Wolverpool, Omega Men, Harvey Quinn and More!

Pickins are slim this week.  I'm recovering from a bad batch of squirrel meat anyways.  I did manage to find a few nuggets for you all and here are some assorted observations…

Trump is super healthy despite pounding cokes and slammin' McDoubles!  Looks like the liberal media mafia are gonna have to find another way to remove the madman!

The Shazam film is gonna take some liberties with it's main villain, turning one of DC's smartest super-villains into a wizard.  Uh-oh.

Spidey is going to appear in the Venom movie.  I may be in the minority here but I am not excited about this and it seems like a cheap way to sell more tickets instead of developing a popular character the right way.

The Bladerunner sequel was great and made no money, Star Wars The Last Jedi was poor but made all the money.  Somethings just cannot be explained.

Is it me or is Dave Chapelle even funnier on the juice?

Spider-Ghost rolls off the tongue batter than Ghost-Spider but neither impress.

I am telling you Spider-Man's sister's first appearance is a sleeper.

I would go see a Faith movie is Sarah Huckabee were the villain.

Well at least the house of ideas had one good move this past week,  the return of Conan! Can we get a Todd McFarlane to do a variant please?

My picks for this week…


Exiles 85 ( First Wolverine/Deadpool amalgamation ), Wolverine Savage 1:15 Variant

I guess Wolverpool is a thing now?  Character mashups have had success so it’s not surprising if the trend continues.  Getting in on this one early isn’t a bad play,  it’s easily still trapped in dollar bins around the country.  The return of Exiles is intriguing as well.  Who knows what worlds they will visit that first appeared in Exiles vol. 1.

I also like this 1:15 variant.  It's not easy to find and predates that ridiculously expensive Variant for Wolverine Vol 4 issue 1.

NOTE:  First cover: Exiles 86


Bloodbath 2

Second appearance of Hitman

Another second on a list of firsts,  this time it’s the conclusion to a mediocre event with an appearance by Garth Ennis’s Hitman!

Thanks to recent comments by Geoff Johns,  Hitman is now on the speculative radar.  All I can say is it better show up on Starz, HBO or some other channel that can do it justice.

Now the Demon Annual 2 is the one to buy but this book is interesting as it one of the only books to include Hitman not written by Ennis. Nearly the bulk of all Hitman comics produced were written by his creator.

Other books to consider:  Hitman 1 DF,  The Demon 43-45, The Demon 52-54, Batman Chronicles 4 DCU,  JLA 5, Sovereign Seven 26, The Authority 21

Harley Quinn 16

First appearance of Harvey Quinn

A male version of Harley made modest ripples through the usual channels this past week.  I'm not sure if Man-Harley will take off in fact I can see such an abomination being despised.  But there was an earlier male version of Harley, kind of.  If you like that sort of thing Harvey first appeared here.

Movie Poster Variant

Left and Right Hand Variants

Wondercon Exclusive

C2E2 Con Exclusive

Green Arrow 97

First appearance of Hyrax

Despite being down on TV spec I can't help but include this first simply because the character was responsible for the death of the Green Arrow in a book which is still sought after.  Hyrax will be appearing on the Flash.

Green Arrow 141, 141 UK Price Variant or MJ variant if you can find one

First appearance of Omega Men

Geoff Johns has been busy.  He recently mentioned that Doomsday and the  Omega Men may appear on Syfy's Krypton!

NOTE:  This variant for Omega Men 1 is undervalued. The entire series is another Tom King masterpiece.


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    As always, great write-up. I feel like I might be the only one who didn’t love King’s Omega Men.

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    I just saw yesterday some Resurrection Man comics that had Hitman in a guest appearance written by Abnett and Lanning.

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    great site, many great articles…leave the politics out….Comic books are for escapism…want real world I’ll watch the news…

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      He’s obviously poking fun at how sensationalized the media have become; he’s hardly including politics in the discussion. Moreover, it’s his column, so he can write as he pleases.

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        He didn’t say these books are from shithole countries!

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        were you sticking your tongue out when you wrote the last sentence? He’s not poking fun at the media when he refers to the President as a “madman”.

        • Topher

          When I say liberal media mafia what do you think I am implying when calling him a ” madman”? Maybe I am suggesting that such a “mafia” might have an agenda? Also comics are not just for escapism. Many, many books act as commentary on how we live and govern. Many books deal with hate, race and religious issues in all nations around the world. If you have ever read my articles then you would know I occasionally poke fun at politics in America but I do so at the expense of both sides sir.

          wellsfloyd is correct. I suggest a reread of his comment and lucky for you the news is also free and only one click away!

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            i read your articles hungrily. i enjoy them. I look forward to the articles on this site and check it every day as part of morning ritual.

  • Topher

    Cool! We appreciate everyone who comes here to read about comics!

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