Week 12

So this week I wanted to take things in a slightly different direction… artistically speaking.

I'm a fan of several different styles of art, from digital painting to traditional. Sometimes less is more and the first image this week is what i'd refer to as “cell style”.

Truth be told, this image of the Huntress by artist Tovio Rogers is a personal favorite of mine. It was almost featured in week 2 of this column… but that killer Philip Tan image of Helena ended up bumping it. This particular image has been one of many Huntress pix to grace the lock screen on my iPhone over the years… multiple times in fact. 

Anyways, Roger's Huntress image has a real animation feel to it. It always makes me want to watch the Justice League animated series episodes with Huntress whenever I see it. Granted there's not very many of JL episodes with Huntress but they are all awesome. As are most things with Huntress, but I digress.

Next up is the sweet Spider-Gwen sketch cover by artist Reno Msad. Mel V found this one and sent it my way. When I saw it, no question it was getting featured. There are so many cool one of a kind sketch covers out there I could probably do a whole separate column just on those.

There's a vibrance to this one that just wouldn't come off in standard 4 color printing. The rain drops hitting her back is a really nice touch. Unfortunately I haven't found a larger version of the image…

And last but certainly not least is this Magik image by artist StephaneRoux. You might have heard of Stephane before… I know he's worked for DC Comics among other companies. I've wanted to feature this image for a while but it just never seemed to fit with the other feature images from week to week.

Apparently this Magik image started as a convention commision that Stephane finished up in photoshop afterwards. I think you'll agree, it should be a cover.

That's all for this week, see you next Monday!

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