Black Panther (Vol.4) #35

You’d be surprised to know how many relevant issues and/or covers (even though known by many people) tend to stay hidden in the longboxes and can be had for next to nothing.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the comics that can be somehow relevant to us as collectors, whether because of their content or simply for their covers, or both! The goal here is to give a chance to those who can’t afford all those mega keys or variants to still be able to build a solid collection of great books that might be more valuable in the future. Even if they don’t go up, they’ll still look awesome in your PC!! So let's get to it!

With the new Black Panther movie right around the corner, why not start with something that can help you cope with the wait.

Black Panther (Vol.4) #35

Cover Artist: Dave Wilkins
Print run: 21,326
Value: +\- $5

The existence of this magnificent cover is due to the great artist, Dave Wilkins. You might not have seen a lot of his work, but if you’re chasing variants, I’m sure you’re aware of the He-Man: Masters of the Universe #1 “Skeletor’’ Variant – yeah, he’s that guy. That alone can give you a heads up on how big this cover can be, variant or not. The art is everything you would want it to be and I had the chance to grab one in the wild and I can tell you, it’s superb!

For now, you can have it for next to nothing, but there are not many copies on the web. That might be because of the low print run, but I don’t think people have been after this one, so you might have your chance through the long boxes.

Another thing is that there is a variant Newsstand version of this cover. So if you can find one, grab it! CGC is showing none on the census, so who knows how hard it can be to hit a 9.8?

Good luck and happy hunting !!

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    Nice cover – I see a bunch of these sold over the last few hours on eBay. There are a lot of nice Black Panther covers out there with the movie having the highest rotten tomatoes score of any marvel or dc movie so far I would assume we might see more hidden gems take off. To this point the only really hot variant is the Tron Variant. There is also a nice Alex Ross #1, The Udon Variant from last year and a real nice tough to find CBLDF (comic book legal defense) from Steelfreeze. If you have any other shout them out – my guess is over the next week we see another one or two take off.

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      Really hard to find, but which issues are the movie centered around? I ask this question because it is my history that those have been the issues that promote the most staying power, due to the direction focus of the chartacter are often directed from this point thus changing them into cornerstone issue even if as a stone road to larger cornerstones.

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    Great catch! Amazing cover. Ebay is OUT! But I just found a few online:) Thanks!

  • Avatar

    It was recently added to the Mobile game Marvel Future Fight last week. That would probably account for the recent sales.

  • Avatar

    Mile high just sold one for $30. Crazy. Do they sit on and wait for the articles.

  • MerrillMarauder

    these are selling like hot cakes thanks to this article!!!!!

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