The Wednesday One – 1/31


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 1/31

This is the 5th week so it will be light and I'm tired so I'm keeping it short, but there are usually still a few grabs. Let's take a look maybe there is a one.


 Spawn #282 Cover A Regular Jason Shawn Alexander Color Cover

This is supposed to be the one with the new character or 1st app or something. I heard it from a few places including the solicit so I am grabbing a few sets. I'm not a spawn guy so if anyone has a better idea how this will do spec wise let me know below. I think it will probably go double cover and might be a good long hold depending on how it plays out from what I hear about details of the character. All that depends on if anything actually happens. I'm not holding my breath. Check it in the store.

 Avengers Vol 6 #678 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks 

These have been hot. There have been some 1st apps, but even the ones that don't seem to be in demand. I am going to grab a few as well as flip thru it at the store to see if there is anything really significant. It is selling out all over and would probably be the “One”, but I'm hesitant.  Also I like this Brooks cover.

Thanos Vol 2 #13 Cover F 2nd Ptg Variant Geoff Shaw Cover – This is selling out online, but I think it may be just a 1-day flip. I'll grab one to go with the other 1st prints even though I'm not a fan of 2nd prints.

Avengers Vol 6 #678 Cover C Incentive Julian Totino Tedesco Connecting Variant – If there is a 1st app or big reveal it may heat up. Some might want it to complete the connecting set. Im grabbing one for both reasons.

Cool Covers

Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #712 Cover B Variant Adi Granov Avengers Cover 

Seems to be hard to grab in LCSs. I think it might have a tough requirement. This is okay for Granov. if I don't grab one I won't miss it. Some do like it and completists will want it.

 Phoenix Resurrection Return Of Jean Grey #5 Cover B Variant In-Hyuk Lee

Some like it. I think I am on the fence.

 Star Wars Doctor Aphra #16 Cover A Regular Ashley Witter

Something about this cover I really like. I think it is the lighting from the sparks. I'm probably the only one that thinks so though. Either way, Aphra is a good read as most of the SW titles have been.

Eternity #4 Cover A Regular Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic Cover 

Why are the regular covers the best looking for Eternity? All the other covers don't hold a candle to all the great covers Djurdjevic has been doing. This cover is sweet.

Skip it





Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi DJ #1 Cover A Regular Jeff Dekal Cover

I didn't care about the character in TLJ and I don't care now. I will eventually grab it out of the dollar bin as I am a canon junkie.

Read it

 Hungry Ghosts #1

Sounds interesting. I might grab it. Anthony Bourdain is a character himself so we will see. Pope cover is a plus.

 Dark Nights Metal #5 Cover B Variant Tony S Daniel 

Metal has been great and all 3 covers are good.

 Realm #5 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison

I'm behind, but it seems promising. Not one of my favorite Frison covers, but it is good.

Animosity #12 

I like this book. I think it has a great premise. I recommend reading it in trades though.

 Silencer #1

There is some buzz around this book so I'll give it a try. Sounds like a new character.

 Flash Vol 5 Annual #1

Flash is always on my pull. So far it has been solid.

Void Trip #3 – Kinda trippy fun

Galaktikon #4 – I like this flavor and Powell and Small are a good team.

Infernoct #4 – The end of the mini.

Reactor #2 – Cates is on fire and I'm grabbing anything he does.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #34 – I like this arc so far. I was hoping that the 1st app of the Scarlet Samurai would get a little heat, but no go.

Moon Knight Vol 8 #191 – I hear good things. I want to read this.

All-New Wolverine #30 – End of the arc. It has been good.

Motherlands #1 – Vertigo titles usually don't do much for me, but it has an okay premise. I'll flip thru it.

Detective Comics Vol 3 Annual #1 – Touted as the origin of Clayface. Tec is always good and is on my pull.

Deathstroke Vol 4 Annual #1 – Seems to be selling out online, but I have no idea why. I'm gonna flip thru it.


  • Some Valiant high ratio books which if you can get them and for a good price seem to be a good flip. Eternity #4 Cover E Incentive Jeffrey Veregge Variant Cover and Quantum & Woody Vol 4 #2 Cover F Incentive Mike Allred Quantum & Woody Icon Variant Cover


There is no outright “One,” though there are a few with potential like Avengers #678, but no home runs. It is really light this week and my wallet is okay with that. What are you digging on this week? Did I miss anything? Let me know below and as always thanks for reading.

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  • Avatar

    I swear every time you say it’s a “light” week I end up dropping 75 bucks at the LCS

  • Avatar

    Thank you for the reminder on the avengers I almost forgot about that one and avengers books are ones I do miss if I don’t remind myself to remember. Besides that and Metal 5… it’s a light week for me but I do really love the Shirahama Phoenix 1:25 not sure why it’s not getting any love but I’ll be happy if that gets me one cheap.
    Good luck everyone should be a fun day domes decent reads anyway.

  • UltraMaximus

    Like jzdyrski said, Shirahama Phoenix 1:25. Shows Jean Grey trying on all the costumes her character has used throughout the years, and the Black Queen one takes the prize on the cover. Smart people will also notice the upcoming X-Men Red costume on top of the pile and I think this is my Variant pick of the week. Yes it is not on the same scale as the #4 1:25 when it comes to instant eye appeal, but I like covers that require reading into the artwork just as much as intricate designs. Jean Grey #11 also has the Gurihiru variant for the final issue of her series. I guess my real life redhead obsession has blinded me a bit towards Jean bias.

  • Avatar

    Any chatter on the Avengers #678 Young Guns “Secret” Variant that stores received this week?

  • Avatar

    I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about the Avengers 678 Dauterman Young Guns Variant. Hot or not?

  • Avatar

    Yea funny how ALL the online comic sites missed out on the Young Gun variants! Wow!

  • Avatar

    The moon knight series since legacy has been a really good read.

    From 188 and on is great. Sun God will be a mainstay I believe.

    • Lebednik

      I grabbed 2x of the 188 1:25 and kinda want to grab a few more. The cover being great is a bonus. I did grab a 190 and 191 i think im missing 189 but i have to check. Im excited to read them.

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