The Wednesday One – 1/10


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 1/10

Another week and this one seems to bring us a ton of cool covers, almost too many. Is there a flip and a “One”? Let's see.


 Flash Vol 5 #38 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

This cover is one of Mattina's better ones and that says a lot as he killed it last year. This book is hot. It is getting double cover or more and isn't a bad hold either. I want to slab one for my PC. Flash is a read for me also.

 Avengers Vol 6 #675 Cover G Incentive Alex Ross Color Variant 1:100

I am a Ross fan, but I don't think he has a following like Huges or others. I like this cover and want it, but not enough to pay big money for. I saw 4 sales today $50-60, I am hoping it drops a little lower for me to snag. I think it is a fair grab $35 or under incase undercutting hits hard. Is it even a good flip? Let me know what Y'all think.

Cool Covers

 Old Man Hawkeye #1 Cover F Incentive Steve McNiven –

Has a Wolverine #66 feel that I dig even though I'm not a McNiven fan usually. The higher ratio sketch cover doesn't do it for me though.

 Venom Vol 3 #160 Cover B Variant In-Hyuk Lee Avengers

I really like this cover and it may be hard to find. My LCS didn't get any and it seems to have sold out online quickly. I had to grab 2 off of the bay.

 Harley Quinn Be Careful What You Wish For Special Edition #1 Cover B Variant Chad Hardin

This is sexy and will be hard to find in nm+ with that black cover.

Supergirl Vol 7 #17 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau 

Artgerm is on top with these Supergirl covers and this is no exception. Another one for the PC.

 Wonder Woman Vol 5 #38 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

I collect some Frison and this one will be added to that. One of the better WW she has done.

Rose #7 Cover B Variant Loopydave 

This one has some buzz, but it isn't grabbing me.

Superwoman #18 Cover B Variant Emanuela Lupacchino Cover – I like Lupacchino's Superwoman run, but I think I'm in the minority.

Avengers Vol 6 #675 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks 3D Lenticular Wraparound – I really like this brooks and hope they do the 2nd print non-lenticular also.

Darth Vader Vol 2 #10 Cover A Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover – I really like this regular cover and the Icon cover is terrible.

Old Man Hawkeye #1 Cover A Regular Marco Checchetto – A good Checchetto, not great.

Jim Hensons Power Of The Dark Crystal #10 Cover B Variant Sana Takeda – I collect and love these Sana covers.

Barbarella #2 Cover D Variant Fay Dalton – So sexy and it has a great feel.

Lost Fleet Corsair #5 Cover B Variant David DeMaret Wraparound Cover – This looks like it would be a cool background for my desktop.

Phoenix Resurrection Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #3 Cover D Incentive Stephanie Hans – This is a great Hans that I will be on the lookout for. I think it might do well long term.

Rockos Modern Life Vol 2 #2 Cover B Variant Miguel Mercado – I think this has a surrealist art style. It doesn't do much for me, but I do appreciate it.

Skip it

 Trumps Titans vs Mark Zuckerberg #1

WTF, seriously. I haven't got the words to express my disdain.

 Dejah Thoris Vol 2 #0 Cover D Incentive J Scott Campbell Sneak Peek Variant

This isn't very good by JSC standards. I know he has a huge fan base and there is a flip here at the right price, but I don't care for this cover at all. The regular cover is a quarter so if this is your jam be careful to not overpay.

Read it

 Mister Miracle Vol 4 #6 Cover B Variant Mitch Gerads Cover

This run has been so good. I look forward to this title every month. This cover is cool also.

 Atlas & Axis #1 Cover B Variant Pau Cover

This one grabbed my attention and I'm going to give it a shot. Something about the art style.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #33

It is a good read, I'm curious how the Scarlet Samurai character does.


Pestilence #6 

I think this the last in the mini. I am behind but like what I read.

Royal City #9 – I love this read. I feel like it has a heavy 90's feel for better or worse.

Stabbity Bunny #1 – I'm not buying the spec value like some, but I'll give it a shot as a read. It has some sales double cover, but I think it drops quick.

Ghost Money #6 – I'm liking it.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #972 and Action Comics Vol 2 #995 – Always on my pull and have been solid.

Slots #4 – So far people seem to be digging it. I need to catch up.

Port Of Earth #3 – So far okay to good.

Monstro Mechanica #2 – Light and fun


  • 2x Valiant high ratio's Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe #1 Cover F Incentive Bob Layton Variant Cover and Bloodshot Salvation #5 Cover F Incentive Giuseppe Camuncoli Bloodshot Icon Variant – I don't mess with Valiant, but if you see any high ratio for cheap, they seem to be flips. I think these covers suck personally. I do like Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe #1 Cover C Variant Photo Cover as this looks like a future movie poster and Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe #1 Cover E Incentive Francis Portela Interlocking Variant looks really cool and I'm a sucker for connecting covers.


Bonus look-back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Green Lanterns #38 Cover A Regular Shane Davis Cover – New Villian rumored. Maybe a long-term pick. Villians don’t do nearly as well as heroes do, but I’m going to grab 2 sets for the PC. – I'm still not sure if this is actually a first app, but it seems to be selling for double cover or so. 

Batman White Knight #4 Cover B Variant Sean Murphy Cover – First “Neo-Joker” cover. It wasn’t a secret so it should have a larger print run, but a must grab for the long haul. – Mostly selling for cover. I think it is another slow riser. 

 Secret Weapons Vol 2 #0 Cover E Incentive Adam Pollina Variant 1:50 – High ratio Valiant is a must grab if you can find them and they are moderately priced. It seems like if you can grab it for ratio or under it is a win. I couldn’t see any for sale or any sold. Ghost? – Two sold and none listed. The last one sold for $80. Yeah, ghost. 

Batman Vol 3 #38 Cover A Regular Tim Sale Cover – 1st app of “Anti-Batman?”  Another long-term pick.  This is selling from cover price to double cover and cover B is as well. I think in time this will be a slow riser. 

 Double bonus look-back.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #792 Cover C Incentive Ryan Stegman 1:25 – Presales hanging around $30-40, but will it stay there? I think it does stay between $25 and $35. Probably a long-term slow riser. This is still climbing. A nm+ raw just sold for $70. 


Nothing amazing spec wise so there is no “One.” There are a ton of cool covers and I will be hard pressed to only pick a few. I am always looking forward to reading Mr.Miracle. What are Y'all jamming on this week? Did I miss a spec? I feel like I am, but nothing is standing out. What covers and reads are you grabbing? Let me know and as always thanks for reading!

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  • Avatar

    Interesting stuff…hadn’t heard about that harley book

  • Avatar

    I’m not planning on buying either but I like the Basaldua Rose cover more than than I like the Loopydave one.

  • Coswrd

    Great article..I’m liking the new format. The Mattina cover is awesome. I’m surprised Stabbity Bunny wasn’t on the Flipsky list and keep mentioning Valiant…thanks

    • Lebednik

      I dont think stabbity will stay at double cover since it is a reprint. I wish I knew more about Valiant so I could comment on 1st apps and such. I do love some of their covers.

      • Avatar

        Valiant is highly accessible, just jump right it. All of their series are 4, 12 or 25 issues long, and they never have more than 5 series at one time going. Right now XO, Bloodshot, Secret Weapons, and Ninja-K are all great. And you don’t need to have read anything previous. Hope that helps!

  • Avatar

    Ninjak vs… Cover E is really awesome indeed

  • Avatar

    Can someone give me the cliff notes on how the Sentry is back?

  • Brian W

    I love this article! Each week it seems to get better and better. Thanks for all the work and effort you out into it Adam

  • Avatar

    Not sure how I’m feeling about today… may buy a bunch of variants but depends if I can get em cheap…. I actthink the venom variant is interesting as is the Phoenix and I’m loving the avengers lenticular… whether or not I get a ross depends on price at the old LCS. May go heavy on variants because I suspect they will be cheap and plentiful but I’ve been wrong b4 ….I’ll update this post with th results in a few hours …. good luck everyone!!

  • Avatar

    Apparently I’m the only one who thinks that Mattina cover is cheesy

  • Avatar

    For me, Mr. Miracle was the cover-of-the-week.

    I look forward to reading all of Pestilence. There’s supposed to be a volume 2 coming in the Spring.

  • mrnivek

    I like that Mr. Miracle cover, arrgghh cant remember if that is the one I ordered….

  • Avatar

    So yea went pretty heavy on variants…. lol …..
    Got the McNiven 1:50 Hawkeye (30)
    The Phoenix Hans 1:25 (20)
    The Tedesco Avengers 675 don’t know if it’s a ratio or weird incentive (10)
    The Ninjak vs the valiant universe 1:20 (7)
    The Star Wars something or other Ray 1:10 animation cell variant (6)
    And got the Supergirl 17 Artgerm, Bloodshot: salvation 5 pre-order edition, and the Avengers 675 lenticular all for cover. Plus I had 10$ off so I figure I either got the McNiven for 20 or the Tedesco for free lol.

    I’m not really feeling the flash Mattina so didn’t even look for it but I’m sure there were copies available. Kind of forgot about it to be honest. The Ross variants and the 2per stores weren’t at my LCS and the 1per store party sketch cost more than I thought it was worth so I passed either way I had a good day. I was just thinking I won’t be buying any good books for a few days….so I get home take some pics of this haul post it to the pick ups page then walk my dog…. I then come across my very local used book store where after a little digging I find a near perfect copy of uncanny x-men 450 and a VF toy biz variant for 451 I have the toy biz 451 but this one was nicer and I didn’t have a 450 yet but needed one. Got those both for 2$ each so yeah it was an awesome day for me overall.

  • NickeGz

    The McNiven is pretty ugly by McNiven standards, also what’s with Dakens back on the Dark Avengers cover ? I’m digging the Artgerm, Venom and Phoenix ! Not sure what my guy got me haha I also asked for the New Avengers variant , New Avengers and Yu brought me out retirement a few years ago 😀

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