Week 10


This week we'll start things off with a Spider-Gwen image from artist Epsilon. Khoi Cakes pointed this image out to me and it's a great homage to Spectacular Spider-Man #101… Truth be told I seriously doubt Spider-Gwen will ever reach 101 issues.

Street Fighter is one of those properties that has a huge fan base. I had planned to probably drop a cool Cammy White image on folks as the first SF image in this column.. and probably still will.

Regardless, this Blanka image by artist Eric Yan just demanded that honor. I mean just look at this image, it's incredible! It just baffles the mind how this piece has not been used as a cover for the Street Fighter comic.

By the way, don't be surprised if you see Eric's art featured again down the road, he's got some really cool stuff in his gallery.

Now for the finally! Check out this UNBELIEVABLY EPIC Gwenpool image by Korean artist JeeHyung Lee! (Not to be confused with InHyuk Lee) HOLY S#!*!!! this might be the most awesome Gwenpool image ever in the history of EVER!

Apparently this was used for a video game banner or load screen… some nonsense like that. So at least JeeHyung was paid by some branch of Marvel for it. Still though, considering JeeHyung has done actual covers for Marvel comics like the Medusa cover for Monster's Unleashed #2. It's just a crime this is not an actual comic cover.

Whoever's the editor for the Gwenpool title is should have moved heaven and earth to get this on a cover. Considering some of the lousy variants Gwenpool has been saddled with over her brief 25 issues, this would have made ordering 25-50 copies worth it… and probably would have helped Gwen avoid cancellation! Another miss opportunity from the house that ran out of ideas.

That's all for this week, be back here every Monday for more awesome art!

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  • Earlybird

    What,!! They cancelled Gwenpool ?
    Where have I been ? I would’ve hunted that cover for sure

  • Avatar

    That’s what wrong with Marvel.

    Through stupid variant marketing gimmicks, they want to artificially inflate shipment figures so they can continue to push “unpopular books”. Why!!!? They are unpopular for a reason! Any attempt to “fix” the numbers or sales figures like that is just plain hurting the industry.

    • Skot Whitman

      The only time variants really do well for a book is when there is some interest in the title to begin with. Whether it’s the title itself, creative team or the variant cover artist.

      Gwen Pool is (was) actually a really smart and funny book. But unfortunately too many people could figure out that it wasn’t just a Gwen Stacy meets Deadpool mashup. It’s actually the smartest most original book Marvel has produced in years… if not longer.

      Sadder still is “if” the character actually continues in another book, like as a member of a team. It’s doubtful what made the character engaging wil translate over with a different creative team.

      • Avatar

        If you’re saying that incentive ratio variants don’t effect shipment figures, I couldn’t disagree with you more. It forces the LCS to buy enough to qualify for the ratio variants and I’ve seen sooo many books that just rot on the shelves because they were “forced” to buy so many of the unpopular titles because they know ratio variants are highly desirable.

        If you mean just cover B ratio covers, I’d say take a look at what Artgerm is doing on Supergirl. People are buying the book for the B cover and still no one is really talking about the character or the story line. As soon as Artgerm’s run is done on Supergirl, you can bet the ship numbers are going to tumble.

        In regards to GwenPool, I know during the Deadpool craze that everyone went nuts over GwenPool but I honestly think there’s such a thing as over-exposure and I think Marvel basically Deadpool’ed everything to death and this resulted in this dwindling interest. Some characters just don’t have any legs, and it takes an awesome writer who plays savior to revive a title that’s losing interesting. (I think that’s what Donnie Cates just did with Thanos.)

        I understand your point view as an avid reader of the book but there are a lot of people who don’t share that point of view about Marvel’s sales strategy or GwenPool in general as a character.

        Having said all that. I do agree that is an awesome cover you found for GwenPool. Nice find!

        • Skot Whitman

          Ok, I think we’re talking about a couple different things here.

          Yes, the variant ratio gimmick is solely to push up sales on books, i 100% agree with you. Even store or convention exclusives push up those sales figures.

          I agree with your example of the the Artgerm Supergirl B covers, when Artgerm leaves, DC might as well cancel the book. Since its sales will be a fraction of what they are currently. However, which is better for Supergirl fans, having a Super Girl book, or none at all?

          There’s nothing wrong with the current Supergirl title really. It’s poor sales are not a symptom of the book not being good… it’s not great but it’s not horrible either. It’s a symptom of a MUCH larger problem across the entire comic buying market right now. That being that most of the people who buy comics don’t actually read them. They buy books for the cover art or a low print run or possible key event. It’s about perceived value and not about love of the comic book medium. Most people who buy physical comics probably have no idea what happens inside, nor do they care.

          The market has changed and it’s not for the better. Sales are down across the board and interior quality has very little to do with what sells and what doesn’t unfortunately. Marvel could literally put out a book with a Dell’otto cover and filled with blank pages, and it would sell 100K copies… and less than 1000 people would even notice, much less complain there was nothing inside.

          Varaint’s as a general term “do well” in some instances. For example, store exclusives or convention exclusives with the right artist. As do some ratio variants. By “Do well” i’m not just talking about at the LCS but the secondary market.

          Retailers are not forced to order anything, there’s no loaded gun pressed to their head. If they order books they can’t sell, that’s their own stupidity. I think the fact that when you compare sales figures from the last few years, retailers by and large have learned the folly of the ratio variant.

          I like your example of Donny Cates writing Thanos. Cates hasn’t done wonders for the book. While people really seem to like it… I think it’s more to do with the Cosmic Ghost Rider speculation rather than a testament to his writing ability. The book sells under 30K copies which is barely out of cancellation range. The only thing people seem to want want is the 1:25 variant for issue 13 and regular covers for issue 13 seem to be every where I look for cover price.

          • Avatar

            I think we agree on most things.

            Just the only thing we differ on is that I believe in Darwinism in the market place and I feel like some of these “variants” are “subsidizing” or artificially creating the appearance of doing well in the market place when they really are not and are delaying the inevitable cancellation.

            Anyways… it’s good to have this kind of intelligent debate about this… touche!

          • Avatar

            Multiple copies of Thanos 13 reg. have sold on ebay for $14+ and I havent been able to find any locally for weeks. Ill admit I buy more then I read but I happened to read Thanos 13 early and was instantly hooked on Cates writing and this Rider character that he has said to have thought up in 2013-14. The character is funny while non-chalantly being an insane badass. I’m sure there are people out to just profit off this so of course they will hype it up but i’m willing to bet there are others like me who will want to own for pc. With all the hype on this new Ghost rider Marvel and Cates would be foolish to just end the arc and walk away from this character.

  • Avatar

    That gwenpool is so cool…
    Ive read most of the series and i think the character has potential but the art combined with the weak storylines didnt make it really exciting for me…i read it just to finish it but not because i was super excited to do so (if that makes sense).
    Im in my upper 30s so maybe i wasnt the target audience idk…

    • Skot Whitman

      I thought Gurihiru work on the book was perfect for the tone… the fill in artist at some points were simply atrocious. I’d agree, it’s target audience was probably not people over 30 and that didn’t help it’s cause any.

      The idea behind the character and humor is what i liked most about her. A teenager suddenly thrust into the Marvel universe was simply brilliant… but I’d agree, they could have done a lot more with her. She should have crossed paths with WAY more superheroes and villains in 24 issues… which in turn would have created a much more engaging book for people of all ages. I think the interaction with other Marvel characters is her greatest asset as a character. Hopefully if they keep her around, they’ll play her “Marvel Universe” knowledge up more in those interaction.

  • Khoi Cakes

    I wish that SpiderGwen homage was real. And I like it in the B&W version just to match the 101. Great selections, keep up the great work Skot.

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