Conan, Harley Quinn, Kobra and More…

What the hell is going on?  Red Sonja is getting a movie now Conan is getting an Amazon show and Conan is going to be coming back to Marvel comics?!  Are people really that excited for new barbarian material?  Well I sure am!  Let's hope these media giants do him justice and hopefully we get to see a lot of bloodshed inside the stone octagon!


Weird Tales December 1932

First appearance of Conan

This publication is not a comic, rather it's an illustrated mag from waaaaay back.  Finding one won't only be impossible but you are also gonna pay through the nose.



King Conan 8

First appearance of Crom

I dig this one simply because you can find it cheap and considering it's the first appearance of Conan's god how can you go wrong?



Kobra 1

First appearance of Kobra

Black Lightning is getting solid reviews and with Lady Eve in the mix how long before Kobra gets involved?



Batman and the Outsiders 24/Outsiders 16

First appearance of Sister Eve & as Lady Eve

On the Black Lightning show Lady Eve is black.  I don't think she ever appeared that way in the comic.  Even so a first is a first.  She debuted in this issue below and later reappeared in the Outsiders with a much better look.

NOTE:  G+ group member Darrell Norris clued me in to the earlier appearance of Sister Eve.  Nice Work!



Conan 7

First appearance of Thoth-Amon

With a show coming the villains are going to be very important and Conan has a few that are awesome.  None are as formidable as Thoth.

Other Conan books to look for: issue 1 ( first Kull and Conan in comics ), the Red Sonja keys, 249, Conan 24 Nude, Demons of Khitai 3a ( nude preview ), Conan Classic 11, Conan Saga 93-97, Savage Sword 233-235, the Mignola covers ( newsstand only ) and the Arthur Adams covers



The Authority 21

First Hitman outside of DC

If the Hitman thing happens obscure appearances could do well.  This one is surely in a bargain bin near you.



Marvel Spotlight June 1993

Looking for more early Deadpool.  Here's one you may have missed!



Monsters on the Prowl 16

First appearance of Thulsa Doom

NOTE:  Look for the NDS insert




Batman 56

First appearance of Bat-Horse

OK I am not saying that Bat-Horse is the Horse who Laughs ( pictured below )  but it would be awesome if he was!



Comics Scene 31 ( December 1992 )

First published image of Harley Quinn

If you know me then it's clear that I collect Harley.  Am I obsessed?  Maybe.  I mean I am not hitting up Walmart for HQ underwear like some people I know but since her creation I have always collected the character.  In my quest I have found some pretty cool stuff but the hunt has always been on for her first published image.

At this point I think it's safe to say that this book is a great candidate.  The show premiered two months earlier and there was no buzz around Harley.  Now it's not her first comic appearance but because her first comic appearance was an adaptation of the cartoon this book might be of interest to many.

Don't be fooled by the February on the cover.  The book hit shelves in December and the indicia reads 1992.  Also the back page order form is for the upcoming month of January 1993.

NOTE:  I have checked every other publication that could have had an image or this same image and found nothing from 1992-January 1993.  There is a published image from January 1993 in Wizard 17 but CGC does not grade Wizard Magazine and it came out after this issue of Comics Scene




Due to angry readers I am adding these actual images from inside the book not to mention the already stated indicia

Get it by EARLY December if you become a charter member now!


  • Ben Steiniger

    So good Topher. That Harley info is incredible and will hopefully be notated as such at CGC–and if it is, look out.

  • Avatar

    It’s the same with the Batman Animated coloring book says 1993 print date but some say it came out a few months earlier in the end of 92.

    • Topher

      You have to go by the publication date and this book predates the coloring book.

      • Avatar

        This book is just like the coloring book you say it came out Dec just like people say the Coloring book came out in 92” I’ll go by what it says on the cover February 93. You can’t prove this was for sale before that outdated coupon cutout and all. You can say December all you want unless you have a video of you buying this on the day of release in December as far as anyone knows it’s February January at the earliest as mgazines are sometimes a month early.

        • Avatar

          And the original publication dat for the Batman Almost got Im tape series is
          Publisher:Western Publishing
          Publication date:1992-12-17

          So looks like the tape book still reigns supreme either way.

        • Topher

          The date of indicia is 1992 and the order sheet on back requires orders to be placed before January 1993. Can you explain that?

          The tape set ( which I have ) is dated 1993. It doesnt matter when it was nanufactured, release is what matters.

          Listen I don’t mind valid criticism but you only seem to post in a negative manner and continue to argue in the face of clear cut proof. You were wrong and Venompool and you are wrong here too.

          • Avatar

            Your wrong and Venompool as well.

          • Avatar

            Every symbiote isn’t venom.

          • Avatar

            I have the Tape set as well and I know the tape says 1993 tm on the cassette the book was published on the 12/17 date. The street date for them to go on sale after the books were packaged with the tape was 1/1/93. So the shipping of these to retailers was still in 92 but since the items release date was 1/1/93 it has 93 trademarks on the tape.

        • Topher

          Comic Scene 31 does not say 1993 on the cover it says February! There’s a reason for that and it has to do with infreqency of publication. This book didn’t come out monthly.

          Here is what I’m going to do to put this to bed, I’m adding a few images to this article, one of which puts this book out in Dec 1992.

          • Avatar

            And sorry if it comes across negatively but half assing your opinions don’t make it fact. I can show you in bold print what the date is for the printing of the Batman Almost Got Im book you just continue to give assumptions on how a book dated February came out before then with no evidence other than a coupon cutout for a Star Trek book. Really easy way to find out since the date of the next book is in the book get #30 what date does it say #31 comes out? also issue #30 is dated December

          • Avatar

            Even if #31 was Released Dec 23 it still not going to beat the Batman IM Dec 17 first published date.

          • Avatar

            I love your articles Topher you do an amazing job each and every time. Obviously I collect first appearances too and yes sometimes I’m going to argue them with you. But it is in no way ill willed towards you. Whole point of multiple firsts is to argue them I guess, or they would just all do first full appearances and no cameos, or ads, coloring books, preview books, shadowed arm appearances lol

        • Topher

          You would need proof that the coloring book came out in December and there is none, only some people you mention saying so. That isn’t enough. I’ve provided evidence that Comic Scene 31 was at the vert least put out in December.

  • Avatar

    Theres also a board game she may of appeared in previous to this.

    • Avatar

      Board game was on sale for Christmas of 92 does contain a printed Harley card.

      • Topher

        I have the board game, that’s not a gradable publication nor is the activity set. Look cgc doesn’t grade games and sets ( items I have mentioned long ago ) and I don’t think you can prove that either came out before this magazine as they simply say 1992.

      • Topher

        Alana I’ve given clear evidence which you are ignoring:

        A coupon which states: send to recieve IN December 92. How does that not put this book out in December or possibly earlier?

        On the back there is another offer from another company saying to recieve your books you must respond by January.

        Then there is still the indicia

        And the excerpt saying Comics Scene will return IN FEBRUARY!!!!!

        There are more if you actually read it. That’s where the problem is.

        Same goes for Venompool. Go back and read my responses to you where I give clear evidence in my Venom Special.

        In issue 49 of Cable & Deadpool Danvers asks the Thing if the Venom Symbiote is secure. The next issue Venom escapes and we get the first Venompool. How is that refutable?

        I don’t mind being wrong and own it when I am.

        The thing you aren’t realizing is that Comics Scene was published infrequently.

        Instead you choose to believe that a magazine is going to publish offers and articles about things that already happened and were already released. Come on. They would be screwing customers and alienating readers, it just makes no sense.

        Hey I do appreciate your passion and trust me I pride myself on doind thorough research and even then I get it wrong too. I just don’t see your arguments here in the face of clear evidence from the book.

        • Avatar

          I get what your saying on Cable Deadpool #49 but come on one symbiote covers a heard of Dino’s and they are all different colors and All suppose to be Venom. When else has a symbiote had 30 or so different hosts at the same time. When has Venom every been red, or green.

          • Topher

            Are you serious? They call it Venom and he’s black when he leaks out of the containment truck.

            When Venom takes over the Dinosaurs they are already different colors prior to being consumed. Ummmm what more do you need?

            Also check out the image I just added above.

  • Sdalton

    Concerning this Harley Quinn Comics Scene appearance – didn’t you discover a similar situation with Nightwing and an image in Comics Collector magazine #3 predating Tales of the Teen Titans #44?

    • Topher

      Yes but another fan found an even earlier appearance in Comic Reader! Hey thanks for reading.

      Again I’m not sayinf it’s her first appearance, BA 12 is king but this book predates it for sure!

  • Sdalton

    Great stuff by the way!!

  • Avatar

    I think it’s pretty darn cool. I suppose if one wants to be absolutely sure when these magazines were supposed to come out, one could go to the source…one of those staff employees in your picture above must know the truth! Maybe the circulation manager…?

    • Topher

      Again these books were published infrequently and the articles and offers inside, along with the indicia, clearly put it out earlier.

      Hey thanks for taking the time to comment!
      good idea by the way!

  • Avatar

    I really don’t agree with the logic for the Comic Scene/Harley thing. You seem to be really pushing the date in the comments section, but even if you’re right, it doesn’t count as a “printed” appearance to me. It’s just a still of the animation. BA 12 and the Almost Got ‘Im book are Harley drawn in comic form, hence the first appearance.

    If I had a magazine I published in ’92, took a picture of Harley from the tv screen and printed that inside, would it really count as a “first appearance”? We’re getting to the point where we might as well be placing value on VHS recordings of ’92 episodes because they’re physical items.

  • misfit138

    CGC does grade Wizard magazine. I just graded a Wizard #1 yesterday.

  • misfit138

    We are grading any comic or magazine as long as there is not overhang or too explicit. Some of us have daughters!!!

  • Ben Steiniger

    FYI: to further validate Topher’s assertion that this was printed in December 1992, the table of contents states: ‘Comics Scene is published nine times a year: in February, March, April, June, August, October and December with two additional special spectacular issues published in May and July’. So if the following issue is February 1993, the prior issue (this one) must be December 1992.

    Also, I went back and watched Episode #22 (she did not appear again until Episode #34 which was first aired January 1993–and the image was not in that episode either), which is the only episode where Harley appeared prior to this book. That photo in the magazine is nowhere in that episode–so no one took a photo of the episode and then included it in the magazine. Case closed….topher wins.

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