There may be “HOPE” for Cable and Deadpool

Greetings CBSI! Deadpool 2 coming fast! Marvel doing things with Hope in the current Cable run about the same time as Deadpool 2 hits theatres? Something is up, and it’s any wonder that people were distracted by the X-Men #205 the regular cover, the Variant by Campbell, and the second printing, but there is another book to consider Hope the key. Not Cable #21 either, (but that is a good pick for 1st adult Hope Summers) we have that here too.

Currently labeled as 1ST HOPE SUMMERS by CGC although she only appears on the last page in Cable’s arms.

Hope then makes her 1st Cover appearance on the Regular Cover of Uncanny X-Men #493. But let’s get further down that rabbit hole! Who, Where, How did Cable get Hope out of Alaska safely?

UXM #493 is also a killer Cable cover. In my opinion 493 is a 1st FULL Hope appearance but the market has clearly chosen X-Men #205. Seeing more Brolin footage has probably made it easier to see him now in his role, and we even heard a Reynolds shot at his height differences between the comic and movie in the most recent trailer.

Obviously Brolin rules. More so now that the Disney/Fox Merger has happened, would Deadpool vs. Thanos just be more fun for Brolin?
Don’t tell Marvel, but he is totally down.
Deadpool has no hope of actually beating him with the Gauntlet on.

Back at the topic at hand, it has been pointed out the word “HOPE” appeared in the Deadpool 2 Teaser written on the background, and then the Teddy Bear on Josh Brolin’s full body picture released by Ryan Reynolds started to have people question if Hope is going to be part of the plot of the upcoming movie. Now that we finally got the trailer to Deadpool 2, we see it again attached to Cable’s belt. Is it a tie to Hope, or is it just a gift from his daddy Cyclops?
Let’s break this one down….

While X-Men #205 has seen a rise and fall in price (twice now, I’m counting) because it is the 1st appearance of baby Hope, there is an overlooked prequel story to X-Men #205 and all the Messiah Complex story.

The Vol.2 run of Cable showed the story of Cable taking Hope into the future and raising her until the arc starting in issue #21 where she is grown and decides she needs to return to the past. Good development of Hope’s character and her bond to Cable is what Cable Vol. 2 is all about.

Ok, and here we arrive at the unsung hero of Hope’s rescue. Deadpool.
The story of Deadpool meeting Cable in Alaska and saving baby Hope actually didn’t happen until issue #25 of that run (renamed Deadpool Cable for the “final” issue*).

[*Issue #26 came a year after #25 making it the actual final issue of the Cable Vol. 2’s renamed Deadpool Cable run.]

The renaming of this title causes it to be in different bins in the back issues, so look for it under Cable and under Deadpool, as well as Cable and Deadpool series tabs. 2 covers, and 1 is a Liefeld Variant! 38,424 is the comicchron print estimate, and the Variant should be under 2K.

Regular Cover by Simone Bianchi:

CLEARLY holding Baby Hope on the cover.

1:25 Liefeld Variant:

This book was mentioned previously mentioned in the CBSI Article TOP 3 DEADPOOL / CABLE LOWEST PRINT RUNS & MORE and avid CBSI readers likely already have their copies if they were able to find them. If rescuing Hope is part of the movie story, I would expect the comic version to see a bump in popularity. Hate it or Love it when it comes to Liefeld’s art, some only the hate part, but he is the creator of these 2 and it’s only fitting that he has a Variant featuring them.

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  • Clint Joslin

    Very informative read! The Brolin Thanos band pic is very cool! 493 to your point should be the 1st app as she is on the cover! Yet 205 gets all the love?!! Thanks for sharing!

    • UltraMaximus

      The love 205 gets for the variant probably has a little to do with Campbell art and X-23 being on the cover, and the CGC label on that book for sure caused a little market steer towards it.
      Thanks for reading!

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the post. X-Men #493 is undervalued for sure. It is also the issue where X-23 joins the X-Men. Even more reason to own some copies.

  • Avatar

    Messiah complex and Battle of the Atom are two of my favorite Xmen story lines.

  • Topher

    If 205 is now the market darling then I don’t EVER want to hear another person mention baby firsts as not being true firsts.

    493 2nd print is the way to go.

    • UltraMaximus

      The Variant effect for baby Hope, and no love for a regular cover with a print run as high as Uncanny X-Men in the middle of a X-book crossover are my best guess for that. I would say there was a better argument for Cable #21 seeing the time jump in age for Hope from the previous arc and her final evolution into the character that has seen usage since.

    • Avatar

      I think when it comes to baby firsts if they are Mutants it should count since Mutants are born with their powers. Does that mean I prefer baby Nathan over New Mutants #87, no I don’t. Mutants being born with inherit powers is my argument why xmen # 49 is considered first Polaris in the other new article.

    • Avatar

      Valeria Richards has to be the most confusing 1st you have in the womb appeance baby appaearance Valeria Von Doom appearance then Valeria Richards as a kid. Really hard to sort that one out.

  • Avatar

    I’m gonna call back to Louis-Philipe’s Black Panther #35 Dave Wilkins ‘Finding the Pattern’ from earlier this week with another Dave Wilkins cover. Cable #16; it’s not only a great DW cover, it’s got Cable looking rad, early Hope, and it’s just a nice clean cover. I love the juxtaposition of the 2 characters by use of the colors. Plus it’s all over the place for a couple bucks.

  • Avatar

    Appreciate the info. Keep it simple, X-Men 205 Dominant as Hope Summers First Appearance. Generation Hope 1 Djurdjevic Variant is the most fascinating and beautiful Hope Cover hands down.

  • Avatar

    Just picked up the 3 books today and got my 205 signed by David Finch.

  • Kaimetsu

    Regarding Deadpool 2, at the end of the latest trailer, they mentioned somthing about stopping at 2. Then mention “X-Force” in the trailer as well.

    I think the next deadpool won’t be “Deadpool 3” but be titled “X-Force”. Start buying X-force comics folks, if that is indeed true, they’re going to jump in value.

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