1 Classic Popeye #65 Len Danovich 1:10 Variant

[ WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
The most talked about/controversial book of 2018?  Time will tell, but with multiple sales of $80, $100, $300, there is no denying it being #1 this week.  I warned everyone almost 2 years ago in my Ghost Hunting (you can click and see what I'm talking about lol) article about these Classic Popeye's…just sayin'.

2 Phoenix Resurrection #4 Mukesh Singh 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST: Ramon Rosanas
Sold out immediately and is now pushing $50.  This cover has that ‘feel' to it, one that just screams, ‘Buy me, I look good'.

3 Black Lightning #1

WRITER: Tony Isabella
ARTIST: Trevor Von Eeden
So the show is a critical hit and ratings have been good so far.  This has caused upward movement in all grades and expect to pay $300 for a 9.6 and close to $900 for a 9.8 at this point.

4 Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 J. Scott Campbell 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Jen Van Meter
ARTIST: Javier Pulido
Wow, this very hard to find book just finished at auction for $700+.  This has long been on JSC fans' want lists, but at this price, few will be able to get it.

5 Amazing Spider-Man #648 J. Scott Campbell 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
JSC back-to-back??  No, this is not hoping that the Patriots win the Super Bowl…just another really hard to find variant (the b/w is much easier to find and sells for way less), that you should now expect to pay $600 for a raw copy.

6 Batman #679 Tony Daniel 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Tony Daniel
So Keith mentioned this in his Variant Heat Check column a few weeks ago and this book is still nowhere to be found.  A CGC 9.4 recently sold for $125.  It is a really awesome cover by the way…

7 Avenging Spider-Man #9

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Terry Dodson
No surprise that with production photos of Carol Danvers this book would heat up again.  Why is her outfit green?  Anyway, if you picked this up a couple months ago in 9.8 for around $200, good for you as it is now selling around $300.

8 Mister Miracle (Vol. 4) #1

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Mitch Gerads
The little book that could….I'm amazed by this book tbh.  I would have thought that it would have topped out at $20 and then settled into the $5-10 range.  Boy was I wrong.  It is now a $50 book and just continues to sell.

9 Wonder Woman #609 Alex Garner 1:10 Variant

WRITER: J. Michael Straczynski
ARTIST: Don Kramer
Up to almost $100 now, this book continues to gain steam.  Of course, this is also the one book from the Garner variants that I need to complete the set.  Go figure…

10 Ninjak (Vol. 3) #1 Marguerite Sauvage Cover

WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Clay Mann
Not an incentive variant, but it is still really hard to find.  Selling for around $50, the question is do you see Ninjak or the red haired woman first?  Thanks for the info Morgan Ramsey.

The Good Morty

WRITER: Justin Roiland
ARTIST: Erica Hayes
Ok, I don't really understand this book, or how CGC is grading them without a grade.  And for the thousandth time, yes the $500+ sale may have been shilled (but please don't say that you know for a FACT, when there is no way to know that).  I'm just the messenger and want everyone to know what I am seeing.  This mini-comic was mentioned months ago on g+ by Negan Grimes and then follow up posts about the staple issue from Jimmy Linguini and Topher.

Planet Comics #17

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Joe Doolin & Saul Rosen
There are all kinds of things going on on this cover.  Space war, green alien devil guys, Negan bats, headlights…but I digress.  When a comic, whose in-grade book value is around $900, and then sells for $4300, it deserves to be noticed.

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  • Avatar

    I was watching that Ninjak #1. One just sold today for $65 BIN. The woman with the red hair on the cover is Roku; think Elektra with Medusa’s hair but not only can she control her hair, it’s also razor sharp. She’s the Valiant Universe’s resident badass female, and that’s her first appearance. Pretty sure it’s a cover D, like you said, not incentive.

  • Ben C

    Love it.

    Theres a chunk of that Planet run that is gaining heat(or catching fire NBA Jam style…) some truly amazing covers in there.

    Great job on the list my friend, appreciate the effort and research!

    • Avatar

      One of my favorite Golden Age series. I agree. The entire series is packed full of awesome covers. Seems like every issue continues to sell well in all grades. I was finally able to win one off ebay a few weeks ago and will probably post it in the forum pretty soon.

  • misfit138

    Awesome. I had no idea about Batman 679 Variant. I thought the cover was terrible then and still do. I paid cover for it and I just looked at my copy and I will press it to a 9.8 and get Daniel to sign it. Thank you! My LCS did’t get the Popeye nor the Jean Grey. I tried. I did just get my Jean Grey #1 J Scott and Stan signed Con variant D cover back 9.8 and a Swamp Thing Annual with Adrienne’s Barbeau’s signed by she and Wrightson back a 9.8. The Swamp Thing was an 8.0 that CGC pressed a 9.8!!!

  • Avatar

    FYI that Popeye 65 did not sell for $300. The same copy that fake sold for $300 is being auctioned by the same seller under a different account and is being shilled (by him). Another fraud book so as always, tread lightly on something like this.

  • Avatar

    Yep with multiple accounts, it’s strange a lot books that are shilled in the past end up on this list.

    • Avatar

      Not saying anything fishy goes on here, just this top 10 tracks big gains. Most big gains in a quick time period for no reason other than someone buying out the available copies of a variant and selling one at a shill bid for a high price. Someone notices the sale thinks it’s legit and passes on the info exuberantly based on one or two fluke sales to someone who was most likely selling to their self. It happens a lot not only in comics but mtg cards on eBay. Stick to first appearances harder to corner the market and set your own price with shill bids like what happens with some rarer variants.

  • Avatar

    Promethea 1 is selling like hot cakes. It should definitely be considered to be on this list if not Honorable mentions 🙂

  • Avatar

    Seeing as there’s multiple The Good Morty available in $40-$100 range currently and then a couple copies in the thousand dollar range. This shows how that $500 sale fake or not widely effected the market.

  • Clint Joslin

    Not sure how I missed this, but as always amazing list Ben! Appreciate the time and info. I am shocked as you Miracle Man continues to rise!

  • A. J. Diesel

    Captain Marvel outfit is green paying homage to Mar-Vell original costume

  • Avatar

    Oblivion Song By Robert Kirkman Retailer Advance Edition
    I think this is the no1 Hot book right now.
    Multiple sales at 130$+

  • Comickaze

    And please let the Popeye hater wave continue but I just put up the $3.99 issue I bought as a 99 cent auction and it is already at $177. As I’ve stated if there is a desire for a book even amongst a few people it is still a spec option! The last time I had that sort of profit margin and it was when I flipped to cover price Walking Dead DeFelice see pink sigs for $200 so when I see all the stink eye and accusations delivered to and book it rings to me as sour grapes…

  • Avatar

    No problem Ben! Full disclosure, I have 2 9.8s and a 9.6 that I had graded shortly after Ninjak 1 came out simply bc I loved the cover. I just happened to be checking prices last weekend on a variety of things when I came across those slabs again. I mainly deal in GA/SA and this list helps me stay more in touch w what’s hot in the modern market so it’s nice to give a little info back to the community. I just recently saw a couple of these in a dollar boxes (b4 I had this info) so they’re out there.

  • Avatar

    Thank you Ben, for the mention (Negan Grimes). I’m pleasantly surprised that The Good Morty sold for that much in Signature form. I have two just like the one sold, one of each staple version. I think I’ll be letting one of my copies go considering this recent sale. On another note, I had been seeing that Batman 679 variant at my LCS and finally grabbed it today. I think as it is will get a 9.6, pressing can only help it’s current condition.

  • Avatar

    That avenging spiderman capt carol book i have found twice in the wild…for cover… in the last year. Blew me away….
    Im surprised Mr miracle 1 is selling for so much… that has to have a pretty large print run…right? Maybe? Idk

  • Avatar

    how long before thanos 13, 14 or 15 makes it back on the list? the story is really good, I don’t know how its not being talked about more! I have looked at both shops in Alaska, Bosco’s and The Comic Shop. Getting hard to find without going to the Bay! The prices there are getting crazy, 15 is going for 10-15 already. the Albuquerque variant is crazy already, but 15 was just released Wednesday. with it saying frank castle is the cosmic ghost rider, its going cosmic!!

  • Topher

    Great list as usual.

    I’m still waiting for any proof that the Rick and Morty mini was counterfeited. I still don’t see the logic behind criminals making that type of effort.

  • Avatar

    Honestly aside from flip potential I wouldn’t pay dollar for the ugly as sin Popeye variant. However a lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s Popeye and Popeye has always sucked a fat one. Just hated that cartoon. Now if it was a Tom and Jerry comic book I can see myself loving it. So it’s gotta be Popeye plus idk I’m trying very hard to not buy into the hype on anything I don’t really believe in. Which can be easier said than done but yeah my deep inner dislike for Popeye just can’t help but to inspire me to captain the s.s. Hater wave in regards to this Popeye book and all these Popeye variants they are all overpriced for what they are and I can’t gelp but think this all could crash when the flavor of the wears off and people realize no one likes Popeye. I mean they are interesting but the wrong subject (Popeye) for any kind of sustainable value. # 30 is the best looking in my opinion but why couldn’t they have done this with anything else besides Popeye. I’d tread lightly on these and ask yourself if the value does tank on these will you be happy to own super rare Popeye variants even if no one cares about them or will pay jack for them will you still be proud to own them?? Idk about yall but I know what I like and more importantly what I hate. 😉

  • Avatar

    Great List.

    That Ninjak cover is one of my favorite covers. My friend got me a copy and got himself a copy in December. It is a really tough book to find and there are a lot of people looking for it.
    I really think its one of the best covers from the last few years.

    • Avatar

      I literally found a nm copy on a online retailer for $1.99 two days ago….I’m still in shock. I have 2 other copies I paid in the realm of $20 a while back. It was a pleasant surprise as it felt almost like when you are digging in cheap boxes and find a solid book. I find it much less common occurrence online.

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