Lobo speculators come out in droves.  The best news has been the most recent.   Jason Fuchs is  a solid screenwriter and he appears to have an affinity for the main man version of Lobo.  Thank god because other iterations are severely lacking.

This list represents what I believe to the be the most important Lobo comics you can hunt for.


Comics Interview 1

Before Lobo first appeared his creator,  writer/artist Kieth Giffen,  did an interview for Comics Interview's inaugural issue.  Not only does this issue give insight into the creator's process but it also published a preliminary cover for Omega Men 3!



Omega Men 2

For people who despise previews I am not starting off well here but I beg you to stick with me!  It gets better.

This book prints the cover to Omega Men 3 prior to it's release.  The thing I like about it,  the coloring is different.


Omega Men 3

First appearance of Lobo

This one is the pick of the litter and with good reason, first and first cover.  He isn't the focal point of the comic and his design was nothing spectacular but something about Lobo just stuck with fans.  Creator Kieth Giffen was surprised by that since he was originally created to poke fun at heroes like Wolverine and the Punisher and not designed to become one of DC's most popular antiheroes.



Omega Men 5 ( second appearance and first named ), 9, 10, 19, 20 ( Elements of origin introduced, later changed bu creators), 37 ( first solo story, hunts his partner Bedlam and elements of origin introduced, more of which were tweaked for Lobo 1 1990  )


Lobo 1-4 ( issue 1 specifically )

This mini is critical to Lobo's origin as Giffen and Grant rewrote it for this series making him the last of the Czarian race.  There's a direct, newsstand and a second printing which is noted in the indicia.  The 2nd print appears to be the rarest of the three.


Lobo The Last Czarian TPB ( 1991 )

This rare trade from 1991 collects the first mini and is quite rare in high grade.  Even the later printings are worth a look.


Justice League International 18,19

First appearance and first cover of Main Man Lobo ( second cover )

Arguably the most important Lobo comic, this one is the first appearance of the redesigned Lobo and is really the character we all care about.  This book is more important than Omega Men 3 in my opinion.  Look for newsstands. This one also pairs well with 19.


Green Lantern 55 Doug Mahnke 1:25 Variant

Origin of Dex-Starr

This variant has everything, it's rare, has a killer cover swipe and features the origin of one of my favorite modern characters, Dex-Starr.



R.E.B.E.L.S. 20

Can't beat a solid Finch cover!



L.E.G.I.O.N. 4

In an age where covers rule this one should be on your list if Lobo comics are what you crave!



L.E.G.I.O.N. 24


The Lobo Slipcase

Collecting Lobo's greatest hits,  this three volume rarity also included the Wisdom of Lobo softcover ( exclusive to the slipcase and a comic with no words just empty word balloons! )


Lobo’s Greatest Hits

This one was also released in the slipcase and has multiple printings.  You can't beat a great Bisley cover.


Lobo’s Back 2

So this one isn't particularly rare but when an artists sneaks a penis into a cover collector's should take notice.


Comics Interview 99

These publications are getting to be very hard to find in high grade.  Here is another rare cover to chase.


Who’s Who in the DC Universe 8

These aren't exactly easy to come by either, especially sealed.



The Demon 12





Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

First appearance of Dawg


Captain Atom 57 ( final issue )

Low Print




Wonder Woman 60




Justice League Europe 33

Only look for the ones with the Sonic the Hedgehog comic!


Starman 43,44

Mignola's cover from this era were routinize amazing.  These Lobo covers continued that trend.




Deathstroke 10 1:10 Liefeld Variant



Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special 92

I'm not sure why anyone would want to see Lobo in a swimsuit but if that's your thing here's your book!




Lobo Highway to Hell 1-2


You pretty much can't beat Sam Kieth on anything!

Darker Image 1 Platinum, Gold and Newsstand


Appearances oitside of DC were not common for Lobo.  There were a couple but this one is the best and not just because Logo appeared!


The rarest version of this book may just be the newsstand!  thanks to G+ group member Peter Gkow for the tip!

NOTE:  I am not sure if he appears in the ashcan

Others to look for printed outside of DC; Lobo Mask 1-2





Amazing Heroes 203




Bloodbath 2

I mentioned this book recently thanks to the early Hitman appearance.  Because of the rumored Hitman adaptation it makes my Lobo list just not because of anything the Czarnian did.



Aquaman 4 ( DCU only )


Note: Thanks to Steve Horn for finding this one




Lobo 55-64

Issue 56 is the first appearance of Lobo’s daughter who later makes an appearance in The Kingdom 2

These later issues have very low print runs as was the case for many failing series during this time.


Lobo 52 week 17




Lil Lobo ( Sins of Youth ) & Secret Files

First appearances of Li'l Lobo




Justice League of America 1 Virgin Variant by Matina


G+ Group Member Nathan Khors brought this one to my attention and though I don't personally dig dropping big money on Virgins, this one is too good to pass up.





Batman Lobo Euro Variant 5


Might just be the grail of Lobo variants



L.E.G.I.O.N. 89 3

First appearance of Space Dolphins

NOTE:  Thanks to Mike Zircher in the G+ group for this one.



Lobo 5

First appearance of Bludhound

When we think about who might be in a Lobo movie we have to wonder who the antagonists might be and Bluhound is as good a candidate as any.  Though Lobo often tussled with Superman and other A-listers it is unlikely those characters appear in a movie.



Lobo's Back 3

First appearance of Loo and Goldstar


Justice League Europe 20 & Justice League of America 46

First appearance and first cover of General Glory


R.E.B.E.L.S. 5 & R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual 1

First appearance of the humanoid Starro Cobi the Hatorein and Origin of Cobi




  • LondonHusker94

    Wow Topher! A full on, no holds barred Lobo dump. Just what we needed! Awesome work!!

  • Clint Joslin

    The appreciation for the level of detail in regards to this post will not be fully realized until months, perhaps years from now as with your other articles. This will be looked back upon and scoured by many comic and spec fans for some time to come. Bravo Topher!!

  • Earlybird

    Fraggin’ great article, Topher
    Wealth of knowledge ?

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    Awesome Lobo stuffs! Nice job. Any reason Deathstroke #10 Liefeld 1:10 variant was left off? Cool cover and sometimes harder to find than GL #55.

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    No idea he was in Darker Image, thanks for teaching me something.

  • zraximus rouge

    Dizzam brother! This was a great write up!

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    Fantastic article!

    That Captain Atom issue is so tough to find! Got one years ago for my PC, found another in a quarter bin a couple years ago. Sold it at con last year to someone who was extremely thrilled to find it.

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    Nice write up. Thank you for taking the time to create this post.

    I like two other Lobo books you may wish to consider adding to your list.

    The first is Lobo #50. Everyone compares Deadpool to an amalgam of Deathstroke and Spider-Man, but if you really think about it (appearance aside) he is a lot more Lobo than anything else. Regenerates from pretty much anything, breaks the fourth wall, works for anyone who will pay him while having has his own code, and the trump card…
    In this issue Lobo killed all of his company’s heroes and did so before deadpool Kills the marvel Universe (and in fewer issues). Sure there may have been a very sight bump in orders being an anniversary issue, but at this point in the run the print runs were falling fast. Not as many of these out there as you would think and its tough in high grade on top of being a Fun story with a great cameo at the end.

    The second involves another character rumored to be heading to TV or the Movies… Hitman!
    (2000) HITMAN / LOBO: That Stupid Bastich One-Shot by Garth Ennis

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      I agree. Lobo 50 was always the hardest issue to find out of the original series, they always had every other issue in the quarters bins but this one. Plus it has a great cover.

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    So much terrible art, all in one article. Congrats!

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    WHOA!!!!! Talk about dump.. This is a truck load dump of information for a neophyte like me.
    Thank you for teaching me a whole today, words can’t describe my appreciation. Keep up the great work. I’ll look forward to future articles by you.

  • manbat

    Let’s not forget Adventures of Superman #464!

  • Topher

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment, I will be updating this article over the next day to include some books you all have suggested here and elsewhere.

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    Great article. Very nicely done!! I definately need to hunt down a few of these.

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