The Unpressable Defects 88

In this issue … Josue guest-stars as the guys talk about re-using variant cover art, local shows and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Earlybird

    Great podcast as always:: highlight of the week for me,
    As for the Dell”Otto X23, true collectors will always want the original, and will always be prepared to put up the dollars
    But this type of practise will ruin the hobby for me

  • Avatar

    It’s not good for business for sure. They keep it up they could destroy the whole variant comic model to increase sales.

  • millivanilli

    the reprinting of the x23 dellotto really concerns me. I feel that it will devalue the original one because a lot of collectors will not feel or have the desire to hunt one. The X23 cover they released by Jee Hyung Lee, they need to do something like that instead of reprinting grail variants, if this continues, it will kill the variant market IMO.

  • Chacho

    Yes I definitely have mixed feelings about this one. The investor in me is definitely depressed, as this was one of 3 grail books, I’ve been saving for, and feel like this practice will affect and lower the cost of the original book. But from a pure lover of pop art, it gives the opportunity for people to own a beautiful cover by an amazing artist at a price that is readily attainable. I’m guilty of picking one up for my own PC, as I love the cover art. But I definitely hope this does not become common practice, as this would mess the variant market for sure. If this trend continues, it would change my own collection habits, and probably stop my chasing of rare variants altogether, and just focus on keys and first appearances. The outcome would probably make me buy older books from gold, silver, and bronze age, and just give up on the variant games. I currently enjoy chasing both, so let’s see what happens to the market.

  • morellotunes

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I think that as long as this is a one-time thing, the Dell’Otto reprint is actually a good thing. I do not think the original will go down in value. I actually think it will be more desirable, now, since real investors will see the original as a “First Edition” and this X-men Red one as a “Second Edition” much like the rare book hobby would view it.

    However, i think that a 1000 print run on an actual English (read as “non-mole”) official Marvel book, this new one will also see high value (I predict $200-ish raw, max) and it allows people to obtain a beatiful cover that they otherwise couldn’t get AND that it is, yet again, a very low print run. With no trade dress on it, it will always stand out as a different book. Desirable, yes, the same as the original, definitely not.

    Long story short, a grail is a grail. The X23 #1 will always be one. Marvel has often used rare artwork as the cover for a TPB and that never decreases the value of the original printing, right? I view this as the same animal.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Avatar

    The fact that the image for X 23 #1 Dell’otto was reprinted will make the original, now 8 year old book, even more desirable.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for the comments and listening. I think it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a common practice.
    Just a natural progression from the La Mole variants so to speak. The market seems to agree as well. Opinions aside, as long as ppl will buy, sellers will do whatever lines their pockets.

  • Avatar

    That La Mole’s really are already very prevalent on the market, with reprinted images of other famous and extremely expensive variant covers, and have not impacted the prices of any of those in the least, is a point worth making. And some of those LA Mole’s do indeed sell for a few hundred dollars in their own right. A lot of expensive variant covers have also been used again on Euro reprints, and again, has not affected the value of the originals. All of these other opportunities to own famous images at reduced price points have previously existed for years already now. The only difference now is that this one is wrapped around a new American comic. Well people aren’t buying this to read, just like they aren’t buying the original version to read, just like they aren’t buying the Mexican or Euro versions to read. This action only tells me that publishers aren’t as willing to pony up right now to get new material from top cover artist talent. That, too was already telegraphed last year when Marvel started using “remastered” images from other comics as covers. Those sell for a pretty penny still by the way. All this will do is continue to raise the profile and prices of the originals, as the mere fact that certain of these covers are deemed noteworthy enough to be reprinted will only raise the profiles.

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