The Wednesday One – 2/7


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 2/7

Back to a big week with some good potential flip, great covers, and some good reads. I'm feeling better and excited to grab some books. Let's see what is going on and if there is a “One.”



 Avengers Vol 6 #679 Cover C Incentive Nick Bradshaw Connecting Variant

I think this is the 1st cover app of Challenger and maybe the 1st full app as well. I will try to grab one from my lcs. Presales all over the place, $13-40. I will try to grab one. I have no idea what is a good price at this point. Check sales Wed morning.

X-Men Red #1 Cover J Incentive Pepe Larraz Young Guns Variant  

This cover is great and I think it is a virgin like the others. I hear varying reports of print runs so check what they are going for and don't overpay. Pre-sales are around $20-25 and that might drop with some undercutting. $10-15 is probably a safe grab, but if it is for PC and you find a nm+ copy maybe pay a little more. I think this keeps some heat long term and we haven't had a “One” in a while it seems so this is it.

 Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #795 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

A little bird told me to check this book out. I will flip thru it at my lcs, but I hear it should have a good reveal. Not to forget Ross has been killing it lately with these spidey covers.

 X-Men Red #1 Cover F Incentive Mahmud Asrar Variant

This variant has the new character, Trinary, on the cover. Get it cheap though as this book will probably have a big print run.

 Avengers Vol 6 #679 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks 

Same as the above Bradshaw. Brooks has been on fire with these covers and they have been selling out before release. I always grab a few. Plus with the sketchiness of 1st apps in this run probably can't hurt to have the whole run to flip.

Black Panther The Sound And The Fury #1 Cover A Regular Andrea Di Vito Cover 

This seems to be selling out and there are strong rumors of a few new 1st apps. Plus with the new movie dropping, BP is hot! I'm going to check it out at the store and see what I think. I'll probably at least grab one as a reader.

Cool Covers


 Batman Vol 3 #40 Cover B Variant Olivier Coipel 

Bats is great and Coipel is on a roll. Another pull list book.

Dastardly & Muttley #6 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz 

One of Bill's best and this cover is a ghost so far.

 Rose #8 Cover B Variant Loopydave Cover

These flip quick and die out. I don't recommend them for spec personally. I'm grabbing one for PC

Walking Dead #176 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

I really like this run and will collect the set even though I don't read WD.


 Justice League Vol 3 #38 Cover B Variant JG Jones 

Love this. The tone and contrast are awesome imo.

Dejah Thoris Vol 2 #1 Cover G Incentive Frank Cho Virgin Cover 

Baby got back as it goes. Cho did great on this one.

X-Men Gold #21 Cover B Variant Hulk Smash Cover  

Granov goodness. This is more like it. This might be hard to find, I don't think a lot of shops qualified. It doesn't seem to be heating up though.

 Dejah Thoris Vol 2 #1 Cover H Incentive J Scott Campbell Virgin

This is meh at best to me, but I know JSC fans collect all his work. If you can find it cheap or if this is your jam grab it.






 Green Lanterns #40 Cover B Variant Brandon Peterson Cover

I'm torn on this one. I know a lot of folks like it and sometimes when I look at it I do and other times I don't. I'm going to look at it irl and decide.

Skip it






 Twisted Romance #1

A 4 issue mini about a company in 1978 NYC that breaks up couples. This doesn't appeal to me at all.

Read it


 Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 Cover A Regular Jason Fabok 

I hear good things and look forward to seeing what King and Wein cooked up.

Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock #1 Cover A Regular Aaron Kuder Cover 

I like Adam Warlock and am curious about this book.


 Batman White Knight #5 Cover A Regular Sean Murphy Cover

This read is really good. This is a pull list book and I was excited to hear that this series should be extending past the 8 issues. (edit. I thought it was 12)

 VS #1 Cover A Regular Esad Ribic Cover

I hear good things and both covers are regular price. I'm grabbing a set.

Young Monsters In Love #1 

The premise is weird, but Dini is great and I'll give it a shot.

 Songs For The Dead #1 Cover A Regular Tess Fowler Cover

An interesting concept and I like giving Vault titles a shot.

Girrion #9 – I like this book and hoped it took off more.

Smoketown #6 – This is going strong although I'm behind.

Heavenly Blues #5 – Since this got optioned I want to catch up on it.

Superman Vol 5 #40 – Supes has been consistent and is always on my pull.



  • Batman Vol 3 #38 Cover C 2nd Ptg Variant Tim Sale Cover – if you missed the regular or like the b/w color scheme.
  • Mister Miracle has 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prints dropping of various issues if you are wanting to catch up.
  • Game Of Thrones Clash Of Kings #8 Cover E Incentive Mike Miller Virgin Cover – I'm not a believer, but others might be.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Spawn #282   not sure.  Still selling for cover. Seems everyone is tired of it. 

Avengers Vol 6 #678 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks – not sure – Still selling for cover, but 2nd printing coming. The Dauterman ($5) and Tedesco (~$12) haven't taken off either. 

Thanos Vol 2 #13 Cover F 2nd Ptg – 1-day flip – This is still getting around double cover still. 



This week is jam-packed and there is a “One.” It has a great cover and a 1st app so that works. As I look this week overall I can think is where do I cut some books as this week is so big. I def have to grab some flips and I think I can cut a cool cover and a few reads as hard as that is. The reads are easy to pick up later and most cool covers don't really heat up long term. Seems like Marvel is the flip king this week, with DC having some good reads and some cool covers. What are you grabbing this week? Let me know below and as always thanks for reading!

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  • Avatar

    Marvel has been killing it with the 2nd print covers. Are they spec worthy? The Thanos 14 2nd print cover is beautiful!!!! It has to be severely under-ordered.

    Thanks for the article as always.

  • Avatar

    Waaaaaaayyyyyy too many books this week, especially when you tend to snag multiple copies of everything

  • Avatar

    Nice! There is black panther ebay variant (limited to 3k copies). Not a fan of the cover, but it is priced right $5 99 shipped).

  • Clint Joslin

    Man this week is no joke – a ton of books. Amazing job as always Adam

  • Avatar

    There are SO MANY copies of the X-Men Red #1 Larraz variant up on eBay right now. Those prices are going to drop like stones.

  • Avatar

    Actually liking the Jones Batman cover over the Copiel. Both look great and make a nice set. Definitely getting at least 2 sets.

    Know that some may not like exclusive store variants but the JeeHyung Lee X-23 cover for X-Men Red is the best cover IMHO. Was lucky enough to snag a set at a decent price.

    Thanks for the article, always look forward to it every week.

  • Avatar

    Wow …fun one ….gonna wing it today besides that x23 virgin idk what I want. Honestly still just loving that my all new wolverine2 variant came back 9.8…. have kinda been out of touch with what’s going on this week. I don’t like most of the X-men red books but I may still buy some … will post pics of my haul after along with some books I found yesterday and the day before…..
    Good luck everyone:)

    • Avatar

      Well my LCS prices the young guns at 45$ even with my 10$ off I was on the fence and the fact that my friend wanted it too made the decision to pass easy because I let him grab the only 9.8 candidate. The other was a 9.2 at best and I wasn’t paying 35 for that but my other friend actually grabbed that within a few moments of me passing on it so it in demand that’s for sure. The first friend who grabbed the nicer one gave me the only Asrar 1:25 9.8 candidate so I grabbed that… 2 asm 795s an avengers 679 brooks and a few others and a silver age goodie as well.

  • Avatar

    No Batman Coipel covers at the LCS. I snagged the last Avengers 679 A cover five minutes after the shop opened and at the same time grabbed two of the last three ASM 795s.

    • Lebednik

      679 went quick everywhere it seems. I got screwed by midtown again and they cut my week old order to 2 copies. Of course they tell me after I only grab one copy from my lcs.

      • Avatar

        Midtown did the same thing to me today after I finished my LCS shopping. It appears that it has been doing this for books that goes up in value the first day. When it sees the price going up in the after market, it cuts your order back. This time, it cut me to two copies of Avengers. Midtown cut me to four copies of White Knight 3 variant cover to four copies (I ordered 13 copies) after the price shot up on EBay. We need to start thinking about complaining to the Better Business Bureau.

        • Lebednik

          I got screwed on the white knight also. They should so orders in the order received like normal business operate. I told them i would be trying to actively reduce anything i order from them and try to move my orders to other companies. They emailed back my complaint and said in their faq they can and will screw over any order they want. I am actually amazed i got 25 of the asm 795 shipped.

  • Avatar

    Surprised no one’s talking about VS. No variants and Ribics first creator owned. Would love to see it do a S2E. I’m grabbing a few. Something about that X23 cover just looks generic to me. I think it’s the pose. And there are a ton on ebay.

  • Avatar

    VS #1 was a good read!
    I liked it a lot!

    Other than the cover B variant I believe there is another variant out there. Just one though!

  • Avatar

    Swamp Thing was sold out early at my LCS. I picked up the last issue. Looking forward to reading it.

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    Happy to hear you are feeling well again.

  • Avatar

    The Black Panther front story was “meh”. Just a quick filler story that could’ve been developed better. The new villains seemed to be carbon copies of villains I have seen already. The reprint origin, first appearance of Klaw was cool. Avengers and Amazing Spiderman were good reads. Liking what they are doing with the Green Goblin. Harry is back and badder than ever. Good week of comics.

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